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Photos and description of attractions: Nuremberg fortress, etc.

dostoprimechatelnosti Nurnberga

Most of the inhabitants of the planet of the Bavarian city of Nuremberg is famous due to held in this famous trial over the leaders of Nazi Germany. Also attracts the attention of tourists to it and an annual fair, which was held in the Christmas period. It was called "Christkindlesmarkt", which means "market of the infant Jesus".

Nuremberg on the map

Gorod na karte

To find the hotel in Bavaria. It is located in the southern part of the German lands. In determining the place for its construction, the choice was stopped on the banks of the river Pegnitz. One with the Nuremberg agglomeration includes Fruit, Schwabach, and Erlangen.

Nuremberg is South of Munich. The distance between two cities is 170 km. 200 km on southwest from the city there is Frankfurt am main.


No one of the ruling German dynasty, which would not be connected with Nuremberg. This was the reason that the city became known as "the Treasure of the Empire". Mention of the city can be found in sources Dating back to 1050.

Nuremberg is one of the most interesting cities in Europe. It placed the hero of his tale of "the Nutcracker" Hoffman.

Prime location helped Nuremberg in the early years Foundation to develop rapidly and to expand their borders. The period of its heyday of Nuremberg falls on the XV-XVI century. In this time there lived and worked many world famous personalities. Among them - an ingenious German artist Albrecht dürer and poet Hans Sachs. A resident of the city was Martin Baham. He invented the globe. Philipp Melanchthon founded the first Academy in Germany.

In the city's history is not so pleasant facts. In the first half of the twentieth century it held the first Congress of the German national socialists. The city had a special love Hitler. In 1935 the "Nuremberg Laws" excluded Jews from participation in the life of Germany. It is symbolic that in the city the birth of Nazism was performed on him by the Tribunal. Modern Nuremberg is a city of human rights protection. This is the most "German" city of Bavaria.

The main sightseeing places

The city's main attractions are concentrated in its old part. The main historical object located in the area — the Nuremberg fortress.

The most popular tourist route is the "Historical mile". It was opened in 2005 and runs through all the main sights of the city.

The sightseeing tours included visits to the neighborhoods of the city. One of them came in fürth, Schwabach, Burgfarrnbach and other cities surrounding nürnberg.

Attractions - photos and description

Among the sights of Nuremberg you can meet absolutely different in subject and time of appearance of the objects.


Pamyatnik zajcu

An amazing story connected with the monument installed in the city in the XV century the usual cobbler Hans Sachs. During the bombing in 1945 he alone of all the buildings in my town managed to survive. Known Saks not only the fact that he was a shoemaker. During his life he managed to write many songs, plays and was the author of nearly 2000 well-known aphorisms.

The name Sachs has been immortalized in the Opera by Wagner called "die Meistersinger von nürnberg".

On the square, the dürer is a monument to the great German artist. His visit is included in the "Historical route". The cast bronze pedestal was made by the German sculptor Rowhome.

Square Tiergartnertorplatz installed the original bronze sculpture of a hare of work of jürgen Gertz. She came to town in 1984 and is a parody of the graphic work of dürer.

Among the monuments of Nuremberg is also necessary to look at:

  • "Ship of fools". The monument is dedicated to the work of the famous German satirist SebastianBrunt;
  • Sculpture Job. The character of the old Testament, reminds citizens about the importance of belief in God.


Cerkov Svyatogo Lavrentiya

In Nuremberg, the four most important churches:

  1. The Church Of The Virgin Mary. It was built in 1349 on the site of the destroyed during the Jewish pogrom the Synagogue. The last restoration was experienced in 2003;
  2. St. Lawrence's Church. The Church was built in the Middle ages. It has the largest organ in Germany;
  3. The Church Of St Sebald. The biggest and the oldest Lutheran Church in the city;
  4. Church Of St. Catherine. This Church was consecrated in the end of XIII century, as the arrival of the Dominican convent.

All Church buildings were destroyed in the bombing during the Second world war and had experienced more than one serious restoration and a long recovery period.

There are in Nuremberg and the Church of St. Xenia of St. Petersburg, which belongs to the Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church of Moscow.


In Nuremberg quite a lot of parks and gardens with unique architectural ensembles. The most famous of these gardens surrounded by the castle Kaiserburg. They are very popular with locals and tourists. Here you can find a century old lime tree, planted by the Empress Kuniguda.

One of the interesting little parks in the city - Rathenaupark. Broken he was in Nuremberg for over 200 years. The Versailles orangery reminiscent of Baroque gardens. They are on the street Johannesstrasse. On their territory there are a large number of sculptures, a fountain and a sundial.

In the North-Eastern part of the city you will find a city Park. Notable is the fact that a copy of the fountain known as "Neptune" is in Peterhof.

White bear flock and Dolphinarium is famous for the Nuremberg zoo. It was built using the natural landscape and occupies an area of 67 ha. for the placement selected was a hill near the old part of the city.

Architectural structure

arhitekturnaya Nurnbergskaya krepost

Despite the fact that Nuremberg was destroyed during the war by 90%, almost all the important historical objects were recovered.

Very interesting architectural buildings of the city are its houses on the water.

One of the most famous of these is the building was erected in the XIV century, where once stood a hospice of St. Spirit. It treated the sick and the needy.

Not inferior to this structure of beauty and a house on the water, known as the Weinstadel. It was built under the leprosarium. Together with the old water tower and the bridge of Crying these houses form a beautiful urban ensemble.

The most important historical and architectural monument of the city is Nuremberg castle. It consists of two FORTS — Imperial and Bolgarskoi. The object is located on a cliff top, towering above the old part of the city. Behind the walls of the fortress gardens.

Worth a visit and beautiful castles of Nuremberg. The hallmark of the city became Burg. The construction of this magnificent structure date back to the XI century.


Outside of the city had long since left the fame of the Nuremberg fountains. The most famous - "Married carousel", "Beautiful fountain" and "the Man with the geese". Each of them has its own amazing story buildings. Fountain with geese appeared on the site of the former market, named in honor of the poultry in the XVI century.

"Married carousel" represents the 6 virtues. His second name "Tangent". The unique structure has been built to remind the citizens about such things as Love, Faith, Hope, Temperance, Courage and Patience. "Beautiful fountain", according to local legend, fulfills the desire of those who touches him.


muzej igrushek

  • The city's main Museum — the German national. In his collection there are more than 1.3 million exhibits. Among them are musical instruments. The Museum regularly hosts concerts of the leading artists of Germany.
  • The highlight of the nürnberg was the toy Museum. During its existence it was visited by over 4 million people.
  • Interesting composition organized in the Railway Museum.

Also among the most visited museums of dürer and the Nuremberg trials.

What else should I see?

Every year the city hosts many different festivals. One of them "Rock Am Ring". It is the biggest rock festival in Germany, held under the open sky.

The most fun and popular in the city festivals, Volksfest beer and folklore Altstadtfest. Opera lovers gather at Gluchowska festival.

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One day

From the gate station in the old part of town begins on the path of the"Historical mile". After it is possible to see the main attractions of the city. It begins from the gate of the city wall.

In terms of tour visiting 35 historical sites. Among them the House of Pilate, House-Museum-dürer-Haus, the Church of St. Sebald and other historical objects.


When visiting the city with children you can not miss the zoo. It has a children's amusement Park.

More children will be interesting Dolphinarium, which was built at the zoo in 1971. Funded the construction of local resident Max Hintermayr.

Exciting for the children will visit the toy Museum and Park "Playmobil". Is "Playmobil" in the suburbs of Nuremberg Brandstatterstrasse.

It is also worth to include in the program stay interesting performances, which are held in the children's theater Pfütze.

We recommend you to watch videos about Nuremberg, from which you will learn about the history of the city and its attractions: