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Germany: Potsdam attractions - what to see in one day?

dostoprimechatelnosti Potsdama

One of the most beautiful cities in the Federal Republic of Germany is considered to be Potsdam. A small ancient town at the outskirts of Berlin is renowned for its opulent palaces, parks and gardens. Potsdam sights with a head dip into a fascinating journey.

Familiarity with the Potsdam

znakomstvo s gorodom

So Potsdam is the capital of one of the Federal States of Germany, Brandenburg. Located just 20 km from Berlin in the South-West direction, surrounded by many lakes. Through the city flows the river Havel.

Of the history

Potsdam more than a thousand years. It was founded the Slavs called it then will Postupim. (But German) in Potsdam was considered since 1345. Two centuries it remained a trading town with a couple thousand inhabitants. But in the seventeenth century half of the city was destroyed during the Thirty years war.

But all changed thanks to the elector of Brandenburg. Frederick William I decided to turn the city to his residence. Gradually Potsdam became the dwelling place of the royals of Prussia. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes were built new palaces, broke the magnificent parks and gardens.

It parks and survived during the bombing of the allied forces in April 1945.

Today, a large part of Potsdam's historical monuments included in the UNESCO world cultural heritage List, which is compiled by the UNESCO.

How to get there?

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Potsdam is convenient to reach from Berlin. The city is the most remote area of the Berlin public transport tariff zone C.

Passengers can avail of the subway S-Bahn. However, the metro line will take you only to the Central station of Potsdam. To get, say, Sanssouci, or have to walk (a decent distance) or go by bus.

But the S7 suburban train will take tourists from the station Park Sanssouci after the main station. More convenient to buy in the terminal for a single ticket entitling you to travel in any form of public transport.

Sightseeing photos

This amazing city will be of interest to lovers of beautiful parks, majestic palaces, museums and ancient castles.

Architectural structures

Decoration of Potsdam, the most famous and visited Palace and Park complex Sanssouci.

King Frederick the Great himself thought of the look of your residence and even drew sketches of the Palace. To build the Palace began in 1745.

The Sanssouci Palace is a one-story yellow building with a long facade, in the centre of which is an oval pavilion.

arhitekturnoe sooruzhenie San-Susi

The Palace was designed as a squat building to fit harmoniously into the landscape, it is natural to look at the background of the vine terraces.

The Palace is decorated in the style of Rococo. The decor of each room differs with its own twist. For example, the Marble hall with columns and a domed ceiling reminiscent of the Roman Pantheon.

What else is worth seeing in the private residence of Frederick the Great:

  • the room of Voltaire (Flower house), richly carved;
  • the lobby with the image of the goddess Flora on the ceiling, which seemed to come from the sky drops the flowers on the heads of guests;
  • concert hall, which is decorated with frescoes and mirrors;
  • personal library of the king, trimmed with cedar.

The territory of the Park occupies about three hectares. It is worth to visit the gallery and see the paintings of Rubens, Titian, Caravaggio, Watteau.

You can not go past a delicate Chinese tea house, Neptune's Grotto, the Orangerie Palace, the Temple of friendship and the Roman baths.

Park complex and other famous palaces. In 1763 began the construction of a New Palace. The magnificent building was designed for balls and receptions, as well as for guests.

arhitektura Novogo dvorca

The architecture of the Palace is dominated by late Baroque, and the interiors dominated by the Rococo style.

In the New Palace the tourists must arrange a tour of the court theater of the XVIII century. Interesting to visit the hall-cave with its unique design: the master used fossil wood, minerals, shells, gemstones and coral.

The Palace more than three hundred guests, including the state rooms and guest apartments.

In the Northern part of Potsdam is located and Park ensemble, called the New garden. There is the Cecilienhof Palace is the most modern of the palaces of Potsdam. It was built early last century by order of William II. And the masters of the Palace became crown Prince Wilhelm and his wife Cecilia.

The Cecilienhof Palace was the last residence of the Hohenzollern dynasty.

But today we know about this Palace mainly as the venue of the famous Potsdam conference of 1945. The leaders of the USSR, the UK and the USA discussed here-war Europe.

Religious buildings

Of the religious buildings in the town are several, very different in its architecture.

  1. The Church Of Alexander Nevsky. Potsdam is in your island of Orthodoxy – the Church of Alexander Nevsky. It was built on the former site of the Russian settlement Alexandrovka. Today, the functioning Church looks like it was built in the twenties of the 19th century.

    Erected the Church of Alexander Nevsky on the court architect of the Romanov Vasily Stasov. The building is pink in color with four-domed roof is decorated with the ensemble Alexandrovka, which is considered a world heritage and protected by UNESCO.

  2. The Church of Peter and Paul. In the Central part of Potsdam emblazoned building of the Catholic Cathedral of Peter and Paul with a tower height of over 60 meters. The building style is eclectic, the Cathedral has the shape of a cross. Building graceful shape, due to the high tower creates a feeling of lightness. The main portal is crowned with sculptures of the virgin Mary holding the infant Christ, and the apostles Peter and Paul.
  3. religioznaya cerkov Petra i Pavla

  4. The Church Is The Nikolaikirche. Evangelical Church the Nikolaikirche, on the Old Market square was built in 1837. On the walls of monumental buildings, depicts old Testament prophets. The beauty of the stained glass Windows, and green dome of the Church attracts the attention of tourists. The Nikolaikirche today is not only a cult object but also historical heritage.

Museum complexes

Potsdam museums will be of interest to history buffs, and those interested in modern art, cinema or local nature and wildlife:

  • Potsdam city Museum specializiruetsya not only on the local history. Here you can see antique and rare collections, for example: clothes from different centuries, porcelain, ceramics, musical instruments, furniture. In the Museum there are also important historical documents;
  • In the Natural history Museum will introduce you to the biological diversity of Brandenburg land. The very Museum building (dates from 1770) is a monument of antiquity;
  • The cinema Museum is located in one of the oldest buildings of the city, the former first greenhouse, then the city stables.
  • Museum exhibition introduces the history of cinema, the cinema you can see retro pictures.


pamyatnye Brandenburgskie vorota

In Potsdam a lot of places reminding of the historical events in the life of the city.

Not only in Berlin but in Potsdam has its own Brandenburger gate. They, by the way, older Berlin for twenty years. The gate was built in 1770 and represent a triumphal arch, an example of which was the arch of Constantine in Rome. The reason for their construction was the completion in Europe of the Seven years war.

The arch turned out diverse, because of its construction were two of the architect. And everyone has made their items in her General appearance.

Lying on different sides of the Havel river in Berlin and Potsdam connects the Glienicke bridge. This bridge received the nickname "spy". And no wonder – it is famous for the exchanges of Soviet spies in the foreign secret agents and spies. This began with the rescue in 1962, Rudolf Abel spy from the USSR.

What else to see?

The special charm of Potsdam add not only created by masters of parks and magnificent palaces.The city is famous for its beautiful natural landscape.

Natural objects

Potsdam is situated on the river Havel, in its middle reaches, dominated by lowland landscapes. Potsdam is surrounded by a chain of lakes, about twenty of them. Deciduous forest around the shores of these water bodies.

Familiarity with natural attractions will help the boat trip on the many lakes and the river Havel.

  1. Friendship Island. The island itself is situated between two distributaries of the river Havel. It is from the Central part of Potsdam a pedestrian bridge.

    On the island of Friendship love to explore tourists and locals. Here you can see the collection of hardy plants. And flower beds in different seasons are pleasing to the eye with its colors. Boat rental, boat trips along the river.

  2. prirodnyj obekt - ostrov Druzhby

  3. The wildlife Park. The Park was founded in 1868. Today in this conservation area you can relax from the bustle of the city. The Park has hunting grounds. Here is stored a variety of local fauna and flora.
  4. Botanical garden. Botanic gardens was still under Frederick the Great. Today, 5 thousand hectares planted more than 9 thousand plants. In the garden you can visit the arboretum, greenhouse, fruit garden, which is also called Paradise or Paradiesgarten.
  5. Bright flower beds of the Botanical garden just amaze the eye with its diversity.

Where to go 1 day?

One day to see all the beauty of Potsdam, just not enough. If not at a gallop, without haste, it is better to walk around the historic centre of Potsdam and visit one of the parks plus see one Palace. So suggest experienced traveling across Europe.

You can also order excursions around the city, selecting in advance those places that I would like to see in the first place. For example:

  • Marble Palace on the Holy lake. It was built in the late 18th century on the idea of Friedrich Wilhelm II;
  • Park Babelsberg , with the homonymous castle of the mid-19th century;
  • the Belvedere Palace, which decorate the hill, the Pfingstberg is located 3 km North-East of Sanssouci Palace;
  • Peacock island with many paths on which to meet these majestic birds;
  • Dutch quarter - the residential town c picturesque architectural ensemble in the city centre, creating an atmosphere of Holland.

But, in Potsdam must return to see all of his memorable places and beauty.

In this video you may consider in more detail the architectural sights of Potsdam: