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What to see in Cologne in 1 day - photo and map of attractions

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Cologne rightly bears the title of not only one of the most picturesque, but also ranks among the oldest cities of Germany. Its history began more than two thousand years ago, and is named after the wife of the Roman Emperor Claudius – Agrippina the Younger. The Emperor called the ancient settlement "Colony of Claudius and altar of Agrippina".

Over time, the name was shortened to "Colonia Agrippina", and in the middle Ages in the local dialect began to sound like a Cologne.

Cologne resort on the map

Keln na karte Gremanii

Cologne lies on the banks of the Rhine in the Western part of Germany, in the Federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The number of inhabitants exceeds one million people, which makes Cologne one of the most populous cities of the region.

In place of Cologne a few thousand years ago housed the strengthening of the Celts, but the official chronicle of the city began in 38 BC.

Since then, every year the value of the Cologne in the political, cultural and economic spheres only increased.

How to get there?

To reach Cologne traveler is not difficult from almost any point of the globe. There is a large international airportwhich caters to flights from almost all European airlines.

In addition to air transport Cologne is associated with the largest cities not only in Germany but also in other countries of Europe, train and bus routes. In just a few hours in Cologne you can get while traveling in France, Belgium or the Netherlands.

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The main sightseeing areas

Kurortnyj rajon - Horvajler

For administrative purposes, the Cologne is composed of nine districts, with a total of 86 districts.

  • The basic sights are concentrated in the historic centre, Innerstadtformed on the site of settlements Dating from Roman times.
  • Among districts required to visit – the lindenthal area, famous for its beautiful parks and gardens, crowded shopping centers and shopping streets and various historical monuments.
  • In Lindendale you can see the ruins of the Roman aqueduct, the ancient cemetery and the old Church.

  • District Rodenkirchenprimarily known suspension bridge, which connected the Rhine river, and gave name to the whole district. One of Europe's oldest Botanical gardens spread in this part of town.
  • Of no less interest to the traveler is the district of Ehrenfeld, where the plant that produces the now legendary Cologne.
  • District Nippes is the location of the famous Cologne zoo.
  • In the district of Horrweiler focused a lot of historical monuments.

Description Cologne - photo with names

Opisanie Kelnskogo sobora s foto

Being one of the most important historical and cultural centers of Germany, Cologne, like a magnet attracts every year thousands of tourists from around the world. Travelers seek here not only to get acquainted with centuries-old history and magnificent architecture of this city and visit numerous exhibition and concert halls, but also to admire the local monuments.

Walking through the historic centerCologne, hard to believe that during the Second world war the city was almost wiped off the face of the earth.

In fact, the only surviving building was the symbol of the city of Cologne Cathedral.


pamyatnik soldatu Gereonu

Sculptural work is represented in Cologne in all its diversity – here you can find the classic forms and works of modern authors.

Among the most popular and well-known monuments – a huge head of Roman soldier Gereon, who was executed for refusing to participate in the persecution of Christians and the recognized patron of the city.

In the list of original monuments: the song "Camper transport" in the form embedded in the concrete of the car brand "Opel", a humorous composition in honour of the famous heroes of anecdotes Tunes and Walked, or sitting on the pot boy.

Near the courthouse is a memorial dedicated to deserters of the Second world war – it is a long inscription on the right quest trying to run and wrongness of those who tried.

Lovers of picturesque scenery will appreciate the Palace Park Stammheim, which focused a lot of funny and expressive sculptural compositions and installations performed by contemporary authors.

Temples, churches, cathedrals

Cerkov Svyatogo Martina

  • It is impossible to imagine Cologne without a Grand building located in the heart of the city. A masterpiece of the Gothic style is the Cologne Cathedral was built in the XIII century, after many centuries, continues to be the main architectural dominant of the historical centre and the whole city.

    Abundant architectural details of the facade, stretching to the sky slender Gothic towers, the play of sunlight on the dark stone masonry, stunning in its splendor stained glass – all this cannot leave indifferent person, for the first time ever looked upon this architectural wonder.

  • If you climb one of the towers of the Cathedral to a height of 157 meters, gaze presents a beautiful panorama. However, it will have to overcome 509 steps.

  • The Romanesque Church dedicated to San Martin deserves the title of one of the most extraordinary churches of Cologne. It stands almost in the place where before was located the ancient Roman baths. The building stands out from neighboring buildings with the grace and is harmoniously integrated into the landscape. The uniqueness of this Church lies in the fact that in 1960 it was rebuilt almost from scratch after being completely destroyed during the Second world war.
  • The architectural ensemble of the main square, located in the Northern part of the city, crowned by the Church of the Holy Apostles. Founded in the XII century, in the following years it was rebuilt several times. The height of the Western tower is 67 meters, and it puts it in third place for the height of all the Romanesque churches of Cologne. Very proud of the Apostolic Church are the stained glass Windows that depict the twelve apostles and have no analogues.
  • The oldest Church of Cologne is a Catholic Cathedral of St. Gereon, dedicated to the Roman soldier who tried to save Christians. Built in the IV century, he is a three-nave Basilica and is a Prime example of religious buildings of Romanesque architecture.
  • Germany has very interesting for lovers of architecture the Church of Saint Panteleimon, which is considered one of the oldest in the entire country. Its construction dates back to 960 years, and before this place was a monastery of Benedictines.

Gardens and parks

Botanicheskij sad

Parks and gardens of Cologne is a wonderful corner of nature, in which all possibilities for a pleasant and comfortable stay. The creators have worked hard to carefully combine nature and the achievements of modern science and technology and to provide convenience for each guest.

Among the large variety worth mentioning:

  1. Botanical garden "flora" is the oldest on the European territory. The concept of the Park is the principle of the connection of different styles – walking through its paths you can meet the simple and elegant flower beds, and strictly organized by the classic English garden, and small waterfalls and immersed in the dense greenery of the alley;
  2. Park "Stadtwald" is a very interesting place to visit, once here, visitors find themselves in a beautiful forest with a private jetty and a small zoo. Among the inhabitants of the Park – deer, peacocks, donkeys, sheep, turkeys and several species of waterfowl. Visitors have the opportunity to pet or feed the animals;
  3. To give a sense of naturalness and immersion into the wild animals in the Park "Stadtwald" live in special areas with a small fence instead of closedenclosures.

  4. Enjoy the splendor of nature in "Reinforce", which is considered the most beautiful in all of Germany. Here on the neat paths winding through the greenery, original fountains and the many playgrounds, move tiny trains with the guests, and the southern part of the Park reserved for children's parties and various creative activities;
  5. Connoisseurs of man-made beauty can go to the sculpture Park, where works by modern masters, and the Park was created as a platform for expression. Intricate compositions in the form of unusual man-made patterns, complex geometric patterns and abstract shapes hiding here in the shadows of the trees.

Architectural structure

arhitekturnyj belyj dom

The abundance of monuments of architecture in Cologne amazes even experienced travelers.

Among the most striking buildings deserves attention is the complex of buildings of the town hall square, which for centuries was the center of city life. Above it rises the town Hall, built in the XIV century, which has a tower height of 61 meters in the style of late Gothic.

The facade is decorated with many sculptures, which number more than a hundred and which are located at five levels. Inside the building is impossible to ignore the spacious ceremonial hall, which served as the venue of the main celebrations and is decorated with statues of the most famous residents of the city.

Among the castles of Cologne holds a special place water Palace, known as the White house. It was built in the XIV century in the southern part of the city. Before this building was well fortified and was used as the residence of the monastery of the Benedictine monks.

Archeology fans can explore the researchers discovered ruins of the Palace of the Roman Governor, the I-IV centuries. Moreover, they are directly under the city hall.

The Rhenish region the ruins of the Palace - the most significant building from Ancient Rome.


Muzej Ludviga

The museums of Cologne open to visitors and offer a variety of exhibits and displays for every taste:

  • The exhibition of the Cologne perfume Museum tells about the history of the development of the art of perfumery and the emergence of Cologne, Cologne glorified for the whole world – the famous "Cologne water";
  • In the collections of the Ludwig Museum lies a vast collection of German merchant and collector of antiquities Peter Ludwig, which he bequeathed to his native town;
  • Enormous popularity among tourists of all ages Cologne chocolate Museum, which first opened its doors to visitors in 1993 and located near the world-famous chocolate factory;
  • The exhibition of the ethnological Museum-Joest - -Jost is based on two main themes: awareness of the world and principles of its formation. Here visitors learn the motives of human actions, the subtleties of religion, especially rituals, communication of the opposite sexes and even the rules of etiquette;
  • Museum Wallraf-Richartz, also known as the Fund corbo is a huge gallery which showcases the best examples of paintings from the middle Ages, religious paintings and works of art expressionists;
  • The Roman-Germanic Museum tells his guests about the period of Roman rule, and the archaeological materials from the time;
  • A relatively young Museum of sport and the Olympic games appeared on the cultural map of Cologne in 1999. In its exhibited materials on the history of the sport, there are thematic exhibitions and various interactive platforms.

Interesting sights of the surrounding area

interesnyj mediapark v okrestnostyah

As the distance from the Central part of the city, more and more it becomes clear that Cologne and claims to the title of "green city". It is almost surrounded on all sides by landscaped and very popular with locals and tourists parks.

Some of the important sights around Cologne are:

  1. Cologne zoo;
  2. Cable car over the Rhine;
  3. Mediapark.

Favorite vacation spot – national Park abounds with beautiful views of the lake, picturesque meadows, centennial trees, it has a relaxing peaceful atmosphere.

It is noteworthy that in the National Park is the beer, which has a history over one hundred years.

What else to see?

Cologne is the title of one of the most visited cities in Germany, and for several reasons. Not only historical monuments, but also one very special attraction – the famous kölsch! This is a special beer that is brewed according to a uniquerecipe. Nowhere else to try it will fail, because this beer is brewed exclusively in Cologne.

1 day

Staryj kvartal za odin den

If the time for sightseeing in Cologne very little, you should visit the Park Raingarden and old quarter. Still not think of a better place to feel the atmosphere of Germany with its comfort, order, and look into one of the traditional zucchini, where you can enjoy a pint of the famous beer.


If You decide to explore Cologne independently, you can go to the historic city centre. It is best seen that even the biggest failure can be overcome by joint efforts. Destroyed by the bombing and shelling he recovered almost completely in its original form and preserved the famous atmosphere of the medieval city.

That is the center focus of the most striking monuments is the Church of the Holy Apostles, the Roman-Germanic Museum, city Hall, chocolate Museum, and others.

Shopping enthusiasts can head to the main shopping streets are Schildergasse, Hohe Straße and Breite Straße.

With a child

After walking around the city with a child it is best to go beyond it – here is located a beautiful Park for an action-Packed and active family holidays. Park "Fantasy" replete with a variety of entertainment, ranging from carousels and ending with the voyage on a Viking ship, or adventures in the Wild West.

After a dizzying rides you can relax in a more relaxed pace, taking in the famous Cologne zoo. He has the status of one of the oldest and most developed in Europe. Conditions in the zoo as close to natural, and visitors can watch the elephants, monkeys, red pandas, snakes, pink flamingos and many other, including very rare animals.

Recommend you watch the video, where you will see the sights of Cologne closer: