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Address of Santa Claus: where is the village and the residence in Finland?

gde nahoditsya derevnya Santa-Klausa v Finlyandii?

New year Santa Claus comes with his gifts to the homes of people from different countries. Each of them has its own name. In America his name is Santa Claus in France — Feather Noelem in the Czech Republic, the Mikulas.

Where lives the Wizard?

gde zhivet Ded Moroz?

The name is Finnish Santa Joulupukki. The literal translation of his name into Russian language means "Christmas goat".

To know Santa can be red coat, the same color hat and white beard.

Until the 19th century he wore a goatskin and had small horns.

From Joulupukki has a wife Moore, her name means "Old master". Help them on the farm gnomeswho live in the "Echo Caves" and watching how your children are doing. Before Christmas on their shoulders rests the care of the preparation of gifts.

Joulupukki lives in a wooden house built in the woods on the mountain of Korvatunturi. This place is known as "Hill-ears." It is located on the border with Russia. This is not the only residence of Joulupukki in Finland, but it is the address of this house send their letters the children with their requests for gifts.

The official address of the residence of Joulupukki: Finlandia, 99999, Korvatunturi. Every year, here comes to 500 thousand letters. Write a letter to Santa Claus can and at: Joulupukki, 96930 Arctic Circle, FINLAND.

The location of the village

Raspolozhenie derevni na karte

That Santa Claus lives in the ancient region of Finland, Lapland, know all the children of the world. This wonderful land is geographically affects 4 States:

  1. Finland;
  2. Sweden;
  3. Russia;
  4. Norway.

To find Santa you can in the Northern part of Lapland, a cultural region which is the country of Suomi (Finland). Inhabit this land of the Lapps and Laplanders. The village of Santa Claus is located 8 kilometers from Rovaniemi.

How to get to Lapland?

To reach the official residence of Santa Claus "Santa Village" you can get to Rovaniemi by train or having reached it by plane. From Helsinki to Rovaniemi in just an hour of summer. This city is the centre of Lapland and is considered the twelfth largest in Finland.

Choose a plane ticket right now with this search form. To get into the story, enough to enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

In his official residence of Santa Claus receives guests all year round.

Rovaniemi has its own airport and railway station. From the airport get on the Airport Taxi. From the city to the village of Santa Claus is best reached by taxi. It can cause the reception of the hotel.

The cost of a taxi depends on the number of passengers, time of day, day of week and the distance you need to drive. Children under 12 years are not regarded as passengers. For groups more than 4 people served "tilataksi". This minibus small size.

It also has buses, but they go very rarely. At each stop there are special devices that perform the role of helpdesk. From Rovaniemi train station to the village of Santa Claus departs bus # 8. Travel time from bus station to the village 8 minutes. The final stop of the bus is done in the centre of the village of Santa Claus near a shopping centre. From Santa's office just 100 metres away.

Where to stay?

gde mozhno razmestitsya?

In the village Santa Claus for guest accommodation the cottages. They are all in the same part of town. Each house of 2 rooms with an area of 37 square meters. They are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. Near the cottage you can Park your car.

The room has a wide double bed, folding sofa, wardrobe, table, TV. To prepareown meals in a small kitchen, which is in the room. The bathroom has a small sauna. There Is Wi-Fi.

You can also stay in hotels in neighboring cities, and to go to the village by bus. So you can visit more interesting places.

To make a reservation, use the convenient search form. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.

Tours to the Finnish Santa Claus

tury v Laplandiu

Lapland is known for its beauty of nature, reminiscent of a fairy tale. In addition to Santa Claus here you can see many interesting things.

Among the best tours in Lapland — tours of natural areas and reserves, safaris, skiing, a visit to the zoo.

Relax in Lapland it is possible all year round. In summer there is excellent fishing on the local lakes and rivers, which in these parts a large number. Winter in these places you can go skiing, reindeer, sled. Unforgettable impressions remain from the Finnish sauna.

The official website of residence

To know all the news about the life of Santa Claus in Lapland on the sites of the village:

On these sites you can write a letter to Santa Claus, it is sure to be read.

The birthplace and home of Santa Claus - photos

The residence of Santa Claus consists of several objects, all of them are open to the public and are very popular with tourists. The main object of the post office Santa Claus. Receives correspondence from around the world. The famous reindeer of Santa Claus live in the village on the farm, they too can visit.

About Christmas traditions we can all learn at the local exhibition and Museum. In the workshop of Santa Claus will show and tell all about Christmas and new year gifts, and in shops you can buy Souvenirs.

Visiting the village, tourists love to visit Santa Park, Arctic Park, known as the "Winter world".


Ofis volshebnika

The office of Santa Claus is the most popular place in the village. It is annually visited by over 500 thousand tourists. Every day guests come from all corners of the planet to the office of Santa. To get to the office after a fabulous long corridor. In the office of Santa Claus a massive wooden door. In the office you can be photographed with Santa Claus at the memory. There is a belief that if in this moment to make a wish, it will surely come.

Santa mail

Box office visits Santa Claus, tourists are sent to his mail. There are elves, they all have different nationalities. Their main job is handling letters to Santa Claus. With email you can send cards and gifts to friends and family.

Next to the post office building is a house, which is known as the hut of Eleanor Roosevelt. She is considered the first tourist who visited these places.

Santa Park

This unique place is really like a fairyland. To visit it is interesting not only for children but also for adults. There is a School of Elves, all year round covering them the ancient secrets of these mysterious characters. The graduates are given diplomas of graduation. In Santa Park there is still the workshop of the elves and the national school of calligraphy.

In the gingerbread kitchen, Mrs Claus bake amazing taste and aroma of gingerbread. It is very difficult to resist the temptation to try them.

Along with the carrot here, you can find other Finnish Goodies and wine cooked with special spices.

In the bar, Ice Gallery , you can try a soft drink "Kiss of the Ice Princess". In the halls of the galleries of ice sculptures.

Special train "the seasons", passing through the secret workshop of the elves, to make excursions in the four seasons.

Mode objects

To get to the village any day of the week. In the period from 1 September to 30 November and from 7 January to 31 may it is open for visits from 10:00 to 17:00. During the summer period 1 June to 31 August, the village is open from 9:00 to 18:00. And from 1 December to 6 January, its mode of operation from 9:00 to 19:00.

What else to see?

CHto eshe posetit?

In Pilica centre is created to experience the forest, its industrial processing and protection.

At the center is educational games for href="http://tour.liketourist.com/sovet/kuda-poehat-otdyhat-s-rebenkom/">. Near Pilica is the Museum of the Arctic.

On the hill Ounasvaara, which is a few kilometres from the centre of Rovaniemi, is the gaming hall known as Funpark, swimming pool, gym, massage and bowling.

The present ice Kingdom - Snowland. Even a hotel for travelers were made of ice. Stay there for the night, the real thrill-seekers. To save from the cold it can only be a glass of hot mulled wine. Special unforgettable impressions remain after the Arctic disco.

In Lapland, many nature reserves and nature parks. One of them, which is worth a visit "Ranua". It is the northernmost zoo in the world. There you can see not only the most Northern animals, but also a large number of different bird species living on the planet. All the inhabitants of the zoo live in cages, so the journey through the zoo like Safari.

Since 1966, every January in Lapland is the famous rally, which takes place on icy, snow covered roads.

Travel tips

  • Going to Lapland, we must recall how in that country the climate. Winters here are quite harsh, and summer temperatures can reach +30C. Closet in the way should choose the appropriate season.
  • In Lapland, good roads, and there is a rail link between the cities, but public transit leaves something to be desired. Count on it not worth it. You will need a taxi or car for hire.
  • In winter some roads of Lapland are closed because of ice. Before travelling by car it is better to inquire about which routes in the country can move.
  • To get out of the country is not only Souvenirs. The Finns are renowned for the quality of their clothes and shoes. A special Finnish flavor has coffee, the residents of Suomi are big fans of this drink and know a lot about it.
  • The large influx of tourists falls on Christmas and New year. To plan such a trip should be well before the travel along with a reservation in a hotel.

We recommend you to see the fabulous village in this video: