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Monte Carlo on the world map: where and in what country of Europe is?

gde nahoditsya Monte-Karlo?

Where is Monte Carlo knows not everyone. It is the administrative territory (district or city) in the small Principality of Monaco. Despite the fact that Monte Carlo is a relatively small area, the area is considered one of the favorite places of tourists from around the world.

Monte Carlo on the world map and Europe

gorod na karte

A small town can be found not on every political map. Despite this, tourists it seems the whole country with its own laws and rules.

In what country is?

The administrative territory, usually called a district or city is located in the Principality of Monaco. Monte Carlo is of 0.29 km2. The city is located in the eponymous commune.

In Monte Carlo resides about three thousand people (according to some – a little more than three thousand).

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A bit of history

The year 1866 is the year of the founding of the city. In the mid-nineteenth century, the Principality faced a serious problem. The Treasury of Monaco was virtually empty. On the territory of a small Principality, it was impossible to develop the industry.

Princess Caroline decided to organize in the country the resort area for the wealthiest people in the world. And that the tourists left in Monaco more money, the state planned to open a gambling house.

istoricheskie svedeniya

The casino was established in 1863 with the support of françois Blanc, a French entrepreneur. Because on the gambling establishment was located at the foot of mount Charles, the city later became known as the Monte Carlo ("Monte" means "mountain").

The place where it was openly casino, did not differ special appeal and was not like the present city. However, the players were willing to move to the Principality. In some European countries, playing for money was strictly forbidden.

The modern building of the casino appeared only in the late 1870s. By the time gambling was brought to Monaco a considerable profit.

Soon, a small Principality became so rich that the ruling Grimaldi dynasty have been able to afford his subjects not to pay taxes.

A trip to the gambling capital

Too small an area of the Principality does not allow the construction of the airport. Tourists should be ready to get a transplant.

How to fly from Russia?

kak dobratsya iz Moskvy?

Direct flights from Moscow to Monte Carlo doesn't exist, despite the popularity of the route. In most cases the Russians are flying to nice (France), and from there get to Monaco. Direct flights Moscow - nice are companies "Aeroflot" and "Russia", the aircraft will fly from:

From St. Petersburg direct flights provides the airline "Russia". No direct flights are available from Moscow on the average lasts for about 4 hours, from St. PETERSBURG - 3 hours 50 minutes.

Flights to nice transfers will be slightly cheaper. Connecting flights offered by Air France, Aegean, Brussels Airlines, Belavia, S7, Turkish Airlines, Czech Airlines and others. The transplant is carried out in Dusseldorf, Athens, Prague, Minsk, Geneva, Brussels, Paris and other European cities.

Buy a plane ticket you can right here use this handy search form. Specify the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.


How to get from nice?

Between France and Monaco established bus service. You can get there on their own or rented transport.

Many tourists prefer to move by train. To get to the Principality from the train station in nice. Trains run every 10-20 minutes. The composition resides at the station of Monaco (Gare de Monaco). Promenade Monte-Carlo starts almost from the train station.

In order to legally stay on the territory of the Principality, Russian citizens need a visa.

What to do in the city of passion?

chto posetit?

The city's few attractions. But they will be of interest to foreign visitors.


The main attraction of the area is considered unusual Palace in eclectic style, built in the XIX century by the famous architect Charles Garnier. This building houses:

  1. Oceanographic Museum of Monaco;
  2. National Museum of fine arts;
  3. Opera "Garnier Hall";
  4. casino.

On the stage in the Palace were Sarah Bernhardt, Anna Pavlova and Feodor Chaliapin. Among the audience were many celebrities.

Casino has already become an important source of income for dwarf Principality. It is visited and the richest people on the planet, and less wealthy gamblers.

The first hall of the casino is designed for everyone. It does not require compliance with the dress code. But in order to play, not necessarily to be the owner of a multimillion-dollar state. However, the entertainment provided in the first room intended for a wealthy audience. There are conventional slot machines.

Roulette tables and other gambling games are located in other areas, a finding that requires compliance with the dress code. Women should be dressed in evening gowns, men – black tuxedos.

To get into the private room of the casino of Monte Carlo, only privileged guests.

Also, the city is not superfluous to visit:

  • The princely Palace - the residence of the princes of Monaco for seven centuries, one of the most luxurious palaces of Europe;
  • dostoprimechatelnosti stolicy azarta

  • Museum of vintage cars. Prince Rainier III is a passionate lover of cars in his collection there are about 100 cars of different eras;
  • restaurant "Louis XV" is the task of the hotel De Paris, built in the Baroque style;
  • the curve "Formula 1" - the only Speedway Grand Prix held on the streets of the city.


Despite the diminutive size of the state and Monte Carlo, the city is always a pleasure to taste.

  1. Shopping. Prices in Monaco are not democratic. The Principality is designed for solvent tourists. In Monte Carlo you can go shopping in the "Golden mile". So the area around the Palace.

    In local stores are the products of most famous brands.

    Owners of expensive boutiques quickly react to political and social events of the country. For example: before the Prince's wedding to evening dresses, which are willingly bought, guests invited to the celebration.

  2. Spa. Some tourists come to Monte Carlo for vacation or treatment in the balneological complex of the Monte-Carlo Sporting Club. The complex uses the latest equipment. Rehabilitation of patients engaged in highly qualified staff.

    Monte-Carlo Sporting Club is popular not only for those who really need serious treatment. Often come here to relax and rejuvenate. The complex is equipped with Spa, restaurants, pools and gyms.

  3. A beach holiday. The coast of the Mediterranean sea in Monte Carlo is well maintained and clear water. Every tourist will be able to find a stretch of coast for every taste: small and large or sandy. Walk down to the beach with a special lift.
  4. Sports and cultural events. In January, the Monte-Carlo circus festival organized. In the second half of the summer festival fireworks. The main event is getting rally "Monte-Carlo", which starts and finishes in the square in front of the casino.

A small town in Monaco gives its guests the opportunity to enjoy shopping or gambling, to improve your health in the balneological complex and sunbathe on the beach. Tourists who once visited in the most prestigious area of the Principality, eager to return here again and again.

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