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Visa in Finland: as to whether we need a profile, production time

nuzhna li viza v Finlyandiu?

When planning a trip to Scandinavia, many would like to know whether you need a visa to Finland Russians. Thanks to the excellent conditions for recreation, interest in this area grows every year, so it is important to know some nuances.

Enter Finland

poezdka v Skandinaviu

The reasons that encourage tourists to visit Finland from year to year, different. In order to go to this country, to get acquainted with its culture, nature and history, to get a job or to visit relatives, please prepare your document package.

Do I need a visa for Russians?

As Finland is a party to the Schengen Agreement, the Russians will have to compulsorily apply for a visa to enter the country. Both countries are in a great relationship, so the failure rate is usually minimal.

To obtain an entry permit will not be difficult, especially if with all responsibility to approach the collection of all required documents.

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What resolution is issued?

To enter the territory of Finland, travelers should apply for a Schengen visa. This entry document valid in all countries of the European Union, so it is getting carries with it many advantages. As a tourist you can visit not only Finland, but no less beautiful neighbouring countries – Estonia, Norway or Latvia.

oformlenie razresheniya na vezd

It should be noted that this type of visa is considered to be the most convenient, since if any one can travel without making each time a new entry permit to many countries in Europe. Thus, it is believed that the Finnish Schengen get much easier than visa of other countries.


According to the established norms, depending on the purpose of the trip visa to Finland can vary. To cross the borders of this country, law enforcement will have to show only the entry permit that is fully consistent with the goals and length of stay.


Tourists popular visa which allows several times to cross the border of Finland – multivisa. This kind of authorization document which is a multiple Schengen, to obtain the easiest way, but to craft it you will need a simple package of documents.

Multiple Schengen visa is issued for different periods of time. You can obtain a document for a period of six months to a year and two years.


dolgosrochnaya poezdka

To obtain this type of visa, you will need a good reason. In the Consulate of the country with all the attention to the compliance with visa regulations and rules. Most often, the Consulate issued a permit for one year and renew it in the country itself, or rather, at the police station, Finland.

Comparable long-term visa to a residence permit, so its important to have documents proving ownership of property, obtaining long-term work or enroll in a local UNIVERSITY. Only at observance of such important conditions of the applicants have the option to apply for this visa.

How to open a permit?

This type of visa is issued only to relatives of citizens of Finland –foreigners planning to stay in the country for a long time, but not exceeding three months. This document is a biometric card, which is encoded all the necessary information of the applicant.

The validity

Before you apply for a visa to Finland need to decide the period of intended stay in the country. According to the rules, the Consulate can easily is issued for multiple entries within one month.

The formula of stay, visas are divided into the following types:

  • single;
  • multiple entry (1 month, six months, a year, two years).

Multiple-entry visas for one or two years are issued quite rarely, so tourists who have a visa first, you should apply for a multiple period of 1 month.

Methods and conditions for obtaining

usloviya vydachi

Planning to get a visa in Finland, you can not worry about possible failure. If you responsibly approach to execution of documents, as well as the different features and nuances, it is possible to significantly simplify this process.

Where to go?

Most often, tourists do not have problems when applying for Schengen visa to Finland. Independently it can be done in the country's Embassy, consular office and accredited travel agencies. It is worth noting that the easiest and cheapest way is to apply yourself to one of the visa centers.

In this case, employees of the company will help to collect all the necessary documents and also checked the questionnaire for errors.

You can apply at the visa application centres in the following locations:

  1. in Saint-Petersburg – Stremyannaya street 21/5;
  2. in Moscow – Kalanchevskaya St. 13;
  3. in Vladivostok, Ocean Avenue, 17;
  4. in Kazan – building of the Paris commune, 8;
  5. in Krasnoyarsk – street Maerchaka, 16;
  6. in Murmansk – K. Libnekht St., 13;
  7. in Nizhny Novgorod – Osharskaya street, 16;
  8. in Novosibirsk – Cheliuskintsev str., 15;
  9. in Perm – the Chernyshevsky street, 28;
  10. in Rostov-on-don – St. Trolleybus, 24/2V;
  11. in Ekaterinburg – Kuibyshev street, 44;
  12. in Samara – Michurina str., 78;
  13. in Omsk – Frunze str., 1;
  14. in Ufa – Chernyshevskogo str., 82;
  15. in Irkutsk – Sverdlova street, 10;
  16. in Kaliningrad – St 1812, 126.

Consulate General of the country is located in Saint-Petersburg. It can be found at Preobrazhenskaya square, building No. 4 (M. Chernyshevskaya). It is worth noting that the Consulate would accept applications not only from residents of the city and region, but also from residents of the Republic of Komi, Nenets Republic, citizens of Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Novgorod, Pskov and Kaliningrad regions.

A list of documents

paket dokumentov

To start the visa application process in Finland, you will need a standard set of documents. First and foremost, you need to download the application form on the website of the Embassy, and then it needs to be printed and filled out in Latin letters, you can use the sample as an example.

Also fill the electronic form available on online , but after sending it to the tourists will have to visit the Consulate, where employees need to pick up the completed version.

Later in the documents must be paid:

  • passport;
  • insurance policy in the amount of 30 000 euros;
  • confirmation of the hotel or a voucher of the travel Agency.

Do not forget about the photos – they must be reinforced to the application form before submitting. The format required by the standard, – 36*47 mm.

How to apply?

The process of registration is quite simple. For a start, you should prepare all necessary documents, and to determine the timing and type of visa. You will then need to find any convenient visa application centre to make an appointment through the online system, to come to term and hand over the papers.

At the consular office or at the visa application centre will tell you how long I have to wait and how long should collect your passport with the visa.

In some cases, the representatives of the Consulate can call in for an interview. Do not be afraid of interview – all questions will require the most truthful answers.



Young tourists, aged 6 years, who need to get to Finland, you need a full package of documents. It includes:

  1. original and copy of birth certificate of the child;
  2. insurance for a specified amount;
  3. passport.

It is important to remember that under the condition that the child will enter the country with only one parent, in this case, you will need permission from the second.

From people who have decided to obtain a work visa, in addition to the basic package of documents in the consular Department will require a work permit or proof of work. This document is prepared by the employer and affirms their consent to the employment in the state. Also from tourists will need a migration card and a copy of your passport and a financial guarantee in the form of traveler's check, or Bank statements. Amount for 1 day should be 60 euros.

Important points

When the documents are prepared, it remains the case for small – to clarify the cost of the future instrument, as well as the timing of its consideration and some other important details. In addition, tourists have the opportunity to get into the country without a visa.

How much is it?

Today the price for a Finnish Schengen remains the standard. When you prepare, you will need to pay only the visa fee of 35 euros. The same amount is payable for the visa to the child.

Payment is not required from those who have relatives in Finland, from schoolchildren and students studying in the country, and also from children who do not have their own travel and entered in the passport of their parents.

Readiness checks and how long does it take?

srok prebyvaniya

The standard term of registration is 10 days. The approximate issue date will be called at the time of filing, but these dates are not a guarantee. The terms can vary depending on the number of applications, particularly long have to wait for holidays such as New year and summer vacation.

To check and see whether the visa, you can call the Consulate on weekdays from 9 to 12 or by telephone of the visa application centre from 8 to 19 hours.

If a visa is required very urgently, to speed up the process is possible if in advance to pay double the cost when applying.

How to get into the country without a visa?

Some exceptions allowed for those who travel on the ferry in Northern Europe and crosses the border of Finland. Visa-free visit to the country is available only to residents of St. Petersburg, travelling to the ferry "St. Petersburg-Helsinki".

But this method also limits the visa-free travelers:

  • This trip involves staying in the country for a period of not more than 72 hours;
  • The journey is allowed to organize only in group mode;
  • Tourists are forbidden to leave the ship, so guests are not able to go ashore.

However, the ferry is one of the best entertainment, because it allows tourists to explore Finland and its luxurious nature. This water vessel has excellent capacity and well equipped with all modern amenities.

Also you can watch the video about how to apply for a visa in Finland: