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Where to relax in Ireland - sightseeing with photos and description

gde otdohnut v Irlandii - dostoprimechatelnosti

Ireland is an amazing country. There are no snakes and the calendar, autumn begins on 1 August. It is the only state, the coat of arms which depicts a musical instrument — the harp. Every year the country attracts more than 6 million tourists from different corners of the world.

Where to relax in Ireland?

Gde v strane mozhno otdohnut?

The nature of Ireland, upon meeting her, is much more picturesque than depicting her photos published in the brochures of travel companies.

Very popular among Europeans beer tours to Ireland. Many residents of Europe prefer spending time here on your vacation.

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The Irish capital is the city of Dublin, you can reach it better aircraft. Airlines operating in this direction, carried out from Russia direct flights.

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The first thing that catches the eye when visiting Dublin — a large number of not very sober people on the streets. But this could not spoil the overall good impression of the Irish capital.

The small size of the city give the Dublin spirit of provincialism. Its population is slightly more than 500 thousand people, together with suburbs the population totals 1.3 million citizens.

The main attraction of the city is Dublin castle. It represents the old fortress, which was built on the orders of king John of England Ireland. It happened in 1204.

The city is the book of Kells. This ancient manuscript with illustrations, written by Irish monks, kept in the library of Trinity College. Her age is more than 2800 years. To see it come to people from different countries of the world.

Among the popular places that tourists like to visit is the residence of the Lord mayor of Dublin. Date of construction of this monument relates to 1715.

In Dublin there are three main Cathedral:

  1. St. Patrick's;
  2. Of Christ The Savior;
  3. St. Francis.

The main resort areas and cities

kurortnyj rajon - Donegol

Ireland can offer visiting the country tourists a varied stay. There are all conditions for diving and surfing. Despite the fact that it is in the Northern latitudes, it is well developed beach holiday. A large number of people coming to Ireland to trade for good fishing.

The tourists were always interesting stories and secrets of ancient Irish castles and fortresses.

The most attractive sights of Ireland — County Donegal and the Abbey of Glendalough.

In addition to Dublin's popular with tourists and other cities in the country. Among them:

  • Birr. Known for their ancestral castle of the dynasty of Rous. The city is located in the County of Offley;
  • Belturbet. Every year they come to the city participants and spectators of the festival of the erne. It is Ireland's largest such event, reminiscent of the carnival;
  • Wexford. The world-famous resort. On it there are many unique architectural buildings. Among them, starchy churches and houses of unusual shape.

In each County of the country there are ancient castles, monasteries and the associated legends and mysteries. Many of them have lost their original purpose and were converted into hotels.

A beach holiday is widely distributed in the Western, South coast and East of the country. The EU blue flag awarded 7 beaches of County Donegal. The most famous of these places the beach Bundoran. Great beaches can be found in the County Mayo, and around Dublin.

Attractions - photos and description

Onpurchased at a local kiosk the map of Ireland sights can only be seen in English language guidebooks translated into Russian in the country is not provided.


pamyatnik Kaslstrendzh

In the country there are monuments which have national status. One of them is in the County of Roscommon, is known as the Stone Catlstring. It is a granite boulder that belongs to the Iron age. Like this stone there are still two instances. Located in the counties of Turua and Galway.

A large number of the monuments found in Dublin. Among them are the monuments of world - famous people:

  • Oscar Ujalu;
  • Michael Collins;
  • James Joyce.

Temples, churches, cathedrals

The largest Irish Cathedral was erected in honor of the revered in the country of St. Patrick. It was built in Dublin in the place where according to legend he drew the inhabitants of the country to the Christian faith.

One time Dean of St. Patrick's was Jonathan swift, who wrote a book about the adventures of Gulliver.

Another magnificent building in Dublin is Christ Church. It is considered the best in the capital. The structure includes two Protestant Cathedral. Currently, it stands at the heart of the old part of the city. The Cathedral was built in 1031. It was built according to the decree of the king of the Vikings Striga Silkenbeard.

English Earl Richard de Clare in 1172 built in Dublin stone Cathedral, notable for the fact that combined in its architecture the styles of early classicism and English Gothic.

Architectural structure

arhitekturnyj mayak

One of the interesting monuments in the country - Newgrange. This structure in terms of age, older than the Egyptian pyramids. Newgrange is a place of worship not only for the Irish. His real purpose is not solved to our days.

In Dublin built the world's tallest lighthouse. He is known as the Dublin needle.

Is unique Cable-stayed Samuel Beckett bridge. The building, named after the famous Irish writer, connects the river Liffey in Dublin. With a length of 125 m and width of 45 m it is capable of pivoting by 90 degrees.

In the country according to various estimates is 3.5 thousand old FORTS. Their stone walls attract the attention of many tourists. The most famous castle in the country — Blarney. It is located near Cork. It is only one tall tower surrounded by a fortified wall with many small turrets.


The main Museum of the country — the national marine. His exposition is devoted to the journeys of explorers. The Museum contains a large number of artifacts.

14 km from Dublin, is the tower, which is the number of such 34 fortified buildings. It is arranged in the Museum's James Jones. The writer became famous for his novels about the second world war.

The interest of tourists cause, and the Dublin museums such as the"Old jameson distillery" and the State Museum of heraldry. And Waterford is no less interesting Museum of treasures.

Gardens, parks

The climate of Ireland, thanks to the Gulf stream, allows having beautiful gardens and parks.

In the South of the country you can see exotic plants brought from the subtropics. You can see citrus, Magnolia, and even palm trees.

The main Park in the capital of the state. In the National Botanical gardens collected plants, brought from different countries of the world.

All the gardens and parks of Ireland were created in different historical epochs. This is reflected in their appearance. The most famous of them:

  1. Killruddery;
  2. Darrin's;
  3. The Walt disney world.

Natural attractions

prirodnye skaly Moher

The main natural gem of Ireland: the geographical region of Connemara. This area has preserved its pristine beauty. There are many valleys and swamps. In Connemara saved all folk traditions.

Another highlight of Ireland — cliffs of Moher. They are up to 214 metres, and the length along the coast of the Atlantic ocean are 8 km away. This unique monument of nature is located in County Clare. In 1487, in this Cathedral under the name of Edward VI was crowned the pretender Lambert was Simnel.

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What else to see?

Lovers of beautiful natural scenery worth visiting the Valley of Glendalough. This is a unique place in Ireland. It is known for its monastery, the construction of which belongs to the sixth century and pristine lakes. Here built a large number of cozy hotels. Tourists Glendalough is of high interest.


Inthe capital would be fun to visit the local zoo, wildlife Park, learn all about Viking life and relax in the Metropolitan water Park.

Also in Dublin with a child should definitely look into the St Stephen's green and an amazing Museum of Leprechauns.

A memorable experience can stay with children after a visit to the Park-entertainment Funderland. It is located in Cork. He's smaller than Disneyland, but no less interesting.

One day

The best tour one day — trip to Dublin. Here is concentrated the largest number of attractions that you can visit in one day. Night in Dublin can be enjoyed in the famous Irish pubs.

A nature lover can take a trip on the route "ring of Kerry". The so-called route in the country, which is popular with foreign tourists. Its length is 160 km, it Takes place on a good road along the coast of the Peninsula Iverach. The itinerary includes a visit to torc waterfall and to the Franciscan monastery.

Of particular interest are the Ross Castle, lakes of Killarney and some other significant places in Ireland.

See a video review of the most beautiful sights Ireland: