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The sights of Dresden in one day: pictures, description, map, video

Drezden dostoprimechatelnosti za odin den

Dresden, a cultural center of Germany and almost the most beautiful German city, founded in the early XIII century, was almost completely destroyed at the end of the Second World war.

A terrible bombing from the air, occurred on 13 February 1945 practically erased from the face of the earth historic Old town. 6 years later after the bombing, the restoration that spanned half a century.

Cultural centre of Germany - where it is?

The city-Museum on both sides of the Elbe, or Florence on the Elbe, as it was called by Gerber in 1802, Dresden became the most visited locality of Germany.

The historical part of Dresden, totally destroyed, historians have restored bit by bit, folding the incredible complexity of the puzzle and watachiwa again missing parts.

gde nahoditsya Drezden na karte?

In 2004, the Dresden Elbe valley was under the protection of UNESCO, where with a snap shot after 5 years. The reason for that was the new bridge connecting the banks of the Elbe, which, according to experts, violated the cultural and historical uniqueness of the region.

In Dresden the places must to visitare:

  • legendary architectural ensemble of the Zwinger Palace in the old town;
  • Lutheran Church of our lady Frauenkirche in the historic centre, which is made in Baroque style and dates from XVIII century;
  • half a kilometer embankment of the Elbe, called brühl's Terrace, and known as the "balcony of Europe";
  • military-historical Museum, which was opened and consecrated in 1877;
  • opened in 1841, the unprecedented beauty of the Semper Opera house (current theatre)
  • the Catholic court Church Hofkirche Cathedral of the Dresden-Meissen diocese;
  • unique wall stained glass "Procession of princes", which is lined with 25 thousand tiles of Meissen porcelain;
  • dostoprimechatelnosti kulturnogo centra v Germanii

  • Museum of fine arts Albertinum;
  • Lowicki bridge, known as the "Blue wonder" with only two Bank foundations;
  • the Gothic Church of the Holy cross Croisere, famous for its organ and choir boys;
  • Botanical garden of the Palace in the großer Garten;
  • Dresden funicular railway, one of the types of public transport;
  • similar to the mosque and tobacco factory Yenice;
  • the Dresden TV tower with a height of 252 m, which was built in 1969.

Many travelers don't linger in the city for a long time and come to Dresden for 1-2 days. Try to grasp the immensity and map of attractions, based on the fact that we have 24 hours.

Map main tourist places

Your main goal – the Altstadt, or Old town, on the left Bank of the Elbe. Here certainly it is necessary to visit the Zwinger, see "Procession of princes" and the Semper Opera house, visit the Bruhl Terrace and the Lutheran Frauenkirche Church.

Gallery of old masters

Dresden art gallery, or Gallery of old masters you will find in the Palace ensemble of the Zwinger Palace in the old town. Here are collected the world's largest collection of world masterpieces of painting.

galereya staryh masterov v Drezdene

The collection started to be the elector Friedrich the Wise in the XVI century, but the greatest contribution was made by Friedrich August the Strong, relentlessly buying up the works of the masters and contemporaries. It was on his decree in 1720 was created this gallery.

The pride of the Dresden gallery since 1754 is the "Sistine Madonna" by Raphael Santi, purchased with the blessing of the Pope.

The porcelain Museum

The biggest in Europe collection of Meissen, Chinese and Japanese porcelain, numbering about 20 thousand unique piecesexhibited in the Museum of porcelain at the Zwinger.

The beginning of Meissen porcelain was laid by Frederick Augustus the Strong, was ordered to establish a porcelain manufactory in Meissen. The secret of manufacturing Meissen porcelain kept profoundlysecret.

Painting is done manually. The hallmark of the manufacture of steel crossed swords and the coat of arms of Saxony. Because Meissen porcelain is often referred to as Saxon. Photo and video filming in the Museum is strictly prohibited.


Or the Dresden historical Museum. It exhibits a rich collection of world renown, which represented a 10 thousand copies of firearms and cold weapons, uniforms, armor and portraits of the XVI-XVIII centuries.

turisticheskie mesta Drezdena - oruzhejnaya palata

Dresden Palace

It is also known as the Dresden castle, because it was the seat of Saxon kings and electors. The castle in the Renaissance style has been repeatedly rebuilt and restored. The appearance of the Palace that we can see now dates from the year 1901.

Green vault

Grunes Gewolbe, or Green vault, is the West wing of Dresden castle. Magnificent princely treasure contains masterpiece exhibits. Famous jewelry collection began with the Kunstkamera, founded in the XVI century. Only Frederick Augustus the Strong ordered to divide the exhibits according to the theme.

The jewelry collection was placed in the room with the green vaults. Gradually the collection expanded and in ten years, a Princely treasure house consisted of nine rooms.

Green vault was surprisingly strong premise: during a hellish bombardment, 1945, leveled almost the entire old town was destroyed, only three rooms of the magnificent Treasury of nine.


A walk along the Elbe on the ship

Setselectable (shipping) of Dresden, since 1993 organizes incredible cruises along the Elbe river on the historic steamer "Dresden", which was built 90 years ago.

In addition to the legendary "Dresden", another 8 ships on wheels were subjected to major repairs and complete reconstruction. Now rare "river flotilla" unprecedented in our time, side paddle wheels suit the original tourist walk, enjoying great demand.

All trips start from brühl's Terrace, (Balcony of Europe) in the Old town. The boat is on three routes:

  1. to Loxvytskogo bridge, better known as "Blue wonder", and back;
  2. to Meissen and back (the ship "Dresden");
  3. to Pillnitz and back.

It should be noted that boats are air conditioned. On Board drinks and Saxon cuisine. In the course of following is radioexchange in German and English.

Walk on the historic boat on the Elbe river has long become a mandatory ritual for every traveler.

ekskursiya po Elbe na korable Drezden

Trip around the city

The surroundings of Dresden – a separate world, with magnificent nature and unique attractions that cannot be ignored. If you have time, be sure to visit:

  • Meißen with its ancient castle of the Renaissance and to this day the current porcelain manufactory;
  • Royal summer residence in Pillnitz, which includes a Palace and a very beautiful large Palace Park;
  • the Royal hunting castle of Moritzburg , built 1542;
  • Saxon Switzerland, representing the area with the tower and table mountains, lush greenery;
  • ancient Bautzen with fortresses and nearby Dinosaur Park;
  • Radebeul, just 2 km from Dresden called Saxon nice;
  • the stunning fortress of the Renaissance königstein;
  • 16 km from Dresden French Park Heidenau-Grosssedlitz in the Baroque style, which was founded in the XVIII century, it is famous for its wonderful architecture and Botanical garden.

Dresden is incredibly beautiful, it is not by chance called the city-Museum. Of course, one day in Dresden is not enough to feel his magic and charm. Having been in Dresden once, you certainly will be back here.

The sights of Dresden - in the following video: