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What you can bring from Amsterdam (the Netherlands) of the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto privezti iz Amsterdama (Gollandii)?

When staying in Amsterdam inevitably coming to an end, you can always take home memories in the form of Souvenirs.

Some unique Souvenirs and unusual, edible or original, but, in any case, the Amsterdam Souvenirs – a fun way to remember your trip often.

Souvenirs from Amsterdam: what to bring?

What can you bring from Holland? Planning to buy a particular souvenir, it is important to know what to buy and where to buy this thing. The usual souvenir shops in the city centre sell their produce, at times, with a decent margin.

Other Souvenirs is not possible to buy in ordinary stores or hypermarkets.

Starting points for shopping Souvenirs in Amsterdam are:

  • market Waterloo;
  • the floating flower market Bloemenmarkt;
  • flower Park Keukenhof;
  • souvenir shops on Dam square;
  • the red light district.

Edible Souvenirs like the local cheese is better to buy from farmers. This product is not only guaranteed fresh but 100% environmentally friendly.

Cosmetics, perfumes

In supermarkets the "Vroom& Dreesmann", "Hema" and "Nieuwendijk" you can find small boutiques with local cosmetics and perfumes. It is traditional places for beauty shopping.

Kosmetika, parfumeriya

Medication (18+)

What can you bring back from Amsterdam? The city is known throughout the world for its "herbal" products. Cookies, chocolate, candy, drinks made of hemp – the usual products on the shelves in this city.

Find products with this medicinal plant can be in specialized stores "coffeeshops" and "smartcopy".

To be transported outside of Amsterdam these Souvenirs very unlikely, but the memory you can grab clothes (scarf, hat, sweater), woven from hemp thread.

Products, spices

Local cheeses is not only "Adam" or "Gouda"the Dutch anciently famous for cheeses are homemade.

In the souvenir shops sold already packaged farm products and in some stores you can find a cheese set – cutting Board, a stick of sausage, head cheese, a small cheese knife and miniature shoes porcelain "Klomp".

Other popular varieties such:

  • "Old Amsterdam";
  • goat cheese with cumin;
  • cheese platter;
  • cheese multi-colored (pink, green, red or orange);
  • products with different degree of exposure with the addition of nuts.

Local cheeses can also be purchased at the farmers markets. Buying cheese directly from the farmer, you can be sure that this product is 100% natural.

The Dutch make cheese from different milk types (cow, goat). Farmers do not regret to add their products in aromatic spices.

Produkty, specii


What else you should buy in Amsterdam? To convey emotions from visiting the Netherlands, you can thanks to beer to Souvenirs. To share a taste of Dutch beer, enough to buy in one of the local Breweries in the dark or light varieties. Bottled beer from supermarkets are not suitable.


  • products "Bink" taste of honey;
  • strong beer "Maelstorm";
  • the usual brand "Amstel", "Grolsh" "Heineken".

All products differs significantly in taste from what we buy in their country.

On the shelves of specialized stores you can find unusual beer and low-calorie. There are beer kits.

For the Dutch beer is not to drink, and the occasion for communication. That is why the people of this country say that for making a good drink requires only "malt, cold and conscience."

Not only Dutch beer Amsterdam is famous for. Juniper vodka "Jenever" is a traditional Amsterdam drink that tourists enjoy taking home.

Many travelers are advised not to stop at buying one bottle. Well-designed products will be an excellent souvenir for any anniversary. The taste is "Jenever" recalls gene, though considered vodka.

Clothing, shoes

Interesting and original, and most importantly, the original purchase clothing made of hemp. Productsnatural fibers of cannabis are impressive, practical and durable things every day.

Among the stylish things from hemp, there are original shorts, dresses, shirts, sweaters, pants, skirts and even shoes. Such clothes can be easily worn, washed, without worrying that these "Souvenirs" will deteriorate.

National Dutch shoes "Klomp" is not just an exotic souvenir. From ancient times to the present day Klomp are everyday shoes Dutch farmers.

The shops offer tourists to buy traditional Klomp. Among the products you can find a suitable shoes the right size, made of wood or stylized Slippers of soft tissue.

Perhaps, this Shoe is not so easy to navigate, but as a symbol of the Netherlands and the memory of the trip – it will be an essential purchase.

Odezhda, obuv


It is difficult to imagine returning home from Amsterdam without buying tulips. The flowers themselves are out of the country, and it is unlikely they will survive the flight.

However, the bulbs and seeds can be purchased at any time of the year in the flower market, in greenhouses or at exhibitions.

The Dutch originally came to the packaging of the bulbs, offering tourists their products in cans. In addition, in the souvenir shops sold a lot of original crafts with images of flowers.

Another secret souvenir from Amsterdam – any trinket orange. This color is historically associated with the city. You can use any small, like a pen, lighter or keychain – all that will fit in a suitcase.

According to tradition, visitors choose to bring magnets or trivia with a variety of symbols. In Amsterdam such Souvenirs are: windmill, tulips and canals.

What to bring from Holland as a souvenir

What to bring from Holland?

Souvenir shopping in Amsterdam – an adventurethat will not leave indifferent neither customers, nor those who the present is intended.

The symbols of the country and the city – a typical Dutch Souvenirs can be found anywhere in the city. Best place for inexpensive knickknacks, the stores along the street Damrak, between Central station Amsterdam and Dam square.

The girl

A charming souvenir, which you can find almost in all stores, – kissing couple porcelain.

No one knows exactly how this character came to the Netherlands, but the Dutch figure of a farmer kissing his wife in a field with a handful of tulips behind – impressive.

These figures come in different sizes, but they are usually painted in blue and white. This means that they are made of Delft blue porcelain Dutch version of Chinese porcelain.

If finances allow, on the main street of Amsterdam called Rokin, you can purchase a pendant or a diamond ring. Unlike other countries, in the Netherlands, the diamonds are cheap.

As much as 5 factories of Amsterdam treated diamonds, producing inexpensive and cute product.

The city has secured a whole quarter devoted to jewelry. On the site you can choose any stone and watch the manufacturing process of a piece of jewellery.

CHto privezti iz Gollandii v podarok?


The country is world famous for loose morals. From the red light district in Amsterdam tourists prefer to bring their erotic gifts for men – stick with a Striptease and other interesting things.

Football fans will love from Souvenirs and clothes with symbols of the famous club Ajax. The range of gifts is quite significant: balls, shirts, caps and Slippers, crockery, bedding and accessories for your computer.

All of these things can be found in the sports complex Amsterdam arena.


The Dutch excelled in the preparation of sweets, which, without doubt, will appeal to children. Licorice candy with a specific taste and sweet Dutch waffles will serve as a great souvenir for children.

Tasty Dutch "Stroopwafels" – one of the hot favorite Souvenirs for tourists. These waffles from two thin layers of dough with caramel filling in the middle are the most recognizable brand in the Netherlands.

The same firm produces fragrant biscuits and chocolate with various fillings.

Few tourists know, but even in the souvenir shops of Amsterdam can be traded, and in the Queen's birthday (30 April) discount on all traditional products is 30%.

Planning a trip to Amsterdam, you can be sure that a wide range of traditional gifts will not make bored.