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Attractions Slovakia on the map with photos: what to see in Kosice?

dostoprimechatelnosti Slovakii

Slovakia has always remained in the shadow of their more powerful neighbors, especially Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic. In the twentieth century, Slovakia was United into one state with the neighboring Czech Republic.

After the disintegration of Czechoslovakia and the emergence of an independent Slovak Republic, the tourists re-discover many architectural monuments and natural attractions of Slovakia.

Slovakia on the map

Strana na karte

Slovakia is a small country whose territory is less than 50 thousand km2.


Slovakia — a small country located in the heart of Europe.

Despite its small size, Slovakia shares borders with five countries, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary.

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The main sightseeing areas

glavnye turisticheskie rajony

The main tourist regions of Slovakia are:

  • Capital region, the center of which is Bratislava.
  • A historical region of Spis, which is the center of the old town of Levoca;
  • Low and High Tatras in the Central and Northern Slovakia;
  • Eastern Slovakia, the center of which is the second largest city of Kosice;
  • A historical region of sarislocated in the North-East of the country.

Attractions with photos and descriptions

Despite the small size of the country, in Slovakia, you can spend a whole week in order to see the sights.


The main architectural heritage of Slovakia is a well — preserved historical centers of towns and cities.

  1. Bratislava's old town (Stare Mesto) is a favorite spot for tourists visiting the capital of Slovakia. The Old town centre is the Main (Market) square. In Bratislava old town combines Gothic, Baroque and classic buildings, but in the heart is Bratislava castle — the main citadel of the city.
  2. The city centre of prešov is a comprehensive architectural landmark, attracting tourists visiting the North-Eastern part of Slovakia. It combines buildings from different eras and styles, the most popular tourist spot in the city is the Main street of Presov, which is a Gothic Church, the Palace Klobusicky, the Jewish quarter and many other architectural attractions.
  3. arhitektura Preshnova

  4. After a Palace of Bratislava, built in the style of European Neoclassicism, is located in the heart of the capital. The Palace, built in the second half of the XVIII century by the architect Melchior Hefele, was a place that was the future Hungarian kings in anticipation of the coronation.
  5. Now the Palace is the residence of the head of the city Council of the capital of the Slovak Republic.


Spishskij zamok

In Slovakia there are many historic castles and fortresses, the vast majority of these structures were erected here during the Hungarian rule.

  • Spissky Hrad is the largest castle in Slovakia and the main tourist attraction in this country. Surprisingly picturesque castle, situated on a tufa mountain, located in Eastern Slovakia near the town of levoča. Spis castle UNESCO world heritage site.
  • Bratislava castle — the castle in the heart of the Slovak capital, Dating back to XV century. Bratislava castle during its history has undergone many reconstructions, and in 1811, burned and nearly 140 years lay in ruins. Currently, the Bratislava castle was reconstructed, he was returned to the appearance of the XVIII century.
  • Zvolen castlelocated in the town of Zvolen. It was built in the XIV century by the architects of Italy and over time turned into an impregnable fortress which has never been captured by the enemy. Zvolen castle is considered one of the best preserved castles in Slovakia.

Also in Slovakia, you can visit castles, Devin, Betliar, castle Budatín, Bojnice castle, Orava castle and many other wonderful medieval castles.

Religious objects

The vast number of religious buildings in Slovakia are Catholic temples, which were constructed in architectural styles typical for its time.

    religioznoe stroenie v Koshice

  1. Cathedral of St. Elisabeth is located in the city of Kosice and is one of the most remarkable religious monuments of Slovakia. A Grand Gothic Cathedral was built in XIV-XVI centuries and today it is the largest Church in Slovakia.
  2. Cathedral of St. Elisabeth entered in the list of national monuments of Slovakia.

  3. Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in žilina was built in XV-XVI centuries and nowadays is the main Cathedral of the Catholic diocese of žilina. Since 1941, the façade of the Cathedral is decorated with a statue of St. Anne.
  4. Emeram Basilica in Nitra was built in the middle of the XIV century, its present appearance came at the beginning of the XVIII century. The basis of the Basilica is the rotunda, Dating from the XI century. The main shrines of the Basilica are the relics of Saint Cyril and the way of Removing Jesus from the cross, located in the main altar.
  5. The St. John the Baptist Cathedral (Trnava) is the first building in Baroque style built in this country. The temple was built in the first half of the XVII century by the Italian architects of the brothers, Spazzy.
  6. Church of St Elizabeth, also known as Blue Church, is one of the best creations by Hungarian architect Eden Lechner, built in the art Nouveau style. The blue Church is Bratislava and is one of the most popular religious attractions of the Slovak capital.


pamyatnyj memorial

The most interesting monuments of Slovakia located in Bratislava, here you can find a comic as modern monuments and important historical monuments.

  • A memorial complex, located on a hill Slavin, immortalized Soviet soldiers killed during the liberation of Bratislava during the Second World war. Central to the complex is the monument with a height of about 40 meters, on top of which is a statue of the warrior-liberator. The complex is located in the centre of Bratislava near the Bratislava castle.
  • A handsome monument to the Nazis is perhaps the most popular tourist sculpture in Bratislava. The monument is dedicated to a specific person, whose name was ignác Lamar.
  • Ignatius, or as it is affectionately called Nazis, had a reputation of a crazy city, and welcomed all passers-by with his hat. Immortalized Lamar Bratislava sculptor Juraj Mellish.

    pamyatnik krasavchiku Naci

  • On the Main square of Bratislava, near the French Embassy is a curious monument to a soldier of Napoleon's army. Sculpture in a cocked hat, but with bare feet symbolizes the French soldiers, retreating after the military campaign in Russia of 1812.
  • Monument "Sword" on a pedestrian street in the centre of Nitra is one of the most unusual outdoor sculptures in Slovakia. The bronze monument symbolizes the sword of the IX century, found in the grave of the legendary Prince Pribina of Nitra. The original sword is now kept in the Museum of Budapest, but his sculptural incarnation adorns the streets of Nitra.


Museums Slovakia attracts tourists with a wealth of exhibits depicting the history of this country. However, in recent times has opened a lot of museums dedicated to modern achievement of the Slovaks and humanity in General.

  1. The air Museum in Kosice was opened in the beginning of XXI century and has an exhibition of 30 historic aircraft, primarily of Soviet manufacture. There are also over 50 aircraft models and many different avidely.
  2. The city Museum of Bratislava, located in the Old city hall next to the Main square, talks about the emergence of urban settlements and the history of the city, has an extensive collection of ancient frescoes, knights ' armor, works of art and crafts. The Museum has 11 branches scattered throughout the city and devoted to various aspects of life in Bratislava.
  3. Bratislava"/>

  4. The house of the Executioner in Trencin, place of residence of the city executioner Stanislaus Harbinskogo living in this town in XVI-XVII centuries. Now full of urban legends house is a Museum, which boasts a collection of torture devices and instruments for executions like quartering, the wheel and others.
  5. Scary Hangman Museum attracts the tourists, wishing to tickle your nerves.


The main natural attractions of Slovakia are considered to be the picturesque Tatra mountains and numerous caves on the territory of this country opened more than 4 thousand.

  • Demänovská cave system, located in demänovská valley in the Low Tatras in Central Slovakia, is the most visited natural site in Slovakia. For visitors there are Demanovska cave of Liberty and demänovská ice cave.
  • The Tatra mountains, most of which are located on the Slovak territory included in the list of biosphere reserves of UNESCO. Tatras are popular among ski lovers and in summer among tourists interested in mountain trekking.

    On the territory of the Slovak Tatras operates the Tatra national Park as the main tourist center of the Slovak Tatras is the Poprad. In the Slovak Tatras, you can visit mountain lakes, deep valleys and low peaks.

  • priroda gor Tatry

  • Geyser Germany, located in the suburb of Kosice in the village of Herlany, is one of the most interesting natural attractions of Slovakia. The geyser is of anthropogenic origin and has been operational since 1872. Every 32-36 hours a geyser throws a 15-metre jet of water, the eruption of the geyser lasts for about 25 minutes, after which it "sleeps" until the next release.

What else to see?

In addition to the above attractions in Slovakia, you can spend time in the resorts of the country, in addition, there are interesting festivals and holidays.

In winter and spring

The best place to stay in winter in Slovakia is of course a region of High and Low Tatras. The best places for skiing in Slovakia — resort Jasna, located on the Northern slope of the Chopok mountain, and Strbske Pleso, located on the shores of the lake in the High Tatras.

In the spring should visit the international flower festival in Bratislava.

In April, tourists are attracted by the international festival of ghosts, held at Bojnice castle in the same city.

Driving directions

Slovakia is a small country, so the drive can be accessed all corners of the state.

You should definitely stop in the thermal Park Vrbov near kežmarok in the Eastern part of the country, the city-Museum svidník with its famous Valley of the death dedicated to the liberation of Slovakia from Nazi troops, or the historic town Levice, situated in the South-West of the country.

Watch this video about the popular attractions in Bratislava: