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What to look for in the Republic of Malta: the island's highlights with photos

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Malta is a small island nation located in the Mediterranean sea. This country can be circled in just a few days, and on the way to get acquainted with the historic cities of Malta and the attractions that are the cultural heritage – monuments of history and culture.

Malta on the map in Russian language

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Being one of the most vibrant and interesting areas of the Republic of Malta also attracts and the fact that this island can be reached quickly and easily from any European capital.


Historically, the location of Malta, served as an important facility at the intersection of trade routes between Africa, Asia and Europe.

This small archipelago in the Mediterranean sea is located only 100 kilometres South of Sicily and 300 km off the coast of Libya.

Malta includes several Islands, including Malta (the largest), Comino, Cominotto, Gozo and Filfla (uninhabited).

The main island has a length of 27 kilometers and a width of 15 km, Gozo – two times less. Due to such insignificant size, to avoid both coast is 1-2 days.

The main tourist areas

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Malta is popular for many reasons. Most of the tourists come to this country to for a short time to visit all the most interesting sights located in major cities and scenic tourist centers.

Along the way you can discover interesting sights, historical places and natural objects, as well as to visit cafes and restaurants, souvenir shops and even beaches.

The most popular tourist areas of Malta – its main cities:

  • Valletta – port region known for its ancient fortresses and lots of other not less well-preserved sites;
  • Mdina is the former capital of the island and an ideal base for Hiking excursions to the most mysterious monuments of history;
  • Gozo is a picturesque tourist areas of Malta where you can spend a wonderful time, take a walk through the hills and valleys;
  • Sliema – luxury area of the island with an impressive array of attractions, including watchtowers, palaces, villas, churches and chapels.

It is these places in Malta are the basis for tourist excursions – striking of walking among the ancient streets, ancient megaliths, medieval churches and magnificent natural beauty.

Description of attractions with photos

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Due to the location of Malta for many centuries was rather a"tasty morsel" for various conquerors. Initially the island was inhabited by tribes, which resemble megalithic temples and fortifications.

Later on these lands were founded by the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Normans, Arabs and Spaniards. Every nation has left its mark, so for tourists, has accumulated an impressive store of iconic sights.

The architectural grandeur of sooruzenii

When planning a trip to the ancient sites of Malta, in the first place, you should visit the city of Valetta – the capital of the state. In this part of the island is available a lot of monuments, among which the most impressive Palace of the Grand master.

It was built in 1570, the first for the knights, but then they moved to another place and this house took the headorder of Saint John. In our days it is running the Government, as part of the building open as a Museum.

Inside the Palace of the Grand master is present incredibly luxurious design in the style of Baroque. The walls are decorated with bas-reliefs, flooring – precious mosaics, ceiling paintings made by the best Italian masters. In the corridors and halls are the statues in natural size.

Here you can find a portrait of Catherine II painting, donated by the Empress.

In the XVII century on the territory of Valletta there was one colorful building – House Rocca. This building was built by the project of don Pietro La Rocca of the family de Piro. Each new generation brings in a new housing elements, simultaneously extending the tenure.

arhitektura doma Rokka

In the XVIII century the house was sold for two families, but two centuries later, it was returned and restored. Inside there is approximately 50 rooms with original objects and furniture, accumulated over the centuries.

Near these buildings are the other architectural objects:

  1. the Palace of Auberge de Castilla;
  2. Palace Parisio;
  3. Arsenal of the order of Malta;
  4. Castilian coaching Inn;
  5. Capellania.

One of the most important architectural monuments of Valletta is Fort St Elmo – gate, with which began the Maltese capital.

In the suburbs are not less of a beautiful house with a rich past and interesting legends, such as the Inquisitor's Palace, Fort St. Michael's, the University Palace and the Provencal gate.

No less beautiful and rich in architectural monuments of Mdina – the former capital of Malta and its spiritual center. The city is located on a high hill and it is surrounded by impenetrable ancient walls. A walk here is a journey through the beautiful streets and ancient houses where once lived the aristocracy of Malta.

Architectural monuments of Mdina begin with the Main, Greek and New gate entrance to the city. From here start the routes along which there are numerous palaces of the nobility. Among them the most known:

  • Palazzo FAL'son;
  • The Box Office Inguanez;
  • Casa Viani;
  • Cash Testaferrata;
  • Palazzo CONSTANZO.

krasota arhitekturnyh stroenij

Each of them impresses by its external grandeur and internal decoration. The city has about 20 luxury buildings that once were in possession of rich people.

Several important architectural sites located in Gozo island, where is located the fortress of the Citadel. To explore the local attractions you can spend the whole day, since inside there are several museums, ancient temples, Palace of Justice and other monuments of history.

Worthy of the attention of a guard tower located along the island – Mgarr-IX-Sini, Xlendi, Dwejra, San Blas. Their main purpose was protection from pirates.

But the greatest interest on the island of Gozo represent the dolmens – the ancient megalithic temples, the mystery of which was not disclosed until now. They were built around 3500-4000 years ago and they are the oldest structures on Malta. For so long the traces of ancient people are well preserved, and you can find them in the settlement of Ggantija – close Balls.

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One of the most fashionable areas in Malta Sliema boasts an impressive part of the attractions. Among them bright enough object – Palazzo Capua is a historic Palace-turned-luxury hotel. Many architectural monuments in the form of palaces and mansions suffered the same fate.

In addition, in Sliema attracts the attention of military architecture:

  1. Fortezza;
  2. watchtower SV. Julian;
  3. Fort tine;
  4. Fort Manoel.

The island was built about 30 towerslocated in visible distance from each other. If sentinel had detected the threat, he lit a signal fire, alerting the rest of guarding.

Atmospheric religious buildings

Malta boasts an impressive number of religious buildings, because this island was long inhabited by a Christian order. They tried several times to capture the Turks, but the attempts were not crowned with success.

The number of Catholic churches in Malta is equal to the number of days in a year, but foremost among them is the Cathedral of St. John. It was built in 1573 and since then it has never been rebuilt. Externally, the building resembles a Fort, decorated with a modest curbs.

All its luxury lies within, therefore the construction is more like a Museum with lots of fineexhibits.

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In the suburbs of Valletta , you can visit:

  • the Church of SV. Lorenzo;
  • the Church of the Immaculate conception;
  • the Church of the virgin Mary;
  • the Cathedral of Maria Bambina.

In Mdina does not lower the concentration of churches within the town is the Cathedral Museum and Carmelite Church and Cathedral. Paul. All these buildings built in the XVI-XVIII centuries.

Separately, a unique underground temple, the Hypogeum in Paola is the only building that is built underground. The ancient temple consists of halls, chambers and passages carved into the rock. Only the temple has three levels, the deepest of which has a depth of 10 meters.

Small but cozy Gozo decorate ancient monuments of religious architecture. Here there are:

  1. Cathedral of Praise of the virgin Mary;
  2. the chapel of San Giuseppe;
  3. the Church of SV. Francis.

Despite the modest size of the buildings, they have a very rich history. They were built in the days of knights. These soldiers all the forces holding back the army of the Ottoman Empire, and in honor of the victories were built beautiful buildings in the Baroque style.

Museum complexes

Malta and its cities are open air museums, especially Mdina – the village, managed to keep its medieval look. Within it is a dark and terrible torture Museum store exhibits, tickling the nerves. In this place there is a large collection of guns, and they are very naturalistic.

In Valletta, the interest is national Museum of archaeology – the exhibition with the exhibits opening to visitors the rich history of Malta. Here are sculptures of Neolithic times, stone tools, pottery, various figures and objects found on the Islands.

Culture life Malta can be found in the Museum of fine arts.

Here are the work of artists – residents of the island, as well as renowned European artists.

What else to see on the island?

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The many attractions of Malta is really unique, so tourists from all over the world dream to get to this region. Here is fascinating nature and numerous routes in beautiful places.

Natural beauty

In addition to the beautiful beaches of Malta, the island has many natural features. One of them is the Azure window is a popular spot for photos. It is an arch of rock created by the waves of the Mediterranean sea.

In Malta there are several Botanical gardens:

  • Lower barrakka gardens is the ideal place for walking and admiring the sea;
  • Upper barrakka gardens – a storehouse of all kinds of trees and flowers growing in tiers;
  • Botanical garden of St. Anthony – shady Park with plants, including orange trees, the harvest of which give tourists.

Among the abundance of spectacular locations it is worth noting the most beautiful spots for diving – Mellieha Bay and Golden Bay, and Parking lot snow-white yacht Spinola Bay.

Self-guided itineraries

Walks in Malta independently – a journey through the most beautiful bays, historical and cultural places, as well as familiarity with the mysterious history of the island.

All the architectural sites are located in the North-East and the South-West and West – natural places.

The route through Malta to be easy – cities have a modest size. In between, you can travel by bus, and between the Islands is by ferry. Between these areas of land operates a ferry – crossing takes only 20 minutes.

First and foremost, is to see the Palace of the Grand masters, to visit the national Museum of Archeology and Basilica. John. You then get to such iconic places like Mdina and Rabat, the megalithic temples, the Azure window and the catacombs. If you have time, you can go diving or visit one of the many resorts on the island.

An overview of the most beautiful sights of Malta - in this video: