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What to see in Iceland: sights with photos and names

dostoprimechatelnosti Islandii

Iceland is a Paradise on Earth. The fabulous North country scenery which can not leave indifferent even the most seasoned traveler.

Nature abounds here, geysers, glaciers and volcanoes, and the architecture incredible combination of rich history and modern architecture. Popular among tourists, it still remains unsolved and keeps a lot of amazing secrets.

Tour Iceland on the map

karta ekskursionnyh obektov

Iceland, whose name literally translates as "land of ice", located in the Northern part of the Atlantic ocean. It seems that a very small distance separates it from the North pole, but the climate here is not the Arctic, despite the abundance of glaciers.

Thanks to the warm ocean currents, the island is cool, but quite comfortable weather.

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The first people came to Iceland in the ninth century, when Norwegian king Harald I United the disparate lands into a single state. Iceland became a refuge for those who were not ready to accept the authority of the king. On the island formed a democratic system of government. But in 1262, in accordance with the signed agreement the population of the island has committed to recognize the authority of the Norwegian rulers in exchange for some benefits in the form of supply of timber and food.

Gradually the power of Norway was weak, and Denmark found her power. In 1814, Iceland together with a number of other territories came under Danish jurisdiction, and in 1845 the country was revived by the Parliament. In the next century the government of Iceland sought independence, but tried to achieve their goal by peaceful means. And in 1918 Iceland gained independenceby signing a contract with Denmark.

During the Second world war Iceland was under the rule of the British crown, and in 1941, the island came under the authority of the United States. The full independence of Iceland was proclaimed only in 1944.

The main sightseeing areas

Osnovnoj ekskursionnyj gorod - Rejkyavik

The main tourist area of Iceland is, of course, its capital is Reykjavik. Here begins the most popular route "the Golden ring", which runs through the Central part of the island where are concentrated the main attractions.

Not far from Reykjavik is the area that is of great interest for lovers of natural wonders – the geyser field Headcolor.

And in the North-Eastern part of the island near lake Mavican extend a huge geothermal field.

Very popular among travelers and other very scenic areas:

  1. Glacier Peat;
  2. Volcano Kverkfjoll;
  3. District Grimskaya lakes;
  4. District Nam;
  5. Berlingaccio mountains;
  6. Quickie mountains;
  7. The thermal springs near the town of Hveragerdi.

Main sights - the names, photos and description

Iceland attracts thousands of tourists with its beautiful scenery, but in addition to the amazing landscapes here you can find a lot bright and has no analogues in the world of architectural monuments, fascinating Museum exhibitions and picturesque villages.

Natural objects

Prirodnyj vodopad

  • Skogafoss waterfall occupies the first place among the famous waterfalls of Iceland. It takes only one time to see it, to realize all the greatness and power of this natural monument. The water here falls powerful stream from a height of 60 meters, and flying spray to form a colorful rainbow;
  • It's impossible to ignore Icelandic geyser Valley, which is a surprisingly beautiful piece of nature. Hot water column, shrouded in clouds of steam rising20-meter height and falls down. This magnificent spectacle you can watch endlessly;
  • Unusual beach with black volcanic sand stretches along the coast near the village of Vik in the South of the island. Connoisseurs of unusual landscapes tend to come here to enjoy the contrast brought the eye of the picture – black sand and white foam, which bring to shore the waves;
  • Pictures of fantastic ice cave Skaftafell will decorate any album, because it recalls the passage in a completely unknown world. The types of shimmering vibrant colors of the arches of the cave leave a lasting impression of traveling beyond earth's gravity;
  • The waterfall Dettifoss is a place which is considered one of the most popular natural monuments in Europe – a majestic waterfall with a height of over 40 meters;
  • The famous fjords, which cut the shore of the island, its beauty is not inferior to the fabulous landscapes. On the planet are not so many such wonders of the world, and Iceland boasts of its natural wealth;
  • The natural reserve. dotted with Hiking trails and abounds with magnificent panoramas.


Among the most famous monuments of Iceland, deserves attention sculpture entitled "solar traveler", which is amazing in its simplicity and at the same time genius. The creation of the famous artist Jon Gunnar Arnason adorns the waterfront of the Icelandic capital.

Not inferior to him in popularity tower "Imagine a world". Her appearance would not be possible if not for the idea of Yoko Ono, the widow of the soloist of legendary group "Beatles" John Lennon.


Composition in the form of the well from which rush into the sky, the rays of light became a message of love and kindness around the world.

Religious buildings

Among the architectural sights of Reykjavik holds a special place Landakotskirkya Catholic Cathedral, which stands on a hill top Landakot. According to the architects it is made in neo-Gothic style, which was widespread in the XIV century in Europe.

Another incredible in its execution structure is a futuristic Hallgrimskirkja Lutheran Church, which looks more like a soaring space ship.


Dive into the world of the fabulous nature of Iceland should start with visiting the national Park Thingvellir, which is not far from Reykjavik. The Park is located at the junction of two tectonic plates, each year moving away from each other by several centimetres. While visiting the Park, tourists can explore tectonic faults, admire the small, picturesque lakes and a waterfall. Beautiful places you need to look for more.

And in the Western part of Iceland lies the national Park of Snæfellsjökull, which represents a huge glacier. The glory of these places brought the great French writer Jules Verne, who made their stage for the development of the plot of his novel "journey to the center of the Earth."

Architectural structure

arhitekturnyj koncertnyj zal

  • In the southern part of the island is an interesting place for lovers of Ethnography – the village of Skogar, which is famous for its architecture. Here you can see the traditional Icelandic farm house with a dirt roof.
  • Among interesting architectural buildings of Reykjavik holds a special place in the house hofdi house, which mysteriously when it appeared on the territory of the city and attracts crowds of tourists wanting to make a "selfie" on his background.
  • Among the most modern buildings of Reykjavik real gem is the Harpa concert hall in the form of a stylized space ship, awarded some years ago the prestigious architectural award.
  • Very interesting appearance of the cultural center "Perlan", built in the form of chamomile with a glass dome in the center. Most interesting is that this building was rebuilt from the old boiler house.


In the list of the must-see sights of Reykjavik, be sure to include the national Museum of Iceland, the exhibition, which includes unique materials on the history of the country.

No less interesting and the City Museum of art and the Institute of Arni Magnusson, with its magnificent collection of ancient books written in the epic legends-sagas.

Looks very impressive and the largest in Iceland Museum under the open sky Arbaejarsafn, in the complex of buildings which includes three dozen buildings-monuments of architecture of XIX-XX centuries.

What else to see?

Opportunities for recreation in Iceland is extensive at any time of the year. From may until September herewhale watching, having a boat trip through the Bay of Reykjavik. In the southern part of the island, tourists can swim in the Atlantic ocean. Lovers of good food in cafes and restaurants all year waiting for the national cuisine and the local markets are full of different Souvenirs. The huge popularity of the famous festival "Night of culture".

In the winter

Golubaya laguna zimoj

Winter is probably the best time to visit Iceland. That only is the contrast between the cold air outside and warm water geothermal sources. A whole lake of salty hot water, where you can swim even in the winter is an opportunity to relax and get unforgettable impressions. It is called the place Blue lagoon.

Winter in Iceland you can see a truly magnificent sight – the Northern lights. Colored fairy ornaments frosty sky you can see not only in winter but with the onset of cold weather it looks truly unique.

In the winter months, travel lovers can enjoy a ride on the hardy Icelandic horse along the picturesque trails.

Well, where do we go from riding through the endless snow fields on a snowmobile or ATV!

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Holidays with children in Iceland has its specificity, which is associated primarily with climatic peculiarities of this country. But no child will remain indifferent to see the incredibly beautiful mountains and waterfalls, volcanoes and caves, a bizarre "alien" landscapes.

During a visit to Reykjavik's tourists with children, you need to go straight to a Family Park, which is a village of Vikings. There's plenty of entertainment for children of all ages: playgrounds, large water Park, outdoor pools with warm water.

And of course, you should definitely make a trip to the Gullfoss waterfall, visit national parks, to see the mysterious "mangroves" and other natural treasures of Iceland. And everywhere travelers will be accompanied by figurines of trolls and elves is a tale of Iceland felt.

Find out in this video some interesting facts about Iceland: