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Ski resorts in Finland on the map, rating: Levi, Ruka, Tahko

Karta gornolyzhnyh kurortov Finlyandii

Finland is considered to be one of the most popular countries for ski holidays.

Winter resorts here are not only excellent equipment, but also stunning views.

If you want to enjoy uncrowded ski slopes, surrounded by fascinating nature, frozen lakes, Finland is a great choice.

Ski resorts in Finland on the map

Gornolyzhnye kurorty Finlyandii na karte

The rating resorts


Levi is the largest ski resort in Finland, it is located in the homonymous mountains in the village of Sirkka 160 km North of the Arctic circle. The distance to the nearest airport Kittel only 14 km away.

Within the resort there are 48 ski slopes and 27 lifts. The length of the slopes is 250 km.

Levi is a resort for beginners, most trails are prepared for them. However, the professional skiers will also find some tracks for yourself.

The longest slope is 2.5 km away and the ski slopes in Levi there is a halfpipe, on-site dining, a snow Park and slopes for children.

Season in the resort lasts from mid-October until may. Those who are not very interested in active sports also will find entertainment in Levi.

Here is the largest in Lapland the water Park. Also, there are dozens of shops, restaurants and eateries.

For guests in Levi there are about 15 hotels and hotels of different levels. They can accommodate about 24 000 guests at a time.

Ruka ski resort. Where to celebrate New year


The hand is one of the oldest ski resorts in Finland, it opens first and closes one of the last.

Ski season lasts about 200 days from October to June. The Arm airport is 25 km in Kuusamo.

For lovers of skiing here ready 34 trails serviced by 21 lifts. Here, a roughly equal number of slopes for beginners and professionals.

The longest of them is equal to 1300 meters. The resort also operates a snow Park, a freestyle Park, on-site dining.

In addition to skiing, where you can ride on reindeer and dog, enjoy winter fishing and swimming in the hole.

In addition, the resort is a family sports center. There guests can enjoy a gym, massage rooms and Solarium.

It offers a variety of accommodation options, from luxury villas to tree houses. At the same time the resort can take about 23,000 tourists. Feed guests dozens of cafes and restaurants.

Gornolyzhnyj kurort Ruka


Tahko ski resort is located in the Central part of Finland on the shore of the lake.

It is a universal resort, it is suitable both for extreme and for beginners. The total number of slopes is equal to 23, served by 14 lifts. The length of the route is 65 km and the longest of them is 1.2 km away.

In addition, tourists can visit the on-site dining and street. The season here starts in mid-November and lasts until mid-April.

The number of hotels will impress any tourist, a holiday apartment more than four hundred of them. It's the various bungalows, apartments, cottages and hotels of varying star.

For those who are tired of skiing and snowboarding, also find entertainment in Tahko. 30 km from the resort is a large Waterpark "SPA Fontanella".

In addition, the resort a large number of different cafes and restaurants. The nearest airport is in Kuopio, where you can reach the resort by bus.


Ylläs is a champion among the ski resorts in Finland for length of runs and altitude. The resort 63 slope with a length of 53 km and ylläs Is located in the Western part of Lapland.

The nearest airport is 40 km away, Kittel Season in the resort starts in mid-November and lasts until mid-April.

Here, a roughly equal number of tracks for beginners and professionals. Also there are allthe conditions for snowboarding, well as free-ride, Telemark.

In addition to ski tracks in ylläs is the only one in the country approved by the International ski Association, the slope for the super-giant slalom.

For accommodation the resort offers various apartments, hotels and cottages. They are willing to accept up to 23000 tourists at the same time.

Those who tire of the slopes, you can find a way to have fun. Possible options include the dog sledding or Snowmobiling.

Gornolyzhnyj kurort Ullyas


Vuokatti is one of the most modern ski resorts not only in Finland, but throughout Scandinavia. It is perfect for family holidays thanks to its diverse entertainment.

Among the 13 tracks is, as slopes for both professionals and beginners. The longest one is 1.1 km Slopes served by 8 different lifts. For snowboarders there are on-site dining and street.

In addition to the slopes there are plenty of activities for tourists. You can visit the village of Santa Claus, ride a snowmobile or reindeer sleigh, visit a tropical water Park "Katin Kulta".

Feed tourists a large number of restaurants and cafes. And to have some fun after sunset in one of night clubs of the resort.

You can stay there in one of the 4 hotels or in the various cottages. The nearest airport is located in Kainuu, 40 km from the resort. The distance to Helsinki is around 595 km away.


If it is a family ski resort. Trails are mostly flat and great for beginners and children. All of them on the resort 12.

For snowboarders there is a halfpipe. In addition, tourists can ski schools and ski Telemark.

Among other fun is dog sledding. Also available ice-fishing, snowshoeing and skiing.

60 km from the resort there is a sports center "Bomba" with a water Park and a variety of therapeutic procedures. In addition, tourists can visit the national Park "Koli".

The ski season at the resort lasts from November to may. The nearest airport is in Kuopio, about an hour drive from the resort.

Gornolyzhnyj kurort Koli


Himos was twice recognized as the best winter resort in Finland, it is especially popular among Russians, after all, is just 400 km from St. Petersburg.

Here there are 18 ski slopes that are served by 12 lifts. The maximum length of descent is about 700 meters. The maximum drop is 120 meters. For snowboarders there are 2 half-pipe, on-site dining and street.

Among other entertainment in the Himos there is ice fishing, dog sledding. To feed the tourists will be able to a variety of restaurants, bars and cafes. In addition, near Himos there is a water Park "Aalto Alvari".

The season lasts from mid-November until the end of April. At this time tourists are ready to place the different cottages and hotels. They can take up to 3500 tourists at the same time.


Messilä is a ski resort in Finland, located in close proximity to the city of Lahti. It is 150 km from Helsinki and 345 km from St. Petersburg.

The season here starts in mid-November and lasts until mid-April. The resort 14 pistes. Served by 13 lifts.

Most of them are designed for skiers with medium level of training. The longest of them is 880 meters. Fans of snowboarding will appeal to the street and a halfpipe.

Those who get tired of skiing and snowboarding, will also do. Year-round fishing offers lake vesijärvi.

It is also possible to ride a snowmobile, visit a riding club or a sports centre with 4 pools. For guests respond to numerous hotels, most of which is located in Lakhta.

Gornolyzhnyj kurort Messilya


Salla is a versatile winter resort in Finland, which will appeal to fans of active recreation and for those who prefer a quiet family holiday. The ski season lasts until may.

Skiing here you will meet 12 gorgeous trails. There are slopes for both beginners and professionals. The longest slope has a length of 1.3 km and a maximum elevation of 230 m.

Snowboarders will enjoy the street and halfpipe. There is also excellent cross-country skiing.

Other activities available here, riding on a reindeer or dog sledding. And for fans of extreme sports is snowmobile safaris and multi-day trip by snowmobile to the coast of the Arctic ocean.

Lovers of relaxation will appreciate the water Park with Finnish sauna, Spa centre and variety of swimming pools. Of the attractions you can visit Oulanka national Park, the village of Santa Claus and deer Park.

The nearest airport is in Kuusamo a 2-hour drive from the resort. The hotel provides accommodation in various hotels,cottages and even camping with Parking for RV.