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What to see in Stuttgart: map of sites in Russian

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Stuttgart — a city where rich historical and cultural heritage combined with high level of technology and industry. This is what makes it a major tourist destination, attracting visitors from around the world.

Stuttgart on the map in Russian language

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Stuttgart is a large city of Germany. In terms of population it ranked the sixth place among other German cities.


Stuttgart is located in the South of the country and is the capital of the Federal state of Baden-württemberg. In the middle of the river Neckar.

The landscape of Stuttgart is hilly, which is rare among big cities, the differences in elevation between areas of the city and reach 350m.

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The main sightseeing areas

The main areas of Stuttgart, which is most of the attractions is:

  • The historic centre of the city with its ancient architecture, castles and palaces;
  • Zuffenhausen;
  • Bad Cannstatt.

The sights of the city with photos

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The city has plenty of interesting places for everyone. To see all, you'll need more than one day. So better to think about what attractions you want to see. Here you will find a list of places which are certainly worth a visit, once in Stuttgart.


The history of Stuttgart is closely intertwined with the lives of many prominent personalities and immortalized in various monuments and sculptures.

  1. Monument of count Eberhard V is in the courtyard of the Old castle. He was the first Duke of württemberg, which joined from two separate counties into a single unit. In addition, he has engaged in active support of education and science, sponsored the construction of churches.
  2. A monument to Friedrich Schiller is located in the center of the square named in his honor.

Schiller, the great romantic poet, known far beyond the borders of Germany, held in Stuttgart, the years of his youth, while studying at the Military Academy.

Architectural objects

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Stuttgart is rich in its architectural heritage. In the city there are numerous castles and palaces, has come down to us from previous centuries.

The old castle is an ancient building, from the 12th century served as residence for the rulers of württemberg. Now there is the Museum of württemberg, which includes exhibits representing the history of the region from ancient times to the present day. But he still has not lost its original grandeur. His appearance he takes us to the middle Ages, in the time of knights and kings.

To solitude Palace was built by order of Duke Karl Eugen in the 18th century. The building of the Palace made in the best traditions of the Baroque, but inside still have the interior of those times. Today is the Academy castle solitude, the collecting of scholars in the field of art from all over the world.

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New castle — the building of the 18-19 century, executed in the Baroque style, designed to be a German version of Versailles. The luxurious appearance of the building makes it a favourite spot for tourists. The facade of the castle is decorated with numerous sculptures, and in front of him is a picturesque Park with fountains, also made in the Baroque style.

Palace square can be considered the main square of Stuttgart. In its center is a commemorative column dedicated to the coronation of Wilhelm I. Next to it is a Park with beautiful fountains and manicured flower beds.

Palace square is surrounded by major attractions such as the Royal house, Newthe castle and the Palace of arts.

Schillerplatz is hidden in the historic district of the city, surrounded by old houses and small streets. The heart of the square is decorated by the figure of the great poet. Around the Collegiate Church and the Old castle and the Old office.


Muzej Porshe

The city has many museums commemorating the development of history, science, culture and arts of the region. Here everyone can find the exposition based on their interests.

  • The car museums of Porsche and Mercedes Benz will certainly interest fans of cars. In them you will see exhibits of cars, ranging from the first years of production to the most modern models. As a souvenir in the museums you can buy a replica of the legendary cars.
  • In the Old national gallery collected artwork of 14-19 centuries, beginning with such famous Renaissance masters like Rembrandt and Rubens and ending with the Impressionists Monet and Degas.
  • Not far from the old is the building of a New galleryin which are collected works of artists of 19-20 centuries: Picasso, Kandinsky, Munch, Dali.

Religious buildings

Many of the churches of Stuttgart deserve a special mention, not just as religious structures but as historical monuments.

Collegiate Church — architectural structure of the 10th century, which served as a burial place for the local Dukes. In spite of numerous restructuring, endured its fate inside her to this day are preserved frescoes of the 13th century. Now it is the main Protestant Church of Stuttgart.

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The hospital Church, built in the 15th century, has a rich history. During the reformation it became a hospital for the sick, and during the Second world war, the Nazis used it as a prison. However, it is well preserved to the present day.

Now in the hospital Church from time to time there are concerts of classical music.

Natural objects

Despite its modernity, Stuttgart numerous parks and gardens. It is a city with beautiful nature.

The Palace Park — a Park complex in the center of Stuttgart. There are winding alleys, in the shadow of which is pleasant to walk, and ponds with floating fish and ducks and fountains, surrounded by beautiful lawns. The Palace Park is a place where you can enjoy nature, and what are the tourists and the locals.

William Park combines zoo, Botanical garden and the Palace-Park complex. It is nice to spend time with the whole family, to see many species of animals and plants, or just relax among the beautiful scenery of the Park.

What else to see?

And this is only part of interesting places to visit, being in Stuttgart. Here you will find not only numerous monuments of history and culture, but also a wide range of entertainment for adults and children.

Trips with children

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In case you are planning a trip with kids, there are many places where you can spend time with the whole family.

In the Wilhelma zoo you can see animals, in addition, there are equipped playgrounds.

The lovers of active rest and exercise will enjoy the Playground Wonnemar Marktheidenfeld.

There are in Stuttgart and the amusement Park Tripsdrill, where a huge area was built more than 100 rides for children and adults.

Tour 1 day

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If for some reason your stay in the city is limited, and I want to see as much as possible, we have to choose from a variety of options. It is best to make a choice based on what is fun for you.

However, when you have only one day, the best option to stroll through the city centre, where a significant portion of all the city's attractions. Be sure to stroll around Palace square, view on the Old and New castles.

  • If you are interested in art can visit the national art gallery or art Museum. There is also a Museum of the pig , the largest of its kind. It collected more than 40 thousand toy pigs in all shapes and materials.
  • Wine lovers can visit the vineyards of Stuttgart, where you can watch the process of winemaking and tasting.
  • Enjoy the beauty of the local nature you can in the PalaceParkin the nearby.
  • But if you plan to sit and eat, go to the street of königstrasse with its many restaurants and shopping centers.

I advise you to watch a video about the attractions of Stuttgart: