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Detailed world map in Russian language: France with provinces and cities

karta Francii s provinciyami i gorodami na russkom yazyke

France is among the States visiting which is a dream of most people on the planet. Country Burgundy and borrowed from the Austrians croissants associate with the Eiffel tower, Coco Chanel, Bastille Day and the famous Marseillaise.

France on the world map and Europe

Strana na atlase mira i Evropy

The country is located on the European continent. It is very common to hear the expression that France is the heart of Europe. To understand it just is not worth it, while the share of geographical truth in this.


On its territory France is second on the European continent, only Russia and Ukraine. The mainland part of the state when viewed from space resembles a hexagon, situated on the map between 46 ° 00 ‘North latitude. of the equator and 2 ° 00’ E. from Greenwich.

The area of the country, together with the overseas territories is 675,4 thousand sq. km.

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The countries bordering on

The metropolis has a common land border with 8 States. Three countries have borders the French overseas territories. Among the bordering European France countries:

French overseas territory bordering Brazil, Suriname and the Dutch Antillean Islands.

How to get out of Russia?

It is best to get from Russia to France by plane. It is the most convenient and fast way. Only from Moscow Sheremetyevo airlines Air France and Aeroflot daily make 7 joint flight to the airport of Paris Charles-de-Gaulle.

48 hours can be reached from Moscow by train to nice and over 38 hours to Paris.

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Detailed map of France with provinces and cities

podrobno o gosudarstve s naselennymi punktami

France is a country with a large population density. 1 km of its territory has 115 residents. On the map of France marked a large number of citiesconnected to each other a lot, cutting its territory roads.


The main city of Paris. The capital of France with a population of 2.2 million people annually more than 25 million tourists visiting it from all over the world. Paris is over 2000 years old.

With the suburbs the population of the Paris of the agglomerate exceeds 10 million people.

The province

The French territory is divided into 39 historical provinces. The most famous of these was Burgundy, Normandy, Poitou, Burgundy, Provence, Anjou and Brittany. This division is not official. In the administrative system of the country consists of 22 regions and 96 departments.

Major cities

The second largest city in France — Marseille. Its population of 850 thousand people. In addition to its top ten biggest cities in the world include:

  1. Lyon;
  2. Toulouse;
  3. Nice;
  4. Nantes;
  5. Strasbourg;
  6. Montpellier;
  7. Bordeaux;
  8. Lille.

Information about the country

  • The founder of France is considered to be the king, bearing the name of Clovis. He was the first French monarch.
  • At various times, the country was ruled by the dynasty of the Carolingians, Capetian, Valois, Bourbon and Louis.
  • Turning the country into a Republic is connected with the name of Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • The country is a parliamentary Republic. This is a nuclear power, which is part of the UN, EU and NATO.
  • Population France is ranked 20th in the world. On the continental territory of the country is home to slightly more 62,8 million people.
  • The official language of the state is French. For three centuries it had the same status in England.

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