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The sights of Germany: what to see in Baden-Baden - photo

dostoprimechatelnosti Baden-Badena

Baden-Baden – a miniature German town, known for its beauty far beyond the borders of the country. On its territory there are monuments of history and culture, museums and interesting places, familiarity with which will bring pleasant experience.

A lot of iconic places exist outside of Baden-Baden sights of nature and the legendary Wellness sources.

Tourism in Baden-Baden

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Baden-Baden has a modest size, and its main attractions and the bright spots are very compact – they are conveniently grouped on different historical neighborhoods.


Almost every city in Germany is a unique place with its "highlight" – a recognizable architecture, monuments of history and culture. Baden-Baden – is no exception, as this settlement, its architecture and hot springs for many centuries attracted to their vast European aristocracy.

Baden-Baden can be found on the South-West of Germany. The city decorates the river OS, and it is situated at a height of 112-1003 meters above sea level. Its borders are close to the territory of France, extending on the Western slope of the mountains of the black forest.

Land is considered one of the most picturesque and rich in Baden-Wurtemburg.

Despite the fact that the city is one of the smallest in Germany, with a population of 54000 people, he is known all over Europe. In the XVII century, it has earned a reputation as a first-class resort. Since then, his attraction only grew. For tourists from the different countries it has become an ideal destination for versatile tourism.

The main sightseeing areas

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All the attractions of Baden-Baden can be bypassed for 1 day if you know exactly what areas are ideal for Hiking. Strolling through the historical areas of the city, along the way you can meet the baths, museums, Christian and Catholic churches, museums and monuments dedicated to the legendary personalities.

Among such places were the most popular areas are:

  • alley Kaiser;
  • street Solistrasse;
  • Lichtentaler Allee.

Traditionally, the journey to Baden-Baden starts at the Central square of the city – Leopold square. Then the route goes to the Lichtentaler alley, where you can walk, enjoying the views that impressed the wealthiest and most famous men in Europe.

Clicking on the old bridge over the river OS, you can be on Augustaplatz – another historic square, named after the wife of king William I. From this point all the fans of nature go outside the city to the mountain Merkur, or to the ancient ruins of the old castle.

Attractions with photos

The history of Baden-Baden began a long time ago – in the days when the Romans founded the small town and the baths. It happened around the first century BC.

Since then it has survived a lot of monuments, starting with the Celtic temples and ending the knight's castles.

Architectural structures

Arhitektura Starogo zamka

One of the oldest historic buildings in Baden-Baden – the Old castle – complex, which was built here in the XII century. For many centuries this building has been home to the rulers – just as long as it is not died in the fire.

In our days the ruins on the mountain top became the hallmark of the city and its main attraction. On top of the ruins set 120-string Aeolian harp. When the wind starts to blow, then this tool emits apleasant musical sounds.

Another landmark of Baden-Baden New castle – the residence of the kings, built in the XV century instead of burned. Her beauty travelers can be assessed only outside, because inside is a hotel, a tour of the halls of the former rulers are not held.

Strolling through Baden-Baden, on the way you can meet:

  1. The Kurhaus , a famous casino where Dostoyevsky lost all his fortune and property of his wife;
  2. The Festspielhaus concert Palace, designed in the sumptuous neo-classical style.

To have an idea of how beautiful the architecture Baden-Baden, it is enough to know the fact that in historical times the city was called the"summer capital of Europe". At the same time, Paris served as the winter capital.

Religious buildings

Baden-Baden is decorated with ancient temples and monasteries – structures built several centuries ago. It should be noted that there are not only Catholic buildings and Orthodox churches.

From the middle of the XIX century Russian nobility and creative people love to visit these places, going for treatment.

religioznoe stroenie SHtadtkirhe

There was Gogol, Dostoevsky, Goncharov and Turgenev, and many of them stayed at this resort for a long time. Residents sympathetic to Russian tourists. In hotels one can often hear Russian speech from the wait staff, and the streets were built Orthodox churches.

In Baden-Baden among the religious monuments worth noting:

  • The Russian Church;
  • the monastery of Lichtenthal;
  • Church of Stadtkirche;
  • the Church, the Stiftskirche.

The first religious building in Baden-Baden was built in the XIII century. The stiftskirche built in the Romanesque style, but over the centuries it was rebuilt and modified several times. As with many ancient cities, on the roof of this structure is an observation deck, which offers superb views of the city.


Monuments in Baden-Baden sometimes located in unexpected places. For example, a monument to Bismarck , the first Chancellor of the German Empire, who visited Baden-Baden in the period from 1845 to 1865, hidden between two houses and facing their corner.

With such an unexpected location has an interesting history. Despite the fact that the Chancellor caused the inhabitants of Germany a positive attitude, he banned the casino. In casino served as almost the main source of income, therefore, the inhabitants of Baden-Baden is not very good took this decision.

In Baden-Baden it is possible to meet the monument of F. Dostoevsky – Russian writer, who in ancient times lost all his fortune and property of his wife at a local casino. The monument represents the image of the writer, who stands on a globe. This sculpture represents the passion of the author to gambling and its instability.

pamyatnik Dostoevskomu

Among other interesting sculptures worth noting:

  1. monument to Empress Elizabeth;
  2. the elegant complex of fountains in modern style.

The fountains are located in the heart of the Park of roses. The most beautiful of them is the Josephine fountain is a structure in which the goldfish and water lilies.

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The real pride of Baden-Baden – its museums – the historic warehouse arts, which are hiding a rare and exquisite exhibits. In the first place, many tourists is of interest to Faberge Museum – the only of its kind, located only in the city. Among the collection of exhibits of special interest are 700 eggs, also items depicting the life and work of a Russian jeweller.

With the masterpieces of famous artists, can be seen at the Museum Frieder Burda. It was named in honor of the patron, whose collection was the basis for this institution.

muzej Fridera Burdy

The building, which was designed by the brilliant architect Richard Meier that blends perfectly with the local landscape. Inside display rare works:

  • Pablo Picasso;
  • Jackson Pollock;
  • Mark Rothko;
  • Gerhard Richter and many others.

History and culture are available in the Museum of Baden-Baden. It was opened in 1892, and you can find it on the lichtenthaler Allee. Among the collection of exhibits of interest objects from the Roman to the modern time.

What else to see and where to go?

Among the attractive placescan interest every tourist, especially memorable is the magnificent nature of the region and its genuine treasure – the thermal springs.

Natural objects

To explore the natural beauty of the city, enough to visit at Lichtentaler Allee Avenue is a unique beautiful spot, the walks which bring great pleasure. It is ideal for walks and reflection, and also for Cycling. To this attraction is adjacent to the magnificent rose garden.

Another attractive place in Baden-Baden – Merkur mountain – the elevation, climb to the cable car and funicular. With a height of 700 meters, offer magnificent views of the city and its surrounding landscapes.

Hot springs

Rimskie termalnye istochniki

The healing springs of Baden-Baden was discovered about 2 thousand years ago. Since then, this place was designated as the thermal Spa – one of the best in Europe for royalty and aristocracy.

Local baths – a real masterpiece of architecture, as they are decorated with stucco, frescoes and statues.

The city has 12 baths with Wellness water that rises from the depths of 1800 meters. Its temperature is +58 and 68 degrees. In the baths you can take a complex procedure or just stop by to drink a small portion of thermal water. Only a day is recommended to use not more than the glass.

The most famous baths of Baden-Baden:

  1. Caracalla – complex built in 1985;
  2. Trinkhalle — old pavilion erected in 1842;
  3. The Friedrichsbad is a structure that looks like a Palace of kings.

We should also mention the Roman baths, or rather what was left of them. You can find them in the heart of the city's Market square. Structures were built for healing wounds of the Roman legionaries. They consisted of baths for nobility – Emperor, as well as of buildings a little easier – soldier. In both of the baths had hot and cold water, and on each side were located two pools.

The Roman therms are constantly held interesting excursions, during which you can get acquainted with the remnants of baths, a heating system, rooms and other things. On the floor were part of the mosaic and other decorative elements.

Baden-Baden is the perfect place for a versatile stay. Tourists can improve their health in the baths, to visit the ancient sights and museums, and relax in nature.

We encourage you to watch a video about the history, culture and attractions Baden-Baden: