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The main attractions of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Korolevstvo Niderlandy — dostoprimechatelnosti

The Kingdom of the Netherlands is a country with rich cultural and spiritual heritage.

Museums and attractions in this country - the undisputed masterpieces of medieval Europe.

Endless plantations of flowers, the old streets, cathedrals and castles will impress even the most discerning traveler.

Netherlands - where it is?

The Kingdom of the Netherlands located in the West of Europe. Adjacent to the East with Germanyand to the South with Belgium, with the North and West the country is washed by the North sea.

It often happens that the Netherlands is often mistakenly called Holland. This is because in the 16th century the Republic of the United provinces of the Netherlands had seven provinces, Holland was the most big and influential.

This is a real jewel of Europe, famous for its beautiful ancient cities, magnificent castles, elegant streets and canals.

Gorgeous landscapes and endless flower fields, as if descended from the paintings of great artists – the card Kingdom.

What to see?

The Hague

The Hague attractive for tourists because of its rich architectural and cultural heritage and a large number of museums.

For art lovers – welcome to the House of Maurits, with his unique exposition of the great painters like Vermeer and Rembrandt. You can still explore the City Museum, Escher Museum , and others.

Sweet tooth will be delighted to visit the chocolate Museum, and fans of philosophical thought with pleasure will visit the house-Museum of Spinoza. It will also be interesting to explore the atmospheric Museum of the Inquisition.

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Rotterdam – a beautiful old town, which was founded in 1282. By the seventeenth century, Rotterdam becomes a great trading port.

The monuments, unfortunately, our time remained small, as the historic city center was destroyed during the war. An interesting object is the Church of St. Lawrence, built in the Gothic style of Brabant.

Historic buildings you can seen in the Harbor of Delfs, which became part of Rotterdam in 1886. Badly damaged during air raids in 1940, the city was restored throughout the country.

Prospect Lijnbaan made walking, which later served as the model for many cities in Europe. Here is the Academy of arts, Conservatory, University. Of Erasmus Of Rotterdam.

Museums need to mention the Art Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Museum of entomology, Historical and Maritime Museum.


One of the cosiest cities in the Netherlands. This ancient student town. Here life flows slowly and steadily. In Utrecht a lot of old streets, well-preserved since the middle ages.

Channels are from Amsterdam, their embankments connect the transitions with the adjoining buildings, the basements of which were warehouses, and the incoming cargo was unloaded from barges. Now the lower tiers of channels in the form of terraces converted into a café.

The Gothic Cathedral Domkerk the highest in the Netherlands, the spire. Moreover, this Cathedral is the oldest in the country. The majestic Cathedral of Utrecht was built in 1254-1517.

Particularly attracted to the building of the famous University of Utrecht in the Renaissance style. Among the museums is a very interesting Museum and Central Museum with a collection of the beginning of the XVII century.

Dostoprimechatelnosti Utrehta


Maastricht is a large business center of Limburg, it is located between Belgium and Germany.

Maastricht is one of the oldest city in Holland, a small settlement was founded here by the Romans around 50 BC, the Settlement had a very favorable geographical position, and over time it has grown into a town.

Despite the modern development of the city historic objects in good condition. The magnificent Basilica of Sint-Servaas of Maastricht.

At the grave of Saint Servatius is always a lot of tourists and pilgrims. In 1984 here was a visit from John Paul II.

Among the attractions are still standingto see the Basilica Notre Dame de Onze Lieve Frau. It is the oldest Church of the city.

Be sure to walk through the square Vrijthof – it is definitely the most beautiful in Maastricht. On the Marketplace you can see the monument to Jean-Pierre Minkler, through which the world was familiar with gas lighting.


The town is big enough, but surprisingly environmentally clean, since most residents prefer to travel by Bicycle.

The museums of the city will be interesting for every tourist. Particularly notable art Museum Stedeliyk.

I would like to mention Evoluon Museum of science, which looks like a UFO. It will be very interesting, especially if you are traveling with children.

Football games is a favorite way of leisure of the local population. If the stadium couldn't accommodate everyone, then you can go to the sports bar and enjoy and there is excellent local beer.

The best brewery is located in an urban monastery, a tradition. And according to the will of the Pope, the day of the city's inhabitants relied to 2.5 liters of beer.

Many shops, restaurants and cozy cafes will be interesting for those who love shopping and want to taste the delicious dishes of the local cuisine.

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Leiden is an old cosy town, which is situated between Amsterdam and the Hague. Here is the oldest University in the Netherlands, it was opened in 1575.

The history of the founding of this city is quite unusual. In 1575 for his bravery, the inhabitants of the city could receive the award. The choice was either College or full exemption from taxes. Residents chose the latter.

Leiden municipal Museum has in its walls an art gallery with a unique exhibition of artists whose lives were connected with the city.

Leiden is the birthplace of Rembrandt, who later moved to its authentic Amsterdam. Worth a visit and the military Museum of Leiden, who will talk about the history of the armed forces of the country from the 16th century to the present day.

Treasure of nature can be enjoyed in the Botanical garden, one of the oldest sites in Europe of its kind, founded in the 16th century.


The city is literally in the Netherlands between the Hague and Leiden. Widely known around the world due to the large number of historical monuments, many of which were created in the 16th and 17th centuries and the famous blue and white tiles that adorned fireplaces and stoves in the palaces of Russian emperors.

To start exploring the city is best from the market square, which is always noisy and crowded. Here you can see a huge number of varieties of cheese, tulips and other goods.

If you are fatigued, then after you can go to a cozy local restaurant, and then again to hit the road for experiences.

The new Church of Delft – Neuve-kirk, by its design it is hanging over the city. Its spire height one hundred meters, over the centuries it many times, was hit by lightning and the Church has survived many fires.

Though it was in the 17th century, stained glass was finally restored only in the 20th century.

Dostoprimechatelnosti Delfta


The capital of the Netherlands financial and cultural center of the country. Here, too, there is something to see.

First, Amsterdam was known as a tiny fishing settlement, but at the end of the XII century, during the Golden age of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is becoming one of the most important ports in the world.

At that time he was one of the most important diamond trading centres. In the future, the city has expanded.

Among the main attractions of this magnificent city should definitely select the Rijksmuseum, van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, red light district and many cafes and restaurants annually attract millions of tourists.

Amsterdam attractions (Sights of Amsterdam)


It is a cosy and nice town with well preserved old buildings, interesting sculptures and many other interesting objects.

The historical part of the city is on the West side of the river, the guy near. In the middle Ages there the artists worked Hale and baths Ruisdael.

Among the interesting sites worth noting station is the only building that is created in the art Nouveau style in 1908.

Grademark is the square in Haarlem, where you can find the St. Bavo Church. Until the 16th century it was a Catholic but later became Protestant.

This Church stands on and free concerts are held and every two years there is a contest of organ music.