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The attractions of Rotterdam: what to look for 1 (one) day photo

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Rotterdam attractions which attract the tourists the opportunity to stroll through the interesting destinations, to get acquainted with ancient and modern architecture, to see the beauty of the local nature and visit museums, it is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands.

Top 10 main tourist attractions - pictures with description

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Rotterdam arose in the mid-thirteenth century as a small fishing village. He soon began to grow and develop, and then in 1340 he received from count William IV the status of the city. Its location played an important role. The city has access to the sea and able to accommodate Harbor ship of any size.

Such advantages have made it the largest port in the country and throughout Europe.

Due to such characteristics of the Rotterdam port, the city became known as "the center of world distribution."

The old harbour

Since then, centuries have passed, but the residents of Rotterdam have managed to preserve several historical monuments and interesting places reminiscent of the past of the city. The most prominent example is the Old harbour – building, allowing to see how beautiful could be this city, if it had not suffered about the bombing. It is a valuable object because thanks to her, the locals were able to get rich.

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The old harbour was built in 1350, and since then her appearance has not changed much. It is a small pond, the coast of which is paved with stone area for walking.

Along the promenade area are barges, yachts, boats, and sometimes appear the reconstruction of the pirate schooners and privateers. Old buildings along the waterfront made in the traditional style – tall and narrow red-brick houses with steep stairs.

The white house

The architects of Rotterdam has always been distinguished by originality and unconventional approach to construction. This feature is noticeable while walking through the ancient and modern parts of the city. In particular, it is the first skyscraper in Europe – a beautiful structure that emerged in 1898. Its height is 43 meters, and in those days the figure was quite impressive.

The white house is located near the Old harbour, and it's easy to see. The facade is decorated with white mosaics and in the style of art Nouveau. Critics have argued that the construction does not stand for a long time, because its Foundation rests on piles, and the soil in the swampy city.

In spite of this, the building is still in perfect condition and even managed to survive the war.

Cubic buildings

kubicheskie doma

Business card of Rotterdam is not only ancient architecture, but also modern buildings, many of which cause genuine admiration. One of these structures – the Cubic houses is a complex of architectural objects representing a whole street of inverted and placed on one corner of the houses.

All the buildings can accommodate them. Inside are living quarters for the richest residents. But one building was turned into a Museum. Once inside, tourists can get acquainted with the peculiarities of such an extraordinary property, with the intricacies of their structure and architectural secrets.

Erasmus bridge

The most famous landmark of Rotterdam – Erasmus bridge is a modern and graceful structure that is often found intourist brochures of the city.

He is familiar to travelers for many reasons, one of them is a high – tech, and the other symbolism. Its unusual, asymmetrical shape resembling a Swan, says that the city managed to recover after a devastating war.

According to history, during the Second World war Rotterdam was completely wiped out in just a few days. After the bombing, many buildings were not subject to reconstruction, so it was decided to rebuild the town, completing its most daring structures. Erasmus the bridge became one such symbol, and its Creator managed to combine precise scientific calculation, and an interesting artistic idea.

The Diergaarde Blijdorp

zoologicheskij park

In the Kingdom of the Netherlands is the oldest zoo, considered one of the most interesting in the world, and you can find it in Rotterdam. Its unique feature is that for animals there are no habitual cages. All of them are kept in cages where they have created a unique habitat, as close to natural.

All the zoo residents get along well on-site and feel free, and because of this, they often receive the Deposit. By visiting this attraction, tourists can:

  • to see rare and exotic animals;
  • to visit the Oceanarium;
  • to get acquainted with the ecosystem of different parts of the world.


Windmills, no doubt, is the most recognizable symbol of the Netherlands. However, in the country of such facilities there are not too many. To see this mechanism, it is enough to go to an ancient village called Kinderdijk.

The village is located near Rotterdam, but, unlike the city with mirrored houses and unusual buildings, the village looks very authentic and atmospheric.

In Kinderdijk presented original building with the rotating blades and the grindstone inside them. Totally there are about 20 mills, and some of you can go to explore the mechanism explore the interior.

derevnya Kinderdejk

Many tourists say that the winter here is unbelievably beautifulas this season can not only take a tour, but also to skate on the surface of the river.

Tower Evromast

Due to the unusual architecture, Rotterdam consider an innovative and high-tech city. Its open spaces embody the most daring ideas, which do not even have to dream of other European cities. One of these buildings – Euromast – tower, whose height reaches 185 meters.

It was erected in 1960 to attract tourists. The essence of the facility is that at a height of 96 metres Rotterdam the guests can see the panorama of the city, and 85 meters above to visit the booths of glass with a transparent floor. Just one look down can cause a storm of emotions.

The Municipality Of Rotterdam

During the war in Rotterdam survived only a few buildings, one of which is the municipality – the structure was built in 1914-1920.

The architects who worked on the project, wanted to create a building that could combine from several directions. Looking at this house now, you will notice that the individual parts are made in the style of art Deco, Romanesque, Beaux arts and not only.

Market Markthal

rynochnaya zona Markthal

Very unusual sights of Rotterdam – a modern building market, which has become known what's inside sell a variety of products: spices, rare fruit, and dozens of varieties of the different vegetables.

It is noteworthy that all the products are farm. They are of high quality and environmental friendliness.

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Museum Boijmans van Beuningen

Among the striking sights of Rotterdam it is worth noting the city's museums is a storehouse of exhibits with history. You should definitely visit the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen. This exhibition was opened in 1859, and since then, her collection grew rapidly.

The basis of the collection were the works of such famous artists as Bosch, Rembrandt, Rubens and van Gogh. Here you can find a collection of medieval engravings.

The architecture of the city

arhitektura Ratushi

To explore all of the architectural landmarks of Rotterdam, you may need more than one day.


Interesting buildings

The heart of the Rotterdam city Hall – a monument of architecture built in the early XX century. Despite the fact that he survived the war and was much destroyed, the people of the city had been restored. In our days the tourists can watch the pompous building, decorated with statues, Carillon with 48 bells and stucco.

Among the historic structures worth mentioning castles and palaces:

  1. castle Hannigan is a charming property built in 1297;
  2. castle van Rhoon – building, erected in 1432;
  3. castle d Olyphant – mansion, the former possession of one of the richest merchants.

In the vicinity of Rotterdam, you can meet the oldest castles of the region – Berg, Catroina and Ravestein.

The structure was built between 1100 and 1300. they are characterized by high protective walls, battlements and moats.

Looks quite attractive , the building of the railway station. It was erected in 2013 on the old site. A feature of the construction is that instead of the roof from transparent glass dome, through which inside the fall sunlight. Due to this, the building does not require lighting, and the city saves the money.

A real architectural pride of Rotterdam – a modern port. He is considered one of the largest ports in the world, because from year to year by up to 30,000 ships. Its territory is continuously growing and expanding. Now its length is about 40 km, and covers an area of 10,000 Hectares.

Churches and cathedrals

Rotterdam is not rich in religious buildings of interest to tourists. But the tour should include a visit to the Church fathers-the pilgrims. The history of this object is associated with the times of the colonization of America – one of the brightest periods in the life of the city and the country.

religioznye stroeniya

In those days the colony from England sailed from the port of Holland to explore new lands, but the population, who settled in America, almost all of them died in the first year. But they did not give up and founded a second settlement where the state of the USA.

The temple was built in Rotterdam in 1417, and his parish consisted of Catholics. A century later he became a Protestant, as the country was a change of denomination.

The Church was rebuilt several times, and in the XVIII century, it completely altered the facade. During the war it suffered almost no damage.

In the historic centre of Rotterdam is the Church. Lawrence is a structure with unusually high façade. She plays the role of a Museum and places where you can listen to the sound of the organ.


Walking around Rotterdam, you can find the monument to Peter the great. This is due to the fact that the king was very fond of this city and from here he was brought to Russia their knowledge about shipbuilding and seamanship.

Among the famous monuments worth noting is the city of sculptures:

  • Two bears;
  • Girl with hoops;
  • Girl with cat;
  • Unbroken;
  • Triumph.

Tragic is a monument to "the Destroyed city", Recalling how many had to endure and lose the Rotterdam and its inhabitants during the war.


Fans of interesting exhibitions have the opportunity to visit the Maritime Museum – the exposition, where everything related to this subject. Here are models of ships, maps and navigational instruments, gear, and port architecture. In this unique and interesting place will appeal to children and adults.

Unusual exhibition can be visited in the Museum of Natural history, for example, the exhibition "Dead animals with a story" that shows what happens in the collision between human and animal. You can see a Seagull hit by a ambulance, a mouse caught in a mousetrap or hedgehog with his head stuck in a plastic Cup.

Where else to go?

chto eshe posetit?

In Rotterdam is a lot of interesting objects connected with the culture and history of the city. While walking there is a special atmosphere and the time flies by.

Natural objects

In Rotterdam there is a cozy area – Botanical garden ", Trompenburg". Its territory is decorated with thousands of species of trees, shrubs and herbs.

Collection Trompenburga began to gather in the XIX century, and now the tourists have the opportunity to visit several themed areas with varied landscaping.

You can visit several scenic spots:

  1. Het Park;
  2. lake of Kralingen;
  3. Park Plastic.

What to see in 1 day?

Rotterdam – ancient houses, skyscrapers,square and the port. In these places it is possible to make the route. First and foremost, you should see the old harbour and the new port, to get acquainted with ancient architectural objects, of which there were very few, and to see in all its glory and modern structures.

The architecture can be examined for hours. Here there are unusual house in the form of a pencil, arches, steps, vehicle, rectangle, cube, or fungus. On the way to meet the bridge-the Swan, the street of cubic houses, the tower Evromast.

Museums in Rotterdam are not so many, but those that are really worthy of attention, especially the Maritime Museum. Also interesting is the Palace of peace of the UN, the Hague Museum and the coin Museum.

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