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The best ski resorts of Germany on the map

Gornolyzhnye kurorty Germanii

The splendor of a high and beautiful Alpine scenery you can enjoy not only the ski resorts of Switzerland or Austria.

Germany is not considered a country ski resorts, but represents true German quality: hotel services and technical support slopes; high-quality restaurants and cafes on-site resorts; a variety of slopes for different skill levels.

In addition, in Germany, ski resorts much cheaper than neighboring Austrian and Swiss, and this fact, given identical quality, is an advantage.

The best resorts are located in the South of Bavaria. On this earth it is worth mentioning the three most notable of the resort:

  • Alpine resort of Berchtesgaden, which is located near Salzburg;
  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen, which is 150 kilometers to the West of Berchtesgaden;
  • Oberstdorf, close to lake Constance, and 75 kilometers from Garmisch.

The period of skiing here starts in December and lasts until April.

Ski resort in Germany - Spitzingsee. Night skiing

The ski resorts of Germany on the map

In General, to find the possibility of accommodation in the resorts is always possible in Germany. The following resorts are popular, but there are easy to settle.

However, if you want to select a specific resort and relax there, it is advisable to pre-reserve a hotel or cottage.

Gornolyzhnye kurorty Germanii na karte

The rating resorts


To get to this resort you should use quality German tracks.

Most often come from Munich, where there is an international airport, the journey to Garmisch from Munich is slightly less than hundreds of kilometers.

If you drive from Innsbruck airport, the path is half as long, but Innsbruck is flying fewer flights.

Resort village offers plenty of opportunities for entertainment:

  • restaurants;
  • stores;
  • bars;
  • clubs;
  • casino.

Such establishments for every taste a lot, and Garmisch-Partenkirchen (if you want to go for a local, call the resort Ha-PA) is the basis for the regular festivals of winter sports.

Generally it is the most popular resort in the country and there is always the possibility for a wonderful and eventful holiday. Based from the Zugspitze mountain which is the highest (altitude of about three kilometers) in Germany.

The longest run is five kilometers, and the length of trails on three slopes is 120 kilometers.

Trails for skiers of a variety from simple and shallow to a professional, which is more than half. In addition, there are magnificent trails for Hiking and trails for walking or cross country skiing.

The most popular routes are:

  • Hausberg;
  • Osterfelder;
  • Krouzek.


The resort is the two main regions for skiing. This region Garmisch classic (has its division into separate areas) and the Zugspitze.

Of attractions include:

  • Museum;
  • The Old Town Hall;
  • the estate of Richard Strauss;
  • Church. Anthony;
  • part of the Roman road;
  • locks Louis in the Second-hour drive from the resort.

From the hotels:

  • Rheinischer Hof;
  • Edelweiss;
  • Hotel Alpina
  • Reindl's Partenkirchner Hof;
  • Koenigshof;
  • Das Graseck.

Overall the resort is deservedly the most popular and has an amazing quality in all respects.


Is a quiet and cozy resort, but it can compete with Garmise.

Of course, more has a reputation as a ski resort for beginners or families, but is runs challenging level. There are trails international level.

It is possible to come here by train or other public transport. Trains run from Munich (185 kilometers from the resort), Salzburg (25 km), Innsbruck.

To experience many opportunities, such as restaurants, bars, complex Watzman Terme, but we should also highlight a new form of winter recreation that are actively developing in the region, which is also called the Golden edge,this:

  • freestyle;
  • bobsleigh;
  • Curling;
  • tandem boarding;
  • downhill;
  • riding sled with slides;
  • riding-drawn sleigh through the deep snow;
  • skating on the frozen lakes;
  • mountain trekking.


Nearby are many natural attractions, there are excursions on mountain peaks, for example, to see the panorama of Salzburg.

By the way, is the residence of Hitler, which is now a Museum and exhibition about Nazism.


  • Hotel Bavaria;
  • Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden;
  • The Alm & Wellnesshotel Alpenhof;
  • Hotel Edelweiss;
  • Hotel Wittelsbach;
  • Hotel zum Turken;
  • Alpenhotel Fischer.

For skiing the most popular is Jenner with international routes. Only there are six ski centres. Ride the night skiers can in the area of Getsen. Route length of about 40 kilometers, the altitude reaches 1800 meters.


Ski resort with long trails for cross-country skiing - about a hundred kilometers. Although not only are they here very long, because in Oberstdorf is the longest slope in the area of Nebelhorn with a length of seven and a half miles.

In Nebelhorn is the highest point of the resort is more than 2,200 meters.

Oberstdorf is located between seven valleys and an interesting abundance of open spaces, natural attractions and the minimum number of cars within the resort.

Here come the representatives of different winter sports disciplines. Of fun note is the variety of bars, restaurants and Spa centers.

It is possible to come here from Munich, which is 175 km from Friedrichshafen on, which is 90 kilometers.

Sixty kilometers from here is the largest German lake, in the village Erstreben – restored sights of the Renaissance.


  • Hotel Oberstdorf;
  • Parkhotel Frank;
  • Hotel Exquisit;
  • Hotel Bergruh;
  • Schuele''s Gesundheitsresort & Spa.

Oberstdorf – cozy German resort with magnificent natural beauty.


Ski Germany has an amazing quality resorts that are more affordable are more popular Alpine variants.

The most preferred resorts for families and beginners, but there are trails and a high level of complexity.

In General, vacationers here will find the necessary components of recreation on the slopes and a lot of interesting.