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Sightseeing of Odessa: address, photos, description

dostoprimechatelnosti goroda Odessa

"Odessa-Mama" - so often referred to the famous Ukrainian city not only locals, but tourists as well.

The unique flavor of Odessa is often a "hero" movies and jokes, but there are many other attractions in Odessa - the whole street, architectural and historical monuments, and even the catacombs.

Map of Odessa with streets

ulichnye linii na karte goroda

On the territory of Odessa was a former Greek colony, and therefore the city's name translates from Greek as "enough water".


Odessa is located in the South-East of Ukraine, near the coast of the Black sea.

The town is also washed by the Bay of Odessa is the largest seaport of the country.

Odessa is located at the intersection of many international routes, so the city is undergoing the influence of many nationalities - Jews, Moldovans, Bulgarians, Belorussians and others.

Popular sightseeing areas

populyarnaya Deribasovskaya ulica

In Odessa many attractions, but there are several areas that tourists want to visit first.

  • Moldavanka is a historical district that embodies the very soul of the city. Earlier here lived workers from factories and all kinds of thugs and thieves. Here also was born and flourished the famous Mishka Yaponchik.
  • Now Center is the business centre of the city, but much has been preserved from earlier times - for example, Starokonniy market.

  • Deribasovskaya street - a walk along the most famous street of Odessa will take tourists aesthetic pleasure. On the street are monuments and fountains nearby which make good pictures. On the street with no car traffic that contributes to a pleasant walk.
  • Catacombs - for fans to "look in depth" history of the city will approach the study of underground ways of the city. In the catacombs you can easily get lost if you do not have an experienced guide.
  • ekskursionnye katakomby

  • Odessa film Studio in Odessa has been shot many famous films of Soviet period and modern times. Tourists can visit the places where the shooting took place favorite movies and imagine themselves as their heroes.

Excursions to the architectural structures of the city - a photo and a brief description

To see all the sights of Odessa, not enough for a whole month - so many of them, but should try to see at least some of them.

The main historical and cultural creations

In the city there are real masterpieces of architectural art:

  1. The Palace Of Tolstoy. The Palace of counts Tolstoy built in the spirit of classicism, and the facade mimics the different valuable species of stone. In the late 19th century, the mansion was an art gallery in the Baroque style. In Soviet time here was located the Odessa house of scientists and cultural center of the city. Address: Odessa, Sabaneev bridge (Mendeleev, Offices), building №4;
  2. The Odessa Opera house. Odessa Opera house was built in 1887 in the Baroque style. The theatre has a horseshoe shape, and the interior is crafted in a luxurious Rococo style, the building leaves a lasting impression. The walls of the theatre worked famous people - Rachmaninov, Duncan, Chaliapin, Tchaikovsky, and others. Address: Odessa, Tchaikovsky lane, 1;
  3. glavnyj kulturnyj teatr

  4. AcademicUkrainian theater. Building academic Ukrainian theater was built in the early 20th century. On the stage were famous people - Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Rimsky-Korsakov, Maria Savina and others. Address: Odessa, street Pasteur, 15;
  5. The theatre still operates, and within its walls is shown over 20 performances of different genres and themes.

  6. The Palace Of Novikov. It was built in 1876 by Italian craftsmen to order a large industrialist A. Novikov. Palace perfectly fit into the overall architecture of the city and became its decoration. Now, the Palace is a Museum. Address: Odessa, Gavannaya str. (Khalturina), 4.

Religious objects

Ukraine is among those countries that have preserved a wonderful architectural sites of religious importance, which attracts the attention of travelers from around the globe.

Holy Dormition monastery in Odessa was built in 1824, but later repeatedly rebuilt. Attracts the attention of a 54-meter-high bell tower, which precedes the entrance of the temple. In the monastery cemetery, the remains of the Holy companions. Address: Odessa, Monastery lane,6.

Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral is located on Cathedral square. The huge building of the Cathedral can accommodate about 12 thousand members. The present structure of the Cathedral was restored according to historical documents - primary building was completely destroyed by the Bolsheviks. Address: Odessa, Sobornaya square, 3.


pamyatnik Pushkinu

On the streets of Odessa is a large number of monuments and sculptures dedicated to a particular event or person:

  • Monument-fountain to Pushkin. The monument is located on the Primorsky Boulevard and is the third in the history of Odessa, the monument to the poet. Pushkin is depicted in a great reverie and located back to the building of the state Duma;
  • The sculpture "Children and the frog". Fountain depicting children looking at the frog, attracts the attention of tourists. In the past, the sculpture also had other names - at first it was called "Youth", then "Narcissus." The sculpture is located on Lanzheronovskaya street;
  • The Monument To Orange. Few people know, but Odessa was rescued by oranges during the reign of Paul the First local merchants were sent to the Emperor convoy with oranges. Paul was so overjoyed with the gift, which increased funding for the construction of the city and the port. Location - near Preobrazhenskaya street;
  • The monument to Orange is a bronze orange with the peel cut off and removed a few slices. In place of a missing slices depicted the Emperor Paul the First.

    monument apelsinu

  • The Monument To Richelieu. The monument to Duke to Duke de Richelieu on the promenade is the business card of the city. He is considered the founder of the city, and the locals affectionately called the pedestal "Our Duke";
  • Monument Ilf and Petrov. A monument in the form of the gold chair is dedicated to the authors of the adventures of Ostap Bender from Ilf and Petrov - the natives of this great city. The pedestal is located on Deribasovskaya street.


A city with such a rich history just can not have several interesting museums.

  1. Museum Of The Holocaust. Odessa Jews were one of the first victims of the Nazi genocide. After the war, across the country began to create a Museum on the history of the Holocaust to subsequent generations were able to see the history of those tragic events. The Museum presents exhibitions about the activities of the Association of Jews and displayed themed movies. Address: Odessa city, Malaya Arnautskaya street, d. 111.
  2. The house-Museum of Pushkin. A great poet often was exiled for his works, including in Odessa. Here he created the poem "Gypsies" finished "Eugene Onegin", the poem "Bakhchsarai fountain". The Museum is located on Pushkin street and there are more than 50 years - there are exhibitions about the life and work of the poet, and periodically hold meetings and seminars. Address: Odessa, Pushkinskaya str., 13.
  3. Odessa Museum of art. Odessa Museum of Western and Oriental art is private exhibitions and arrivals from the state Museum. The Museum building itself is a work of art - stands out of frame the Grand staircase of marble with lots of hanging beams. Address: Odessa, Pushkinskaya str., 9.

What else to see tourists?

kuda eshe shodit?

In addition to the traditional attractions in Odessa there are a lot of placeselse to go.

Guide to natural attractions

In the parks of Odessa, you can get in touch with nature and have a nice time at the picnic. This pastime can provide a city Park, Park im. Shevchenko and im. Gorky.

Odessa is a resort town and a good rest will not work without a visit to the beach.

The beaches Otrada and Arcadia are suitable for families with children and easy swimming in the sea, but the beach Langeron is designed for active travelers.

Interesting places for kids

It is sometimes difficult to find places to stay so that was interesting not only for adults but also children. For example, a rope Park "flying Dutchman" with the big game platforms like active children - there are special playgrounds and active pastime. Address: Odessa, Old market square, 7.

Kids will also love a visit to the zoo. Odessa zoo was opened in 1938 and currently is home to over 250 species of animals from around the globe. In the zoo there are rare species of raptors, and many owl species which was listed in the Red book. Also on site are children's playgrounds and attractions. Address: St Nooseplay the number 25.

A selection of the most interesting places of Odessa you can also watch this video: