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City Germany Hamburg map, photos and description of attractions

dostoprimechatelnosti Gamburga

Hamburg is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Europe. It seamlessly combines historical monuments, museums and huge malls. The history of this city is a reflection of its freedom-loving spirit. Once in the beginning of the XIX century in the Napoleonic occupation of the city quite quickly able to restore their own sovereignty.

Modern Hamburg cherishes the memory of the past, despite the fact that is the metropolis that is sometimes called a city-state, it is not surprising, because he has his own unique anthem.

The rich tradition of the city gave the world the famous musicians, among them Mendelssohn – author of the famous wedding March, and TheBeatles the fab four, the beginning of which is associated with one of Hamburg.

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Hamburg on the map in Russian language

Gamburg na karte Germanii na russkom yazyke

Geographically, Hamburg is located in the Delta of the river Elbe in the North sea, which provided him the most important seaport, the fourth largest river port in Europe. Hamburg ranks first in population in the ranking of European non-capital cities.

What is a country?

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany after the capital of Berlin. Its official status of the city-state due to the fact that it is located on one of the Federal States of the country.

This status is reflected in its full name: the Free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg, the origin of which is connected with its historic past, namely participation in the creation of the Hanseatic League.


Hamburg is famous for its attractions. For example, the total number of bridges in the city exceeds the sum of all the bridges of London, Amsterdam and Venice, providing Hamburg the undisputed world leader. It also is a huge number of theatres and museums, the latter has about a hundred!

Today, this city is a major industrial and commercial center of the country, he is known as a metropolis, pretentious skyscrapers. Despite this, he managed to keep the green look created by numerous parkland and two major Botanical gardens, whose collection includes rare exhibits of European and Asian countries.

The sights of Hamburg and the surrounding area - photos and description

To touch the rich historical past of this city in different ways:

  • While walking on a boat on the river channels of the city;
  • On the tourist bus or private car;
  • Hiking route along quiet streets, beautiful parks, embankments settled down in a cosy café.


pamyatnik Bismarku

  • One of the most famous historical monuments of the city is the Bismarck Monument, established in 1906 on a small hill in the Park of the Elbe. Initially, the leadership of the city was frowned upon the idea to erect a monument to Otto Bismarck, gained the contradictory attitude of the residents.

    The main condition of the contest sculptors, trying to create the layout of the monument, the goal was to exalt itself Germany in the shape of an outstanding Chancellor. The competition was won by architect I. Schaudt and sculptor G. Lederer. According to their project, O. Bismarck appeared in the form of a huge statue of Roland, famous in historical manuscripts as the best knight of the troops of Charlemagne.

  • Unfortunately, the monument was badly damaged by bombing Second world war, but today it can be seen in restored form, is practically restored to its original appearance.

  • An unusual monument in the form of a fountain wasbuilt in 1900 by sculptor Tube of bronze. It is called the Fountain of Shtulman in honor of Guenter Shtulman, who owned a gas company, for his charitable donations. The composition is the battle of the centaurs for the production of fish that is a symbol of struggle with Hamburg independent in the time region of Hamburg for freedom.

Churches and cathedrals

cerkov Svyatogo YAkoba

The world-famous iconic architecture of Hamburg. It is a huge number of beautiful cathedrals and churches.

  • According to General recognition, symbol of the city is St. Michael's Church. It is a reflection of the Baroque style, is remembered as an unusually high 132-meter tower Michel. Above her the clock is a Playground for review, which offers a magnificent view of the expanses of the river Elbe, Alster lake and the city skyline.
  • One of the main churches of the Lutheran faith is the Church of St. Jacob. It is located in the city centre. It is easily recognized from afar by the towering 125-foot tower.
  • The Church of Jacob was founded in the Middle ages, when it was only a small chapel. Later was built up to a massive Gothic Cathedral.

  • The Cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of the city is St. Mary's Cathedral. It is a building of the XIX century, designed in the Romanesque style. The interior walls are decorated with frescoes and mosaics, the services are under the sound of the organ.

Gardens and parks

Botanicheskij sad

  • Hamburg is widely known throughout the world for its Botanical gardenthat grew on the site of the annual flower show. It contains trees, shrubs and flowers from around the world. Is especially proud of its Rose garden, famous for the fact that it blooms nearly three hundred different varieties of beautiful roses.
  • Botanical garden famous Japanese garden and miniature gardens: Chinese, peasants, the Bible, as well as rock gardens. Collected plants in them correspond to the content of their subject matter.

  • Another delightful Park of Hamburg is located right on the main square near the train station and is called "Plants and flowers". In it you can admire walking on the footpath, Japanese, Apothecary garden, the rose garden. It contains a unique collection of Park, flowerbed, hybrid tea roses, and today the Park enjoys the love and popularity among both tourists and locals.
  • Architectural structure

    Arhitekturnaya ratusha

    One of the main architectural attractions of Hamburg is the town hall. Its building was completely destroyed during a fire in the XIX century, and then rebuilt again in neo-Renaissance style. Today this building is the business card of the city. On its facade are 20 statues of famous emperors. Hall staggers the imagination with luxury of its interiors. It is the seat of the municipality and city Parliament.

    Two historic buildings located on the street Kreienkamp that have a common name House 20 widows or House-keepers. It was designed for widowed women – ex-wives of members Kremerata that were part of a Guild of shopkeepers who traded in the XVII century, spices, tea, coffee, etc., the Guild took care of women, paid them a small pension. Today, in a historic building, there are small shops, a Museum, a restaurant.


    To visit all the museums of Hamburg will have to visit the city more than once.

    • One of the most significant among the variety of museums is the Gallery of the Kunsthalle. Its main exhibit presents the works of the Hamburg masters Baroque.
    • Of great importance Bertram altar and the altar of St. Thomas - paintings of the Middle ages.

    • Experience the culture of this city in the Museum of history. The exhibition presents his historical past throughout twelve centuries during which the small fortress has become a major European port city.
    • Art lovers will be able to appreciate in Hamburg work not only of past masters, but also to get acquainted in the Gallery of modern art with the works of artists of our days. This building has an unusual cubic form, which at the time was the cause of heated debate.


    Prirodnoe ozero Alster

    The real pride of Hamburg is the attraction of the natural environment – the lake Alster, which, meanwhile, has an artificial origin. Here every day like to come to relax themselves the people of Hamburg to take a boat ride or catch in its waters fish, admire the night lights of the city and fountains. Along its picturesque shores stretch out in a luxurious Villa – it is in this placeprefer to live the local business elite.

    What else to see?

    Arriving in Hamburg, you should definitely look at its famous Opera house is one of the oldest theaters in Europe, whose activities are closely related to the birth of the national Opera. Despite the fact that for more than 300-year history of the appearance of the building changed dramatically, it has not lost its value as an important European cultural centre in our days.

    In addition to museums and theatres in and around the city is filled with ancient castles. The oldest of them, built in the XII century is the Bergedorf Castle. It looks very much like a powerful fortress – a fortification with a double moat and massive towers. Signs of pomp, elegance, or luxury, it is not found.

    Nowadays, the castle serves as a Museum complex for regular exhibitions, a concert hall and even a place for romantic ceremonies of mix marriage.

    The self-guided tour

    samostoyatelnaya ekskursiya v muzej specij

    To feel the taste of Hamburg you can visit its famous Fish market – the place where for more than 300 years, local fishermen sell their catch. Today, in addition to fish you can buy a variety of clothes, food and Souvenirs. This place is ideal for Sunday walks.

    Extensive sea when Hamburg brought him in close contact not only with the countries of Europe, but also Asia. In the Museum of Spices you can feel the subtle flavors of the East and purchase these fine subtle weave carpets.

    Traditions of German brewing art are presented in Hamburg the famous brand, produced in the Brewery Holsten. Here is a beer here for over a hundred years. Currently, its doors are open to visitors who can explore the secrets of the production process.

    We recommend you to watch a video about the Park that can be explored on foot:

    With a child

    Deciding to visit Hamburg with your children, do not for a minute doubt that they'll be able to spend this time with great interest.

    1. The whole family will definitely bring a lot of delight a visit to a large theme Park HeidePark. It is not only numerous attractions, but also a fantastic country where you can see the electronic theatre of the birds, the parrots and alligators. It has its own Dolphinarium, Museum of wax figures. Restaurants and cafes will offer dishes from European cuisine to the exotic.
    2. Very popular among tourists and locals enjoys the Hamburg Zoo Hagenbeck, which is considered one of the largest in Europe. Here animals have enclosures that reproduce the natural habitat. You can participate in feeding them or ride them.
    3. No doubt any child will be delighted by a visit to the "Aquarium adventure", where you can be in the atmosphere of wild jungles, ancient caves or the depths of the tropical sea.

      v zoopark Hagenbeka s rebenkom

    4. An unusual tour that will delight both adults and children, will give a lot of impressions in Miniature Wonderland. It is the largest in the world layout, designed to the smallest detail. Here are, in miniature, country: Germany, Scandinavia, Austria, America, Switzerland. Any of the scenes you can animate the button and see the result piece of work of masters in the movement of little men going to work, playing football, flying on the plane.
    5. A Paradise for the sweet tooth is located in the heart of the city's chocolate Museum. It is possible to learn about the secrets of making the famous chocolate company products Hachez, tastings and, if desired, be the inventor's own chocolates.

    To list all attractions of Hamburg is almost impossible. This magnificent city you need to visit on your own, to touch its history and traditions, to feel the authentic unique culture and to feel its proud free spirit.