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TV tower in Tallinn: Tallinn height of the TV tower and how to get there?

telebashnya v Talline

There are in the Estonian capital attraction, meet which is every guest of the city. This is the TV tower of Tallinn, the construction above which there is throughout the country. From its observation deck of the surroundings visible at a glance. What else attracts visitors to the television tower?

TV Tower Of Tallinn

vyshka estonskoj stolicy

TV tower of Tallinn is a little inferior in height to their counterparts in the neighbouring Baltic capitals - Vilnius and Riga.

This is the highest in Northern Europe tower, which is open to visitors.

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Television tower located in the seaside area of Tallinn – Pirita. The exact address of its location is this: Kloostrimetsa tee 58a, Pirita linnaosa, 11913, Tallinn.

Today, the Tallinn tower is a cultural, tourist and recreation center.

The history of the construction and purpose

istoriya vozvedeniya

Not all sporting events of the XXII summer Olympics took place in Moscow. Sailing regatta, for example, was held in Tallinn. One of the Olympic venues of the Olympic games-80 and was a television tower.

The main purpose of its construction was to relay television and radio signals. Built a rig a little less than 5 years, and in July 1980 was the official opening ceremony.

Visitors ' attention was immediately attracted the observation deck of the tower, where from a height of 170 meters opened up impressive views of the surrounding area.

But in 2007 the site was closed to conduct the reconstruction. It was only in April 2012 an updated beauty TV tower re-opened to the public.

The design and construction of the towers attracted the best specialists. Professionals in the course of the work used the newest technical solutions. Place of construction was chosen based on many factors – as a result of the tower decided to build at a distance of 8 km from the city centre. The tower became the dominant feature of this place, it is perfectly visible from the sea, from the Central urban areas.

The construction of the tower was not without incident. During the six months prior to the opening of almost trouble – in the shaft caught fire cables, fire quickly began to spread. Have prevented the disaster, Brigadier waino Saar, who was able to cut the light cable.

Description Tallinn TV tower


The height of the tower of Tallinn is 314 meters. The observation deck, which is at the level of 175 meters, the highest in Northern Europe.

Technical data

The design of the tower comprise 3 elements – the Foundation of the 190-meter barrel of reinforced concrete and steel antenna, with a height of 124 meters.

  • The tower rises above sea level to 24 meters.
  • The Foundation has a depth of 8.5 meters.
  • The total mass of the structure is 25 thousand tons.
  • In the lower part of the diameter of the tower – 15.2 meters.
  • The number of steps in the concrete part – 1050.

The design and space

Construction of the Tallinn TV tower traditional for its time – reinforced concrete-reinforced barrel and a metal mast. The teletower meets its intended purpose and performs broadcasting.

It is worth noting that the tower is located away from the medieval part of town and does not violate the historic panorama of Tallinn.

In the lower part of the tower is a 2-storey room, which includes a meeting room, Lounges, lobbies, all the necessary equipment.

After renovation the tower has become an attractive tourist object. Design of premises, where the access of tourists, made in a futuristic style.

The observation deckvisitor delivers a high-speed Elevator. Waiting their turn to see the exposition telling about the tower, especially children are attracted to interactive screens. In a special cinema show entertaining 3D films.

From the observation platform on the 21st floor (if the weather is cloudless), you can see the lights of the Finnish capital Helsinki. An observation deck equipped with telescopes and rotating monitors with useful information about the city and the country.

Restaurant, café, outdoor terrace – all located on the 22nd floor of the building. From the observation platform here you can climb via a spiral staircase.

Sightseeing and attractions


To visit the tower independently or as part of a tour group.

  1. The guide will introduce visitors to the most interesting facts about this sights of Tallinn, will hold for all available to view places in the tower.
  2. Visit the TV tower can be combined with an excursion to the Botanical gardennearby. Such a visit will be a great family pastime in the day.
  3. There are in the tower has its own television Studio, where tourists try yourself in the role of speaker, record greetings and requests and send them to friends.
  4. Not so long ago appeared a fun "Walk on the edge of the tower" – is an attraction for the most desperate daredevils. Wishing you clip the rope, and you have to walk on the very edge of the platform at a dizzying height (railing is not there). For completeness of sensations it is possible even to descend down the rope.
  5. Kids are always pleased with the appearance of the talisman tower, funny man, whose name is ETI.
  6. ETI participates in a fun children's events – birthdays, parties.

    ekskursionnyj personazh

  7. From the observation platform, open panoramic views of the surroundings – all 360°. You can admire the view and then on the monitors to enlarge images, parallel study of interesting information.
  8. In the floor are arranged boxes of glass, so you can enjoy views of not only distance, but also down to see under the feet 170 meters of emptiness.
  9. Every year it organises sporting events – races up ladders and jumping, based jumpers with parachutes. Often hosts exhibitions, concerts, entertainment shows.
  10. Features a café and a restaurant on the 22nd floor, which serves various delicacies such as lobster bisque with cream of red caviar.
  11. In warm seasons visitors open, the outer restaurant terrace, which offers stunning views.

After visiting the tower will want to buy something for memory about this sights of Tallinn in a local gift shop.


Tallinn TV tower can be visited any day throughout the year.

Rules and mode of operation

Hours the television tower from 10:00 to 19:00. The ticket office is open until 18:30. At the same time, closes the passage to the exhibition.

At the weekend those wishing to visit the tower a lot, most likely, will have to stand in line. To avoid this, you can buy a ticket online in advance or buy it on the spot for a slightly higher price.

usloviya posesheniya i chasy raboty

Discount ticket cheaper by 40%, and a family ticket for two adults and children under 18 years will be two times cheaper than if purchased 4 General admission ticket.

Also offers annual subscriptions and a combined visit to the TV tower and Botanical garden.

Access for visitors in wheelchairs is open to all areas, except the outdoor terrace, which is located on the 22nd floor.

With animals to visit the TV tower is not permitted. Baby strollers should be left in the cloakroom.

To participate in the attraction "Walk on the edge" there are restrictions – for example, the age and weight of participants: 13 and older and heavier than 34 kg.

How to get there?

There are several optionshow to get to the tower:

  • motorists can get private transport to the tower has an access road with the signs near the buildings there is a Parking for 60 cars;
  • you can use the tourist bus City Sightseeing and City Tour;
  • convenient to get to your destination by public transporthere, buses №49, 34A, 38. The beginning of the route bus terminal in Viru shopping centre, and you should get off at the stop Teletorn.

Teletorn Tallinn – a real decoration of the Estonian capital, diverse object worthy the attention of tourists. Rest here, enjoy scenic views and learn a lotand useful information. And one times to visit would not be enough!

See the video presentation of the Tallinn TV tower: