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Germany: the sights of the city of Bremen for the day - photo and description

dostoprimechatelnosti Bremena

Bremen attractions which amaze the imagination is quiet and cozy German town. Once upon a time its streets, decorated with architectural objects, inspired legendary writers on their best stories. In our time in these places tourists love taking a walk, studying the history, culture and traditions of the city.

Brief about the city

svedeniya o gorode vkratce

Bremen is one of the oldest cities in Germanyfounded during the middle Ages. It originated in the year 787, and the construction started according to the decree of Charlemagne.

The king wanted to build on this territory of the bishopric, therefore, immediately after the founding, the city became the center of Christianity.

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Bremen is a coastal citylocated on the banks of the scenic river Weser. At the time of its inception, it was a small fishing village, but due to the fact that in 60 km from the settlement the river flows into the White sea, soon the city became the second largest port in the country – just after Hamburg.

Bremen itself can be found on the map of Germany in the Northern part of the country. Over the centuries of its existence it received the status of capital of the homonymous land. Its expanse is a major airport which receives domestic flights from the German cities and several European cities - Paris, Istanbul, Monastir and Antalya.

The main tourist areas

glavnye ekskursionnye rajony

In Bremen interest from several tourist areas. First and foremost, you should visit the Old town – Alipate is a storehouse of monuments of history and architecture.

This area is located on the East Bank of the Weser river, and once served as the main venue for the construction of the first administrative buildings, which later were taken important decisions about the fate of the city and its residents.

In this place are interesting areas:

  • Market square;
  • street Bederstrasse;
  • the Schnoor quarter;
  • the harbour is the Schlachte.

In Bremen you can travel by ground transport or subway, but the best option is a walk through this fabulous city.

Attractions - names with the German translation

dostoprimechatelnye obekty na nemeckom s perevodom

Despite the small size of Bremen, its expanse is found an incredible number of interesting places, including architectural masterpieces – administrative buildings, fishing lodges, taverns and private houses, cultural and historical objects, as well as the green zone.

Architectural buildings - description and photos

Any walk through the Bremen starts with a visit to the heart of the city – the Market square – the Central place where all the architectural structures rich in history.

  1. The most vivid of them – Bremen town hall (Bremer Rathaus) – a monument of the XV century, made in lush and beautiful "Weser Renaissance".

    Initially, the building was attended by the Gothic elements, but in the XVII century it was rebuilt and left unchanged to the present day. In our days the tourists have an opportunity not only to admire the building from the outside, but walk through its rooms, visit the wine cellar and learn a little history of those times.

    It is worth noting that the old building is still used for the purpose of –in one of his offices every day works, the Mayor and Senate of Bremen Republic takes important decisions. The room is decorated with frescoes and stucco, antique furniture and illustrations of famous stories.

  2. Near Bremen city hall is a new building, extending a sharp contrast to other structures – the Parliament of Bremen (Haus de Burgerschaft).

    It was built in 1966 in modern style – with tall glass Windows, spacious rooms and high ceilings. Old building destroyed during the bombing in 1943, and in its place was built a new tremendous amount.

  3. arhitektura parlamenta

  4. Next door is another architectural monument – a concert hall "the Bell" (Gloke). This name he received, thanks to a bizarre mind – its shape it resembles a bell.
  5. After the war, this building was recognized as one of the best musical centers of Europe, because inside the building there is a unique phonics and unusual atmosphere.

Walking through the historic streets of Bederstrasse (Bottcherstrasse), departing from the Market square, along the way you can find a few typical ancient Bremen houses in which still living people, museums and cafes. Among these structures, in particular authentic looks like the House Ludwig Roselius (Roseliushaus) and casino Bremen (Bremen city centre).

The historic Schnoor quarter (Das Schnoor) is a place with a unique atmosphere of the middle Ages. In the area there is historic architecture and charming buildings of the XIII and XVI centuries, the appearance of which managed to retain or recover after the war. Thanks to the efforts of the residents of Bremen, tourists can stroll between the houses, where once lived fishermen and poor people.

This area is more reminiscent of architecture from fairy tales of the brothers Grimm and it was he who inspired the authors to write their history. Walking through it, you should look into the building of the old tavern 1630 construction, located on the street Statendam.

Religious buildings

Individual attention, ancient cathedrals Bremen – religious architecture from different centuries.

On the Market square is the famous Bremen Cathedral (Bremer Dom) is a Church with a 900-year history. At different times, this old building belonged to different faiths – there were Lutheran and Catholic services. Today, the temple is a monument of history and place, a panoramic view of the city.

stroenie Bremenskogo sobora

Bremen Cathedral is decorated in the Gothic style. The building was built in the VIII century, but since then it was rebuilt several times, and the final appearance gained only in the XVI century. Its distinguishing feature are the two towers with a height of 100 meters. In the crypt was found 90 mummies, 9 of which are stored here until now.

Next to Bremen Cathedral is even more ancient temple – the Church of our lady (Liebfrauenkirche) is a structure with a millennial history. Inside the building is in excellent preserved ancient frescoes.


It is difficult to imagine a walk around Bremen without a fascinating introduction of its legendary monuments. The most important of them – the sculpture of Roland, brighten up the center of the Market square. These statues were installed in different cities of Europe, as they represented freedom and the opportunity to trade without high taxes.

In Bremen is the largest of the statues of Roland is 5.47 m, and its origin is connected many stories and legends. According to one of them, while the figure will stand still, city will be free. Even during the war, the locals tried every means to preserve the monument from destruction.

Another omen of no less interesting – the distance between the knees of Roland – the standard measure of length. Everyone who bought something in the Market square could come up to the statue and try on buy, to understand, not tricked him.

Many monuments in Bremen are linked to the fairy tales of the brothers Grimm:

  • The Bremen town musicians;
  • The swineherd.

pamyatnik skazke

Next to the monument of the Bremen town musicians is "the Bremen hole" – a monument disguised as a regular hatch.

If you throw in one of the holes a coin of 1 Euro, you can hear the sounds the characters in the Quartet.

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Museum complexes

Fans of the cultural life of Bremen will delight in the museums of the city. Its expanse is as the repository of ancient objects and displays with a rich collection of modern exhibits. The largest number of museums is located on Backerstrasse.

The most interesting museums of Bremen:

  1. the Museum Paula modersohn-Becker;
  2. Maritime Museum Spicarium;
  3. EthnographicMuseum;
  4. Natural science Museum.

Paintings of famous artists of past centuries (Monet, Picasso, Rubens, Goya and Rembrandt) can be seen by visiting the Museum Kunsthalle (Kunsthalle).

Where else can I go?

chto eshe posetit?

The sights of Bremen is not only the architecture and museums, but also natural beauty and various sights within walking distance.

Beautiful natural objects

Enjoy the natural sights of Bremen can be accomplished by visiting local parks, harbour and Marina. One of my favorite scenic places for tourists and residents is located on the banks of the river Weser. Harbor the Schlachte (Schlachte), founded at the same time, the city and the promenade going along it fascinate with its natural beauty at any time of the day.

In the district of horn (Horn) is a green rhododendron Park and Botanical garden. In these solitary places, available in the warm season, you can leisurely stroll, following between diverse natural landscapes.

What to see in 1 day?

To meet Bremen in one day, it is enough to visit the Market square is a historical place with lots of iconic landmarks. You should definitely get acquainted with the symbols of the city – the statue of Roland and the Bremen town musicians.

Definitely worth it to overcome the 265 stairs, Bremen, temple, to see the city at a glance.

If the travelers are children, then you should look at the Universum Museum, where you can see interactive exhibits, but also touch them and check their work.

A true work of art is street Bederstrasse – she was built at the expense of a rich merchant, and each building is a real masterpiece. Here you can sit in a café and try the local cuisine or stroll through the souvenir shops.

See this video overview of the sights of Bremen: