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The sights of Finland: Porvoo, Helsinki and other

Dostoprimechatelnosti Finlyandii

Finland or the Republic of Finland is situated in the North of Europe, surrounded by countries like Russia, Sweden and Norway.

The country also has a Maritime border with Estonia via the Baltic sea and its bays (Finnish Bothnia).

The area of the Republic of Finland, diverse and provided by the coastal lowlands of Finland and Bothnia gulfs with thousands of rocky Islands that comprise the archipelago of the åland Islands, the Turku archipelago and the largest of this unique archipelago "archipelago sea".

Closer to the South from the centre of the country is the lake district, with dense forests and numerous lakes and marshes. About 25% of the earth Finland is above the Arctic circle and is called Lapland.

What to see?


The capital Helsinki is the largest southern city of Finland, located on the Gulf coast. The city is a major seaport, which is visited annually by thousands of tourists.

Cultural centers of the city became a factory Korjaamo is a large complex, which houses theaters, concert halls, shops, bars; music House music cultural center.

Also numerous theatres: the national Opera of Finland, the Alexander theatre, the Finnish national theatre, the Puppet theatre Sampo; cinemas.

Historical sights are the Senate square, where the Cathedral, the Lutheran Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the University, the Senate building and monument to the Russian Emperor.

As well as the assumption Cathedral, erected in 1868; Trinity Church, built in 1826; and the fortress of Suomenlinna, the temppeliaukio Churchcarved out of rock in 1969.

The sea fortress of Suomenlinna, built in 1748, is currently being used as a prison for minor offenders.

Modern attractions include the world's largest Korkeasaari zoo; Conservatory Helsinki, free for all visitors; Linnanmaki amusement Park; Seurasaari – island-Museum under the open sky, a few water parks.

Dostoprimechatelnosti Helsinki


The second largest and significant city in Finland – Tamperelocated in the South of the country between lakes näsijärvi and pyhäjärvi.

Most informed historical structure of the city - the Old Church, built in the classical style in 1828. Aleksanteri Church built in 1881 in neo-Gothic style, the Cathedral in 1907 in the style of national romanticism.

The present temple, built in the style of modernism – the Church of Kaleva. The Church in honor of St. Alexander Nevsky and St. Nicholas is the only Orthodox Church.

Also in the city there are about 20 museums, Metso, the main library and received huge popularity, the särkänniemi amusement Park with rides, a planetarium, a Dolphinarium, a zoo and aquarium "Eden".


Turku is the oldest city in the country, has acquired fame as a scientific and cultural center of Finland. Here was founded the first University and the first printing house in Finland.

The main attractions are the religious buildings: the old Lutheran Cathedral with paintings on glass, Vladimir sverchkova; the amazing sarcophagus of a Swedish Queen, created in 1865, the Orthodox Alexander Church; Turku castle, which presents the lives of people in different age.

In the area around Turku has a variety of museums: Luostarinmaki - crafts Museum, Maritime Museum, Museum of pharmacy; theatres: Swedish theatre, brazen theatre, built a few squares of Old Wood, a Small Shopping area.

Turku is well known for its music festivals, which are held at different times of the year. In honor of these events was created Sibelius Museumwhere all the exhibits dedicated to music.

Dostoprimechatelnosti Turku


Oulu is a city located on the shores of botany Bay and is one of the oldest cities of Finland, founded in 1605.

Attractionssteel Cathedral, founded in 1777, the town hall, in neoclassical style; the Northern Ostrobothnia Museum; municipal Museum of art; Kierikkikeskus Museum which had recreated a primitive settlement of man and the Escurial – the Botanical garden, where tropical plants.

In the southern part of Oulu shopping centre "Zeppelin" , with its many shops, boutiques, bars, water Park Holiday Clab Oulu Eden with a hotel and restaurant.


Lahti is an industrial citylocated on the Gulf coast of the southern part of lake vesijärvi. Is a popular sports centre with excellent springboards for winter sports.

In the city several times a year, organizes Championships in skiing, and the administration of Lahti repeatedly applied to host the Winter Olympic games.

Attraction in Lahti is the temple of Alvar Aalto – a symbol of modern Finnish Church.

Lahti is the largest wooden concert and Congress hall – the Sibelius Hall where he regularly performs Symphony orchestra Lahti.

The town has a large number of museums: the Ski Museum, City history Museum, the Museum of radio and television, the Art Museum, Lahti; there are plenty of reserves.


The city of jyväskylä is located in the center of the country, in a beautiful location close to lakes Paijanne – the deepest and longest lake in Finland, and Keitel. Jyväskylä is the "Athens of Finland", where is concentrated the true culture and traditions of the Finnish people.

This modern city also called the City of Lights because it is located in an 80-lit places, including amazing bridges Kuokalla and Retraite.

Another landmark is the tower Vesilinna, on the observation deck which opens city panorama.

Also, the city has many museums: the Alvar Aalto Museum, Museum of art, the Museum of Central Finland, the aviation Museum.

Oravivuori tower and the old Church in Petäjävesi are under protection of UNESCO world heritage.

Dostoprimechatelnosti Uvyaskulya


Kotka – industrial cultural city of Finland, located on the Gulf of Finland, has long been the country's main port.

Kotka is known for its historic buildingsof Fort Slava and Fort Ekaterina Fort Elizabeth; modern museums: Museum Maritime centre Vellamo, the Museum in the form of aquarium Maretarium, the Museum of the Royal summer residence; the impressive beauty of the parks: the Sibelius Park, a Landscape Park Isopuisto, anchor islet.

Holy places: the Main Church of Kotka, built of red brick in neo-Gothic style, the Church of Kymi, built in the Empire style.


The charming little town of Porvoo is situated not far from Helsinki and is known for its Cathedral of the virgin Mary; Old town hall; the estate of Communes, built in the Empire style.

As well as a Museum of dolls and toys collection sculpted by Walter Runeberg.

Sights of Finland through the eyes of tourists


In the Finnish town of Kouvola sights are the tykkimäki amusement Park, which is famous for free admission; Park Repovesi; the UNESCO-listed old factory Museum, Verla mill Museum and arboretum Mustila – famous Botanical gardens.


Eastern city of Mikkeli famous Cathedral, Mikkeli, built in neo-Gothic style in 1896.

Also, the city had constructed the old manor Anylan, Kartano, estate Visit, which impress with their beauty; the HOMESTEAD Museum in honor of the parish priest – Kenkavero; popular large water Park Visulahti.

Dostoprimechatelnosti Mikkeli


Lappeenranta is located on the shore of lake Saimaa, near the Finnish border.

Attractions of the town are the fortress "Linnoitus", on the site where you can find the cavalry Museum, the Art Museum of South Karelia, South Karelia Museum.

Orthodox Church of the Holy virgin, built by Russian soldiers; the Church, Sammallahti; the house-Museum of Russian merchant Ivan Volkov, telling the history of the city.

Finland is a country with an amazing diversity of natural landscape, presented in a beautiful national parks, with a rich history preserved in the many historical buildings and Holy places.

At the same time, it is a highly developed industrial city with modern parks and recreation.