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Skiing in Slovenia ski resorts on the map - Bohinj and other

gornolyzhnye kurorty Slovenii

One of the most popular destinations for ski - resorts of Slovenia. Ski resorts in the country for tourists and provide excellent conditions for everyone, including kids, as well as reasonable prices on all services.

Gornolyžki Slovenia on the map

kompleksy na karte

The small, but incredibly cozy and picturesque country with excellent conditions for active tourism.

Almost the entire territory of Slovenia is surrounded by mountains, and they provide ideal conditions for downhill skiing.

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The ski resorts of Slovenia are famous for stunning scenery, modern infrastructure and great opportunities for both beginners and advanced tourists, decided to pursue ski tourism.

On a modest territory of the country the mountains are quite extensive. From the South it is surrounded by Stone and Savinja Alps from the North – Eastern Alps and West Julian Alps. On these slopes is a fairly large number of legendary resorts.

All of them are located in very different parts of the Alps. Many of the most popular ski resorts and areas for winter sports are in the West of the country in the Julian Alps. It is in this region sent many winter tours to Macao.

How to get there?

kak doletet?

From Russia to Macao, passengers can fly to the capital of Ljubljana. From there tourists take a bus or taxi directly to the ski resort. Almost all resorts are located 60 to 80 kilometers from the capital, so this trip does not take much time.

If a vacation is planned on the ski slopes of Maribor, then they are accessible on the plane. The city has its own small airport is for domestic flights.

And the ticket on the plane you can buy right now. You only have to enter in this search form the city of departure and arrival, date and number of passengers.


Thanks to the mild climate of the Alps, the ski resorts of Slovenia are incredibly popular with all tourists without exception. In the mountainous part of the country winter lasts 4-5 months.

Despite the fact that the temperature here falls below zero, the weather allows you to relax from December to April.

Infrastructure of ski resorts

struktura gornyh baz

Map of ski resorts of Slovenia is incredibly diverse. This European country offers tourists a ride on roads of any kind, from smooth slopes for beginners to the slopes, designed for extreme. Just on its territory several tens of slopes, and the most popular ones below.

Mariborsko Pohorje

The most famous ski resort in Slovenia, is the place where often held various competitions of the world level. Local ski slopes today reaches more than 40 kilometers. Among them the most famous and biggest in Europe – night route, whose length is 4.5 km away. the Modern snow-making systems allow the snow to stick for the whole season.

Among the features of the Mariborsko Pohorje is worth noting:

  • The presence of flat and easy trails;
  • Excellent trails for Hiking;
  • Special trails for night skiing;
  • A large selection of possibilities for couples and honeymooners.

Due to its popularity, the resort is constantly growing and evolving. For quite some time here established tourist infrastructure, affordable equipment rental, there is a school with instructors to teachsnowboard and ski.

In addition to skiing from the slopes accessible for the tourists and other entertainment, such as different entertainment programme for adults, matinees for children, swimming pools, saunas, solariums and Turkish baths.


trassy Bovec-Kanin

On the highest slopes of the Slovenian Alps, is another popular ski resort. Its tracks are located at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level, and they are available from December to April. It is noteworthy that the local mountains are contiguous with neighboring countries, for this reason, holders of Schengen is a great opportunity to purchase a shared ski pass and head to the slopes of Italy or Austria.

Bovec is considered to be relatively young, but rapidly developing resort. Its territory has already built a large number of various slopes, starting from those designed for fans of quiet ride and ending challenging. In total there are 30 miles of trails, 11 lifts and a funicular railway.

The ski resort located hotels, from budget to prestige, a few villas, designed for large companies. Among the entertainment there are bath and sauna, several bars and restaurants and a fitness club.


This hotel is the closest to the capital Ljubljana, so it is chosen by those who go on holiday together with children. The resort is already a few years occupies the first place in popularity among couples and those who prefer relaxed skiing from the mountains. Especially convenient is that you don't have to carry with you on vacation, equipment – everything you need can be rented directly on site.

For tourists there are also several excellent trails (about 45 kilometers), climbing wall, school of paragliding, and several trails for cross-country skiing. Professionals will not be bored in Krvavec, because for them, there are 8 black runs. Resorts operates 11 ski lifts.

The ski resort is constantly held a variety of events and parties, and to catch them in the unique complex of hotels "Igloo Village".

Cobbles-2864 Bohinj

One of the most inexpensive resorts in Slovenia is located only 80 km from Ljubljana. He is still developing, but has already managed to acquire your own fans.

sklon Kobla-2864 Bohin

To this region come tourists, who prefer picturesque landscapes, relaxing holiday with children and a large choice of recreational activities.

Despite the fact that the resort is relatively new, in its territory provided with modern lifts, wide paved trails and a shared ski area with the neighbouring resort. In total, there are 9 tracks – only "red" and "blue", and their length is 23 km. In the future it is planned the opening of the "black" slopes, water Park and many entertainment centers.

Perhaps the number of trails at this resort not so extensive as others, but here at any time of the year is incredibly cozy and nice to relax. Its open spaces have schools for beginners are among the best in Slovenia, and is also available sledging, snowboarding and cross-country skiing.


This resort can be found in the legendary Julian Alps. The track here is very good, wide and groomed, and the lifts in the 8 pieces of work constantly, bringing up to 350 tourists every hour. Only on the territory of the 36 miles of trails that covers its picturesque slopes. Some of them are illuminated at night.

shema Vogelya

The bulk of the resort – goers to get up on skis, snowboards and sleds. Here there are trails for freestyle and paragliding. The main advantage of Vogel's private snowpark and ski Park, which are springboards for complex tricks.

Kranjska Gora

This resort is ideal for fans of outdoor activities. Its territory is a set of routes designed for beginners and children. Here you can learn the basics of skiing and snowboarding, mountaineering and other winter sports.

Many tourists choose winter resort, thanks to the wonderful and magnificent views from the tops of the mountains. Others remain in awe of the large variety of entertainment:

  1. Tennis court;
  2. Billiards;
  3. Casino;
  4. Clubs;
  5. Restaurants and much more.

It is noteworthy that the ski season in Kranjska Gora lasts longest - from late November to April.


One of the oldest resorts of Slovenia was opened about 45 years ago. Due to such respectable age, its infrastructure is extensive and diverse. Length of local route is 12 kilometres, some of them locatedon the gentle slopes. To the peaks gives tourists several lifts.

For fans of the versatile Catania Golte is perfect because there are trails for freeriding, as well as tracks for cross-country skiing. For those who want to take lessons for skating, the resort opened a school. There are also several centres for equipment rental.

Interesting facts

  • Many resorts of Slovenia are conveniently located near the capital. To the slopes of tourists take the buses that run 1-2 times per hour.
  • In all resorts there are schools where the instructors of the Russian language will teach all the basics of riding on all types of skis.
  • The cost of holidays in Slovenia so attractive that it is visited by tourists from European countries. Ski slopes are equipped not worse than in neighboring Italy or Austria, but the price level is much lower.
  • In addition to skiing from the slopes, the resorts affordable tour programs. Often their cost is included in the price ski pass.

To perfectly spend time in the ski resorts of Slovenia should study in detail all types of tracks.

Knowing what possibilities are offered to the tourists will make the holiday one of the best.

Finally, you can watch the video about ski resorts in Slovenia: