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The best ski resorts of Estonia: otepää and Kuutsemae

Gornolyzhnye kurorty Estonii

Estonia is small and bordering with Russia in the Baltic country, at the mention of which we first recall the numerous medieval monuments and unique nature.

But, nevertheless, Estonia can look and feel including lovers of winter sports, because in it are such famous resorts as, for example, otepää and Kuutsemae.

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Ski resorts Estonia


Otepää is a small town in the southern part of the country, which, in addition to its ski slopes, famous for its SPA centers.

The easiest way to get to Otepaa is a bus company Baltic Shuttle, which offers the possibility to reach the town directly from St. Petersburg with only one stop.

But if you prefer aircraft, then to otepää can also be reached by bus from Tallinn.

One of the main attractions of otepää is considered to be a medieval castle, located in the Eastern part of the city.

Also, tourists may be interested in the ski Museum, the Museum of the Estonian national flag and wagon Museum. Tickets cost just a few euros.

In addition to the attractions in Otepaa, there are other places that can help to relax the tourist. In particular, this famous SPA-centers with a large variety of procedures.

Also pay attention to the adventure Park with an observation deck, trails for Hiking and a climbing wall.

Gornolyzhnyj kurort Otepya

Equally interesting could be another Park, nature, where you can spend time in the observations of the local fauna.

At the time, and beach lovers, too, will find here something fun to do thanks to a well-equipped beach.

We should also mention Taapsi Golf centre, which offers a whopping 18 tracks, a Golf course, as well as all the necessary infrastructure with game rooms for children and a restaurant.

In otepää you can find hotels for all tastes such as Villa Saskia Hotel Karupesa, which can offer high quality services at a relatively low price.

If you are looking for budget options, you also should look at three-star Murakas Hotel Bernhard Spa Hotel.

Otepää offers several routes that may be suitable for both beginners and professionals. One of the most popular options is the track located at the sports centre Tehvandiwith a length of almost six kilometers.

Also known so-called "old route" is almost the same length, which are popular among professionals and Amateurs.

A trip to otepää, Estonia


Kuutsemae is another winter sports center in Estonia, which is attractive in the first place a large number of trails and rest houses, thanks to which for a little money you can have a great vacation.

Kuutsemae is located 14 km from otepää, so the most convenient way to get to it will be the bus. To the same otepää, as mentioned above, can be reached directly by bus from St. Petersburg or Tallinn.

The main attraction Kuutsemae is a unique natural landscape. A large number of mountains and hills makes this place amazingly beautiful.

In particular, mountain Harimagi height more than 200 meters offers visitors a viewing platform from which visitors have an incredible spectacle.

Also, do not forget that 14 kilometers from the hotel, otepää with all its unique cultural monuments.

Kuutsemae offers plenty of entertainment available. The most popular of them is the center Matsunaga JK sportwhere you can spend a wonderful time driving through the famous Hiking trails by snowmobile.

In summer, tourists may be interested in a large number of Hiking trails with a length of several kilometers each, extending in the mountains and around the lake.

Moreover, the same trails can be explored by bike, which can also be rented in Kuutsemae for a few euros.

Gornolyzhnyj kurort Kuutsemyae

Kuutsemae ski centre offers a large number of rest houses and hotels where you can stay for a relatively small amount.

In particular, popular upscale vacation home calledLili, the rate which is equal to 200 euros per night.

Budget the tourist can pay attention to the rest home Arula, where you can spend the night for only 25 euros.

The most attractive part Kuutsemae are ski slopes. Here are 7 lit with slides of different levelsthat will attract like both professionals and novice ski enthusiasts.

There is also a secure children's slide and a Park for snowboarding. In addition, the centre ski holiday Kuutsemae offers all the amenities, including meals and free Wi-Fi. Equipment and instructors are also included.

Thus, Estonia has a lot to offer through skiing.

A large number of attractions, the highest level of service, the route to all tastes, parks for snowboarding and Hiking — all this makes this country a great place to spend your next vacation.