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Sights of Luxembourg - photo of cities with description

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Luxembourg – a tiny country in Europe whose name is translated as "small town". But even despite the small size of this country, on its territory there are a significant number of minutes, telling more than a thousand years of history and culture of the region.

The tourist map of Luxembourg in Russian

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Going to travel to Luxembourg, you need to be ready to fascinating tourism one of the most interesting countries of Europe.

To become the most productive, it's important to plan your route around the sights of the Duchy.

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The first mention of Luxembourg refers to the year 963, when count Tigerfrost founded on a rock fortified castle. Soon around this castle a town grew up, and after that a country was formed. Since these lands passed into the possession of the different States. County and then the Duchy managed to visit a part of Spain, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany.

In 1815 the Duchy of Luxembourg gained independence from the Netherlands becoming a sovereign state. This step greatly improved the development in all areas, including economy and agriculture. On the territory of this country have the Railways and was rebuilt infrastructure.

This continued up until the Second world war, the Germans occupied Luxembourg and are not required to follow Nazi orders. At that time in the country spoke the French language, but in connection with the occupation he had slighted. The country's leadership categorically refused to accept those terms, what was the reason for their exile.

In 1944, Luxembourg was liberated, and in the same year the country became part of the economic Union Benelux (Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands). 5 years later the Duchy joined NATO, thereby violating its centuries of military neutrality.

The main sightseeing areas

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Luxembourg has a very small area, so familiarity with the country and its cities will not take much time. The first is to visit the eponymous capital, where all the old attractions of the Duchy castles, fortresses, temples and natural beauty of the rivers Alzette and Petrus, who in his time and attracted to these places of the rulers.

Also of interest are the ancient city:

  • Viaden;
  • Clervaux;
  • Echternach;
  • The Schengen area;
  • Wiltz.

Incredibly romantic and fabulous looks of the legendary "wine road" leading to the vineyards in the Mosel valley. Tourists popular East region Mullerthal, due to the luxurious nature called "Luxembourg Switzerland" the area of the Oesling is a place for active recreation, and thermal springs in Mondorf.

In addition, along the way you can meet several charming villages, each of which will find something interesting and exciting.


In Luxembourg, well connected by public transport. To any of the most remote corners of the country can be reached by comfortable bus or rail network. If you are planning a weekend trip, you can purchase a card Luxembourg Card, which allows free use of transport, to visit several museums and paid attractions.

Many tourists prefer to take car rentalas it gives you the opportunity to freely and at any timeto reach any point of the country. While gasoline is a little cheaper here than in neighboring States.

Attractions - photos with description

For more than thousand years of history Luxembourg was able to acquire an extensive amount of sights and attractions that are sure to appeal to tourists. The biggest part of the cultural heritage is located in the capital of the Duchy.



Among the striking sights of Luxembourg it is worth noting some remarkable and sometimes unusual monuments of the country. Many of them devoted to great historical figureswho have made a great effort in the formation of the Duchy. Some monuments have become the embodiment of the legends that accompany the country for many centuries.

Among the monuments of great men is worth noting:

  1. Duchess Charlotte is a sculpture dedicated to the wise ruler and daughter of William IV;
  2. Wilhelm II – the figure of the great monarch of the Netherlands has done enough for the country;
  3. Michelle Redang – a monument to the author of several works of the time.

All these monuments can be found in the main squares of the capital, and each of them is especially dear to local residents.

On the tragic moments of the war time in the main city of Luxembourg is reminiscent of the memorial "Golden Frau" stele with a woman in Golden robes on top of it. During the occupation of the Duchy lost a lot of residents. Some of them fled to the French army, and the part is not returned from the war, fighting on the side of the Germans, but doing it against their will.

Among the city's monuments it is worth noting the fountain "Sheep March" – a fun design, symbolizing the annual tradition of the country and a monument to the banker and the sculpture "Acrobats".

In the town of Wiltz, a huge number of monuments:

  • The sculpture of the Goddess victory set in the heart of the city;
  • The Statue Of The Virgin;
  • Monument Eisenhower;
  • Sculpture in honor of the centenary of Independence;
  • A monument to one penny.

The largest concentration of monuments Wiltz - in Park of sculptures of Michel Rodange.

In the Park of sculptures in addition to statues of the poet, embodied the focused images of the characters of his works.

Religious buildings

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Some ancient churches and cathedrals, well-preserved to the present day, the hallmark of the Luxembourg. The most notable of them legendary – Cathedral Notre Dame – a magnificent structure in the Renaissance style and late Gothic. It was built in the XVII century and since then it has become not only a Central religious building with many shrines within its walls, but in the tomb of the rulers of Luxembourg.

In Luxembourg and other cities can be found ancient churches:

  1. Church. Michael is a religious Shrine in the Romanesque style and the Baroque style;
  2. Church. John – the most valuable architectural monument of the capital;
  3. Church. Trinity is one of the most famous temples in the country, located in the town of Viaden;
  4. Chapel Saint Kieran's is a modest chapel 1355 construction;
  5. Parish Church Peter and Paul - the most beautiful building of the Lower Wiltz;
  6. Basilica. Willibald , a major Christian center in Echternach, where he produced decorative copies of the Bible.

How high was developed the taste for the beautiful, you can see views of the Church of Luxembourg. Each of these buildings looks aesthetically appealing, while reflecting the spirit of the era and the historical events of the middle Ages.

Architectural objects

A very unusual may seem monuments in Luxembourg. Among them – the casemates in the cliff Side – a plurality of chambers and tunnels, located in the ruins of the fortress of Luxembourg. This building appeared here in the Spanish rule in the seventeenth century. Over time, underground passages spread: their length was 23 km, and the depth of some of the transitions reached 40 meters. Casemates was especially useful in times of war the inhabitants took refuge in them from the Germans.

Many ancient architectural monuments located on the Central square of Luxembourg. In the capital, on place Guillaume II in the place where the monument of Wilhelm II are some of the main historical buildings of the Duchy, among which worth mentioning the town Hall.

On weekends and holidays in front of city Hall organize the most interesting events: exhibitions, festivals, fairs and sales.

Architectural feature, a special which the locals are proud of – the Adolph bridge – old design, elegant become the national symbol of the country.If Paris is the iconic monument is the Eiffel tower, and the Netherlands – windmills and bridges in Luxembourg this monument is emblazoned on all the photos.

Adolphe bridge is not the only such scenic design in Luxembourg. In different parts of the capital via the river is spanned by an arched stone structure: the viaduct of Krisberg, the Old bridge and the Stierchen bridge.

A popular place for tourists is the house of Koch in Schengen. The mansion was built in 1779, after whom he was named. The house is now renovated and used as exhibition, telling about the process of integration of Europe.

The majestic city Hall Echternach, known as "Denzelt", attracts with its architecture. This building was subjected to fire, and then restored several times under different styles, now is Baroque.


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It is difficult to imagine Monaco without exploring the residence of the rulers of the country – the Palace of the Grand Dukes. This attraction is located in the capital, and it among other structures highlights the fact that constantly at the entrance are the guards. To get inside the Palace in the period from July in August – at a time when the Duke and his family go on vacation. In the Palace you can see the luxurious halls and visit the rooms where important decisions are made.

Traveling to Luxembourg, you can find other castles:

  • Castle Pettingen the ruins of the once powerful fortifications, built in the X century;
  • Schengen castle is a romantic construction of the Medieval times, located in the village of Schengen area;
  • Castle Beaufort – the former powerful fortification of the XII century, turned into ruins;
  • Castle Esch-sur-Sur - ruins of a medieval building located near the town of Wiltz.

In Luxembourg remained several castles, the most beautiful of which is located in the capital of the country.

Luxury fortress of Ysenburg, built in the early XII century on the Bank of the river, eventually became a castle and its walls were expanded and strengthened.


As in every country, Luxembourg has its own cultural heritage – a number of museums that are interesting to visit while traveling. Among them the greatest interest is the national Museum – the place where there is an extensive collection of objects from different times: historical objects and works of art.

The city is rich in other unusual museums:

  1. Bank Museum – exhibition with a small number of exhibits in the capital, telling about how Luxembourg was formed and developed monetary system;
  2. Arms Museum – the exhibition in the fortress "Three acorn" with the abundance of artifacts, giving the opportunity to learn more about the ancient fortifications;
  3. Postal Museum – a fascinating place in Luxembourg, where it is possible to get acquainted with rare items telecommunications: phones, routers and telegraphs.
  4. The house-Museum in Vianden, where Victor Hugo;
  5. Museum of the tannery - the tannery Museum and brewery in Wiltz. Here you can learn the history of beer and taste.

The cultural heritage of Luxembourg is also represented in the national gallery Tuasal and the Art gallery in the capital.

Green corners

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How beautiful nature of Luxembourg stories Throughout the country there are parks, valleys and picturesque places worth visiting. In the capital of the Duchy, you can spend time in the National Park "Upper Sûre" – in a place where there is always clean and fresh air, but also managed to preserve rare species of animals and plants.

In the center of Luxembourg, in the place of the dismantled fortress, you can find Park de Ville is a picturesque promenade area, decorated with fountains, sculptures and gazebos. Here is the famous Villa Lovini, where he held the Eurovision song contest in 1962 and 1966. Now, this building is a Museum of art.

Strolling through the sculpture garden Michel Rodange, you can find not only the sculptures of heroes of the epos "Renert-Lis", but beautiful ornamental trees and flowers.

Sculpture Park Michel Rodange is one of the most beautiful and exciting places in Europe.


The territory of the Duchy of Luxembourg is a green oasis in the heart of Europe – the country is adorned with rivers, lakes, cliffs and valleys are incredibly beautiful. In the capital there are two rivers on which the city was built – the pétrusse and the Alzette, as well as the rock Side, where was erected the first fortifications.

Also of interest is natural objects:

  • The valley of the Moselle river , the main waterway of the Duchy, which flows through the territory of France and Germany;
  • The canyon Cleft palate is a natural reserve and is the "little Switzerland", which boasts the country;
  • The Ardennes mountains – part of the mountainsystem in the North of the country.

In the Ardennes is the forest of Arden – a place known since the time of Julius Caesar.

What else to see?

A small country, Luxembourg is able to impress with the abundance of its attractions to many tourists. Beautiful nature, castles with a millennial history, Baroque churches – all abound in this European country.

1 day

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Going on a trip to Luxembourg, a large part of his time is devoted to the study of capital. In this city, like all created for walking, narrow streets and cozy medieval squares and is able to give many surprises.

Definitely worth a visit the two main squares – Guillaume II and Cerfontainalso see one of the grandiose buildings – the Ministry of foreign Affairs. Even many wars could not destroy the atmosphere that is present here throughout.

Examining the capital of Luxembourg, is to pursue the route in Clervaux – a city on a river that is best suited for shooting historical films.

Each building in Clervaux atmospheric place is impressive in its beauty and antiquity.

To know that in the Duchy of impressive Victor Hugo, visit Vianden is one of the most beautiful villages.

If you have time, then you should look to the modest village of Schengen is the place where the decision was made to unhindered travel around Europe, and created the Schengen area. Also worth a visit Echternach is a city, which became a Museum under the open sky.


In Luxembourg, there is everything for an unforgettable holiday with children.

  • To spend time outdoors in the Park of Merl-Belair, where from spring to autumn blooms everywhere a huge number of plants and the scenic area is equipped with sitting areas and fish pond.
  • Children will enjoy the local museums. Interesting and extensive collection of exhibits collected at the postal Museum and the arms Museum, will impress any young traveler.
  • Finally, fans of active recreation should visit children's parks in Bettembourg, Mondorf-Les-Bains and Esch-Alzette.

Luxembourg and its numerous attractions provide an interesting tourist destination. A visit at the weekend will leave only good impressions.

Objects beautiful architecture and picturesque nature, you can also watch this video: