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Castles of France: Blois, Compiègne, Fontainebleau and other

Zamki Francii: foto s nazvaniyami

Castles of France – that provokes a lot of tourists to visit the country with the magical architecture. They make a fabulous note in the atmosphere of any French city, conquering greatness and an unusually beautiful shape.

Castles and holidays in France – a way to touch the tale, for every old French castle conceals a lot of secrets.

Stay in any strength transforms consciousness, mentally shifting into a world dominated by Dukes, lords and princes. Even a few minutes in this architectural work will leave a deep trace in the memory.



Once the castle was a protective fortress. First owner – count Thibault. He named the fortress "Blezua".

In architectural construction, lived such famous people as Louis VII, Gaston of Orleans and Catherine de Medici.

Until 1788 the castle only improved, but under Louis XVI, the castle was converted into barracks, and then damaged by vandals. In 1845 the castle was able to put in good condition by reconstructing his face.

The main feature of the castle is an unusual image of an animal. It is decorated with porcupines and salamanders. Although the castle style is very close to the Renaissance and classicism, without the flamboyant Gothic of the notes has not been.

A musical show that can be seen in the castle from may to September. You can reach it easily – it is located in the Loire valley.

Zamok Blua


The castle began to adorn France in the late XIV century. Its name is the name of one of its owners. In 1617 came the order for the destruction of the castle, but it failed.

The castle was seriously damaged, but then it was chosen by Napoleon and gave the order for reinstatement.

The originality of the castle is scale. Thick and high walls, the gates of impressive size and towers – all this speaks of belonging to a medieval culture.

When the restoration was made Romanesque and Gothic notes, because flourished the epoch of romanticism.

The castle is located in Picardy, about fourteen kilometers from Company. Visiting it, you will remember the films "the Man in the iron mask" "double eagle" and "Aliens", because they were shot within its walls.


The Palace was the abode of several rulers, for example, Philip IV, Napoleon III and Louis XII. This architectural structure has never been destroyed, although well-known architects periodically brought him into a state close to ideal.

The Palace is not a defense. In its architecture clearly shows the Empire style and many details, characteristic of the Renaissance. Suchlike a number of of glasses and fancy wine glasses.

To reach the Palace need from Austerlitz station. After arriving in Fontainebleau you need to sit in a bus with room A.

Zamok Fontenblo


Chantilly is not just a castle, but a manor. She appeared in 1484. Since then it became the residence of the famous French princes, Dukes and other famous people.

Chantilly is a few buildings and a large Park. It is located on a hill and surrounded by water. In its architecture it is not difficult to trace interesting style – bozar.

In Chantilly is the place famous musée condé. It contains the paintings of Poussin, Raphael, Francois Clouet and other famous artists.

The estate of Chantilly is forty-nine kilometers from the capital of France. Can be reached by train from North station.


The fortress has a long history, its approximate age – two and a half thousand years. Here was a primitive settlement, and the city, and the Royal senechalle.

The fortress played a protective role. That's why buildings are surrounded by three-meter wall in a couple of rows and towers, visible from afar.

On the territory of the Basilica and the castle. We can say that the entire fortress is now a French historical monument.

Being in the fortress, you can visit the Museumthe Inquisition, the Basilica and the Chateau Comtal. To reach Carcassonne from the French capital by TGV train.

Zamok Karkasson


The exact date of the appearance of this castle no. But he has an unusual story. He defended many famous people of France. It was hiding Anne of Austria, and the writer Voltaire.

The medieval castle is located near the Loire. It contains a diversity of styles. Plush carpets, family portraits, weapons collection, paintings with landscapes – it's all there in Sully-sur-Loire.

To reach the castle by train. The approximate path length is one hundred and thirty kilometers. The path from Orleans will be shorter, because it is only forty-five kilometers.

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint Michel is a fortresswith excellent protective function. The reason is simple – the castle is on the island. The history of the emergence of the castle originates from the XIII century.

The feature of the castle is on the island a few times a year. The sea now changed a little bit the location, so the castle is surrounded by water only two days. One day in the spring and another in autumn.

In the fortress there is a monastery. At the end of XVIII century it was closed, but it is perfectly restored, and now Mont Saint-Michel is ready to welcome curious tourists.

If you are going to get from the capital, go to the Gare Montparnasse and get to Rennes. There is very easy access to the wonder of the island by bus.

Zamok Mon Sen-Mishel


In the XV century, this castle has become an integral part of the Loire valley. Yet in 1861, the architectural structure has not acquired the status of a monument, it was the abode of famous people. Father-in-law of Vauban, Seigneur d Ussé, his son Antoine – they all lived in the castle.

Building be named the "sleeping beauty castle", because writer Charles Pierrot took it into account during the creation of the work.

Each outline of the castle can be traced Gothic style. Visitors can see inside the wine cellar, the gallery of tapestries and the Church of St. Anna. Drive architectural structures just because the train to the Loire valley go often.


History architectural structures originates from the X century. It consisted of three parts, but later the Duke of Anjou joined the two of them.

This castle was not only a defensive structure but also a residence and even a prison. At the end of the XIX century the structure was in poor condition, and were able to adequately recover.

In the castle you can find a lot of buildings, they are Canids tower, chapel and the tower of Boissy. Architecture has a direct relationship with the traditions of the middle ages. All the walls are very durable, and facilities – high.

To get to the castle you can use the train from Paris. It is located in the famous Loire valley.

Zamok SHinon


The coucy castle towers over the valleys of the rivers Elet and Oise from the XII century. It has not undergone restoration since the mid-nineteenth century.

During the first world war soldiers from Germany ruined part of the castle that has angered the French, who considered this measure an act of vandalism. Later coucy was reconstructed.

The highlight of the castle – its extent and appearance. It looks harsh and brutal, because deprived of the elements belonging to the Empire style and Renaissance. Kusi is one hundred twenty-five kilometers from the homeland of the Eiffel tower, can be reached by train.


While the name implies not a full lock, and only project that has long been actively engaged in re-enactors.

Construction began at the end of the twentieth century. The idea belongs to Michel Guyot, who owns Saint-Fargeau. He's restored it.

The castle is interesting because the construction was carried out by using materials that are now extremely hard to get. For example, instead of cement mortar is applied a mixture of slaked lime and sand.

To get to attractions from the station to the Kon-sur-Loire station Mizhen.

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