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Part of the world: sights abroad in Europe - photos and description

dostoprimechatelnosti chasti sveta - Evropy

Europe – part of the world, sights which are some of the most popular and exciting destinations for tourism. This historic region will never cease to admire the magnificent architecture, which is particularly renowned for Hungary, Austria and Germany.

Travelers and attracts the most famous sights, many of which are familiar even in absentia, for example, the Colosseum, the historical monuments of Krakow and Karlovy vary, Vilnius, Oslo and other equally remarkable cities.

The most famous sights in Western Europe - photos and description

Western Europe combines several bright, causing great interest among tourists. These include Austria and its unique architecture, Belgium and Germany with a scattering of castles, and the peaceful sights of Switzerland and Liechtenstein, where there is a funny legend.

Don't forget about the UK – the Union of the four countries that have managed over a long period of time to collect and preserve for posterity the most beautiful places, and also about France and its endless museums, the Netherlands and Monaco.


The largest number of attractions in Western Europe, known worldwide, are located in the UK. Many of them are familiar with the many tales and brightest "at all on hearing". This country particularly admire Royal castles, which are scattered throughout its territory, as well as religious architecture and fascinating historical monuments.

karta Velikobritanii

The most iconic sights in England:

  • Big Ben clock tower, which had become a symbol not only of London but also all over the country.
  • Buckingham Palace is a working Royal residence, which at different dates allowed tourists;
  • Tower – a former prison for royalty, which contained important historical figures, such as one of the greatest Queens of England – Elizabeth I;
  • Westminster – historic Abbey, which throughout history has solved the most crucial and important moments;
  • Canterbury Cathedral – the main Anglican Church of the Union, who had to endure many tragic events;
  • Stonehenge – mysterious and magical place, whose history is still not revealed by scientists.

To a very popular and prominent attractions, located on the territory of this country, can also include Sherwood forest – a place where, according to history, lived the same Robin hood, and the street of Piccadilly circus, Baker Street, Hyde Park, museums Liverpool, Oxford and Cambridge.

Travel outside of England no less interesting. In a country like Scotland, you can visit Edinburgh castle, the castle of Dun, Drum and Blackness, to see the St Magnus Cathedral, which glows incredible colors at sunset. This region is famous for its abundance of ancient castles, medieval Europe, and despite the fact that many of them have more than 13 centuries, they are well preserved for tourists.

Regions such as Wales and Northern Ireland, not so rich in famous sights, but the capitals of these countries deserve the attention of tourists. It is particularly beautiful architecture, in particular, Cardiff castle and the Irish authentic areas, so famous, that it removed a lot of movies.


Special attention deserves the country that gave the world brilliant musicians. Here tourists come to see the most famous sights of the capital, suchas:

  1. Schönbrunn;
  2. Belvedere;
  3. The Hofburg;
  4. Vienna Opera.

dvorec SHenbrunn v Avstrii

Beautiful Royal architecture of Austria can be infinite, it is enough to visit the capital Vienna , or to travel to such beautiful Salzburg, Graz, Tyrol and Innsbruck. This country hosts the whole routes, allowing to get acquainted with famous places or discover something new.


The attractions in this country is so beautiful that even during the war managed to damage them, while maintaining excellent appearance. First and foremost, the most famous are in Paris, among them worthy of attention – the Eiffel tower, arc de Triomphe and the Seine and Notre Dame de Paris and the legendary district of Montmartre.

In France there are so many attractions and each city is so unique that their study may take a lot of time. Separate attention are the museums of this state. Only in one Paris - more than 300, and each of them is a huge collection of art.

Most visited museums:

  • The Louvre;
  • The Rodin Museum;
  • Invalides;
  • The Salvador Dali Museum.

In addition, you should definitely visit the collection, featuring works by Balzac, Hugo and Picasso.


shema Germanii

Planning a trip to Germany, you can not worry about the abundance of places that can make tourists with genuine admiration. Local architecture, especially the legendary castles in Bavaria, can leave a lasting impression.

Many tourists in absentia familiar with the iconic monuments of the capital Berlin and other cities:

  1. Brandenburg gate;
  2. Cologne Cathedral;
  3. Castle Neuschwanstein;
  4. The Valley Of The Rhine;
  5. The Port Of Hamburg;
  6. Museum island;
  7. The Complex Of Sanssouci;
  8. The Berlin wall.

Germany has an interesting and complicated history and over the centuries they have left their mark on the face of this country.


In this part of Western Europe, the special spirit of freedom, which is felt at every step. The country's main attractions are compactly assembled in Amsterdam, and many of them are already familiar:

  • The Canals Of Amsterdam;
  • Windmills Kinderdijk;
  • Vondelpark;
  • The street of Red lanterns;
  • Flower Park Keukenhof.

Many of the attractions of the Netherlands are associated with a unique image of this country. It is difficult to imagine without the numerous canals and bridges over the river, and without windmills, wooden shoes and traditional local cuisine.


The main wealth of this country – its nature – amazing Alps, blue pristine lakes and green meadows. Tourists flock here to travel around the proven routes, enjoying breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, typical only for this country.

ZHenevskoe ozero v SHvejcarii

In Switzerland is a delight:

  1. Lake Geneva;
  2. The Rhine falls;
  3. Lake Asinense;
  4. Jungfrau;
  5. Lake Thun.

For fans of the amazing nature of these places of interest of Switzerland are the most famous.

For those who prefer to get acquainted with architecture of different countries, in Switzerland it is worth to visit such famous places as the castle of Lenzburg and the Lausanne Cathedral, the fortifications of Bellinzona, as well as historical sights of Bern.

Interesting sights of the Eastern part

The countries of Eastern Europe have a unique charm, peculiar only to this region. In this part, where such important countries as Poland and the Czech Republic, Hungary and Bulgaria, dominated by religious architecture, touching the monuments of history and culture.


This country had to endure many tragic events – Poland was always in the midst of a war, so up to the present day managed to preserve quite a few ancient monuments, especially in the capital. However, it is to get outside of Warsaw to meet the most famous attractions of the country:

  • Castle Marienburg;
  • Mountains The Tatra Mountains;
  • Wawel castle;
  • The Museum Of Auschwitz;
  • Salt mine in Wieliczka.

Of special interest for tourists is Krakow and its old town, as well as gdańsk and wrocław. In those cities, preserve historic architecture, has a unique atmosphere,became a hallmark of Poland.

Czech Republic

ekskursionnye obekty CHehii

Worthy of special attention Czech Republic – a real jewel of Eastern Europe. The country and its attractions so harmonious that I want to be back and to feel those emotions.

Touching the most important places filled the city Karlovy vary and the most famous local monument – the hotel – the building is so attractive that it kind of inspired the movie "Hotel "Budapest" (earned a lot of awards).

Particularly attractive and interesting sights of Prague:

  1. Dancing house;
  2. Charles bridge;
  3. St. Vitus Cathedral;
  4. Prague castle;
  5. Tyn Cathedral.

In Prague, literally every inch is steeped in history not only of this country but also in Eastern Europe, with all its religious wars, kings and other exciting events.


Vengerskij parlament

Since ancient times, Hungary was considered the benchmark of Royal architecture. During the reign of the Habsburg dynasty, the capital was built up incredibly great buildings that have become the hallmark of the country:

  • The Hungarian Parliament;
  • Fisherman's Bastion;
  • Basilica Of St. Adalbert;
  • Széchenyi chain bridge;
  • The Hungarian Opera house;
  • The Buda castle.

Special attention is given to the Danube , the main waterway of the country, traveling where you can become better acquainted with Hungary and its natural attractions.

Among them the thermal lake hévíz and lake Balaton, around which many resorts and palaces, spread out over the mountain hill.


Close to the spirit of the country known for its seaside resorts, historical monuments in Bulgaria, no less. Very popular are exciting Hiking trailsfor you to discover interesting cities in this country and not less interesting attractions:

  1. The Rila monastery;
  2. Rila lakes;
  3. The Valley Of Roses.

You should definitely get acquainted with the Old town of Sozopol, Nessebar, Varna, Burgas and Plovdiv. The history of the local monuments goes back to the days of Antiquity. Among them you can find the Thracian tomb, the place where the mythical Orpheus was born, and the residence of the first kings.

What to see in North direction?

Among the countries of Northern Europe are especially popular Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden, and in recent time the interest to the tourists attractions of Finland, which opened its borders to travelers, and the towns of Norway and Denmark.


Kostel Svyatoj Anny v Litve

Leading position in the number the most interesting and famous places of Lithuania and its Gothic churches, spread across the country. Despite its small size, it is comparable to the larger States. In only one Vilnius will be of interest:

  • The Republic Of Užupis;
  • The Church Of St. Anne;
  • Tower Of Gediminas;
  • The Gate Of Dawn.

The trip from the capital to the Baltic sea is about three hours and along the way you can see the legendary Kaunas, Klaipeda seaside, and then to get to the famous resort of Palanga.

Besides the fact that Palanga is near the Curonian spit – a sandy stripe "eating" the land there is the house of the Tyszkiewicz Museum that rivals the beauty of the Peterhof.


The main attractions of this country are concentrated in the capital, especially in the Old town. The local architecture is unique in that only here it is built in the style of Art Nouveau. Local buildings look so attractive that on their background it was filmed several cult films, one of which – "17 moments of spring".

Famous monuments of Riga:

  1. The dome Cathedral;
  2. House Of The Blackheads;
  3. The house with black cats;
  4. Home "Three brothers".

Outside of Riga hidden iconic palaces and castles, such as Rundale Palace and Turaida castle.


Many tourists Finland is associated with Santa Claus and Moomin Trolls, so the most famous sights of this country can be considered places such as the valley of the Moomins in Naantali, and also the village of European Santa Claus in Rovaniemi.

In addition, tourists will have interesting sights, stretching from Helsinki to Turku:

  • Åland Islands;
  • Fortress Hameenlinna;
  • Lake Saimaa and Savonlinna;
  • The Architecture Of Oulu.

Finland impresses with its Northern beauty and nature, visiting this country, many associated withwalks in the national parks.

Savonlinna v Finlyandii


Popular attractions in Norway is the unique architecture of cities such as Alesund and Bryggen, røros tiny, as well as the legacy of the Vikings in the ship Museum, stavkirke in Bargende, Heddal and Urnes.

But the main pride of the country – its natural attractions:

  1. Legendary fjords;
  2. Cape North Cape;
  3. The Glacier Jostedalsbreen;
  4. Rock trolltunga.

Very attractive looks Vigeland Park – the territory on which there are about 200 sculptures.

The main objects of the countries of the European South

The most attractive tourist countries of southern Europe – Greece, Italy, Spain. Many of you will find interesting sights of Serbia and Albania as well as Macedonia.


This country and its attractions are incredibly popular among tourists. To see most of them, this country attracts millions of travelers. In return they get the opportunity to see the brightest monuments of Antiquity:

  • The Acropolis Of Athens;
  • The Meteora Monasteries;
  • The Theatre Of Dionysus;
  • The Temple Of Hephaestus.

Very urgent trips to the legendary monastery of Athos, and also to numerous attractions of such Islands as Crete, Rhodes and Santorini.


arhitektura Italii

The attractions in this country – some of the most interesting and frequently visited. During a visit to Italy to see the leaning tower of Pisa, the Colosseum, the village of Cinque Terre, Pompeii and the Vatican. Individual attention, cities like Venice, Florence and unforgettable sights – canals, bridges, old square.

No less admire the natural beauty of Italy volcanoes Vesuvius and Etna, the valley of Aosta, lake Como. These scenic spots for many centuries have inspired famous artists.


"Warmed by the sun, the earth" – so the tourists call Spain after visiting this country. It is famous for a large selection of attractions, most of which are collected in Madrid and Barcelona. Among the capital's historical monuments interesting the Royal Palace, the station Atocha, the Prado Museum, the Cibeles Palace and monument to don Quixote.

In Barcelona have left their mark such legendary figures as architect Antonio Gaudi and artist Pablo Picasso. Due to the great master, this city has become famous monuments such as the temple of the Sagrada Familia, home – Casa, housekeeping and a Wake Cass Vincennes, the Palace and Park Guell.

Sights abroad in Europe is so vastthat to choose the most interesting of them will be difficult. Everyone will discover something new and unforgettable.

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