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What to bring from Tallinn (Estonia) from Souvenirs and gift?

CHto privezti iz Tallina?

Wonderful Tallinn is one of the most popular cities of the Baltic States. The old traditions, festive atmosphere and many interesting attractions – that's what attracts Russian-speaking tourists, the capital of Estonia.

But not only a pleasant experience you can bring from Tallinn home. Walk through the souvenir shops and huge shopping centres will give you a lot of pleasure as well as to allow please their loved ones with nice Souvenirs.

Avid tourists and the lovers of shopping there are a few products and things that are popular.

Souvenirs from Tallinn: what to bring?


Among the alcoholic beverages holds a special place in Estonian beer. Try the beer with herbs or honey brands A. Le.Coq, Šaaremaa ölu and Saku, Viru õlu.

From the drinks stronger, we can advise liqueur "Vana Tallinn", which means "Old Tallinn". There are several varieties of liquor, depending on the fortress:

  • original - 40 degrees;
  • classic – 45 degrees;
  • strong – 50 degrees.

Also in the lineup are alcoholic drinks with lower strength is Vana Tallinn Chocolate Cream and Vana Tallinn Orange Cream.

But liqueur "Kännu Kukk" less knownbut not inferior in quality and taste of the traditional "Old Tallinn". This drink is deep red color with an aroma of cumin and the tart, bitter taste.

A bottle of liquor, made in the form of a Cockerel sitting on a stump, will be a gift, and stylish decoration home bar.

To buy alcohol in brand shops and in supermarkets.

Cosmetics and perfume

In Tallinn you can find high-quality cosmetics and perfumes of all famous European brands. But the price for such products is not lower than in Europe.

More popular among tourists for local cosmetic brand. These include:

  • JOIK – the manufacturer of natural cosmetics for skin care face and body. Their line includes scrubs, creams, oils and Soaps. Recently, the brand has a children's line;
  • Puhas Loodus – Estonian cosmetics brand that exists on the market for over 25 years. A wide range of products includes gels, creams and lotions, shampoos and balsams for hair, means on care of skin of hands and face;
  • Ingli Pai is one of the most popular local cosmetic brands. Products are made from natural ingredients and includes the lines for the whole family, including for children.

Kosmetika i parfumeriya


Many Russians visiting Estonia, buy in pharmacies of the capital medicines in the home are much more expensive. Especially for the quality of medicines produced in Europe.

Drugs dispensed by prescription, in Tallinn will purchase more difficult. But in some major chain pharmacies are pharmacists who have a certain amount of money will translate your recipe into Estonian.


What to buy in Estonia. Especially popular with guests of Tallinn enjoy local sweets. Special attention is given trademark Kalev producing delicious chocolate bars, candy bars, candy sets, marzipan and more.

By the way, in Tallinn there is even a marzipan Museum, where the beautiful figures of the Goodies. Each piece is made in one piece and hand painted.

From the Estonian capital, you can also bring mouth-watering Estonian cheese, canned fish, herring and sprats, which are tastier and better Russian.

Noteworthy local smoked sausage made from moose meat, sea buckthorn honey and flour "Kama" (oatmeal), composed of a variety of crops.

Clothes and shoes

In any case, don't leave Tallinn without knitted Souvenirs. In the many souvenir shops you will find warm hats with funny horns and tail, replacing the scarf, woolen socks and mittens, capes and ponchos, and much more.

For example, Haapsaluskoy openwork shawl, knitted fromdown manually, will not leave indifferent any woman of fashion. It is very lightweight but at the same time warm products. The secret of their making is transmitted in families from generation to generation.

Also in Estonia, is popular in Soviet times, the knitwear firm "Marat". Many tourists coming to Tallinn, still bought clothes of this brand.

Odezhda i obuv


Mined amber in the island of Saaremaa, where it falls into the hands of the Estonian masters, and then in the many souvenir shops in the country.

Amber jewelry and different little things like figurines, combs for the hair or mouthpieces will be a stylish gift for friends and family.

In addition to shops selling products and jewelry made of amber, note the small shops of local craftsmen. During the Christmas fairs where you can find many interesting things.


Products of handmade ceramics are manufactured in a manor house of ATLA, located in 50 km from Tallinn. Beer mugs, plates, cups, figurines and vases will be a wonderful decoration of home interior.

What can you buy in Tallinn (Estonia)?

The girl

What to bring from Estonia woman? The choice of gifts for women in Tallinn are diverse.

Young girls will be pleased to receive as a present a set of Estonian natural cosmetics, a basket with sweets of Kalev or stylish article of clothing associated local craftsmen.

Older women can pick up a beautiful woolen poncho, scarf and mittens or shawl. If the lady loves original jewelry, try to give her a necklace or earrings of polished amber, melted into the silver.

CHto mozhno kupit v Talline (Estonii) v podarok?


As a gift for a strong half perfect the above-mentioned liquor "Old Tallinn". And if the man is a connoisseur of beer – take home a bottle of "live" beer "SakuKoduÕlu". The name of the drink translates as "home-made beer from Saku" and produce it according to all the rules of brewing.

If you want to give the man something really original, visit a shop Krambude. There you will find copies of the medieval productsmade of metal, wood and glass and leather.

Smoking man as a gift can you buy real Cuban cigars. In Tallinn there is a special shop La Casa Del Habano, which offers customers exclusive product, specially produced for the Baltic countries.


In addition to traditional Estonian sweets as a gift for a child suitable products Tallinn masters: colorful toy wood handmade funny hats with cartoon characters or scarves with soft animals.

Every year the Estonian capital is visited by thousands of tourists, so the problems with finding suitable Souvenirs you will not have. Almost all the Central streets have a multitude of shops and stalls selling the most varied products.

Guests of Tallinn can only enjoy the historic city and choose beautiful gifts for yourself and your loved ones, then to fondly remember the wonderful days spent in the heart of Estonia.

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