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Italy: photo, title and description of the attractions of San Marino

dostoprimechatelnosti San-Marino

The state, combines all the amenities of modern life and ancient old traditions - San-Marino. Attractions, despite the relatively small area of the country, have a very large scale.

San Marino on the map

gosudarstvo na karte

San Marino is called the Palmetto state - one of the smallest in the world.

The landlocked country has is for the most part of the rocky mountains.

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San Marino is one of the smallest by area in the world. Located on the South of the European part of the world, on all sides, San Marino surrounds Italy – in fact, the country is literally in another country.

Private airport to San Marino is not, therefore tourists have to use the airports of other countries. The nearest is located in Rimini is 25 km from the border of San Marino.

A bit of history

istoricheskie svedeniya

San Marino is the oldest state of Europe. The first mention of the country dates back to the early 4th century. In 301, one of the fugitive Christians, together with his associates, was built in sorrow quarry and built a monastery. Since then, the San Marino is considered to be a separate, free state.

In the autumn of 1600, the country adopted the Constitution. During the Second world war, the state managed to remain neutral, although for some time it was occupied by German troops.

In 1991, the government had signed the Treaty of accession of San Marino to the EU. In 2000 a law was passed prohibiting the transmission of citizenship to women until a certain age and seniority. In 2008 the historic center of the state was included in the UNESCO heritage list.

Today, tourism is one of the important industries of the state.

Every year the country receives about two million tourists from around the world.

Attractions - photos, names, and description

fotografiya Palacco Publiko s opisaniem

San Marino is a country which is famous for its historical sites, many of which not one hundred years.

Architectural structures

  • The Palazzo Publico. This Palace is the political center of San Marino. Was first built in the 14th century, but significantly changed its appearance in the 19th century. Later the Palace became an unsafe place to visit and stay in it of people, so in the late 20th century were carried out work on reconstruction of the building.

    Now the Palazzo Publico – the official state building, headquarters of the first persons of the country and carried out important ceremonial activities.

  • Three towers. Three security facilities situated on three hills of Monte Titano. Buildings are the signs of freedom of the country. The oldest of them, the Guaita, was built in the 10th century and was used as a prison.

    Tower of the Cesta is situated on the highest point of the mountain, was erected in the 11th century. Montale tower was built in the 13th century and located at a very low point compared to other towers. Sorry, Montale, is closed to tourists.

  • Borgo Maggiore. This city castle is located in the heart of San Marino on top of Monte Titano. The city was built in the 13th century and until the mid 19th century bore the name of Mercatale. The city's main attractions-the castle is the Piazza Grande, the clock tower, the market, fairs, the cable carthe road and the Church of Suffragio.

Religious buildings

religioznyj hram San-Petro

  1. The Church Of San Pietro. The temple was founded relatively recently – in the late 19th century. In it the relics of St. Peter, in whose honor it is named.
  2. The Church of San Pietro is relatively small, has an unusual little niche, which, according to the belief of believers that have healing properties.

  3. The Church of the Capuchins. This is the most popular tourist attraction in San Marino. The old Church was built on the ruins of another Church which bore the name of San Kvirino.

    The Shrine was erected in the 16th century, its main value is the painting "the descent from the cross"located above the altar. Also a great view of the courtyard of the Church, which houses the statue of Saint Francis.

  4. The Church Of San Francesco. This is the old Church of San Marino was founded about 1400. On the main altar is a wooden crucifix of the 14th century, and from the city gate to the Church adjoins the monastery.


  • State Museum of San Marino. The Museum began its history in 1899, and now the number of exhibits exceeded five thousand. Most of the exhibits is archaeological in nature – here is a collection of objects from the Neolithic to the present. Also in the Museum you can see paintings and sculptures by artists, ancient coins, household items of ancient civilizations.
  • The Museum of vampires. In this unusual Museum contains wax figures of various undead and representatives of the folklore of vampires, witches, goblins, zombies, werewolves and other.

    Atmosphere attach attributes – black walls, dim lights, Souvenirs. Very popular figure of count Dracula, the bloody lady Bathory, a three-meter figure of the werewolf, located at the entrance.

  • muzej vampirov

  • Gallery of modern art. The gallery first opened its "gates" in 1956 and the first exhibition was attended by 500 artists. Since then in the Treasury of the gallery includes 750 objects – paintings, sculptures, photos, installations. In the gallery are solo exhibitions by contemporary artists and sculptors.

What else to see?

Besides the magnificent architecture, are in San Marino and beautiful natural places. Also developed routes for day walks.

Natural objects

Monte Titano is a part of the Apennine ridge and the most prominent hill of San Marino. Mountain raised at 740 above sea level. According to legend, it was founded a monastery, which gave rise to the whole country.

Monte Titano is an observation deck, the funicular, the gate and the old Basilica.

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Where to go in one day?

chto posetit za odin den?

San Marino is a small country, the sights which are within walking distance. Still, there is a list of attractions which can be visited in one day:

  1. Walls – three walls located on the perimeter of the historic city. Two of the walls of museums;
  2. Quarry of crossbowmen contains sculptures and monuments of modern art;
  3. Government Palace and the statue of liberty is considered to be new structures, the base of which refers to the end of the 19th century;
  4. Museum of torture – here are all the torture devices from the middle Ages to the 19th century;
  5. The monument of the Knight is a symbol of independence and a tribute to history.

Helpful information

Sightseeing is not the only thing you need to know a tourist, going to San Marino. It is also helpful to find out about visa requirements, weather and time zone:

  • San Marino belongs to the visa Embassy Italy, so a trip will need a passport, Schengen visa and medical certificate;
  • The climate is temperate Mediterranean. The average annual temperature is +20 degrees, in summer rises to +26 degrees, and winter temperatures drop to 4 degrees;
  • The time difference with Moscow – minus one hour.

See this video overview of the sights of San Marino: