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Sights of Crete, is a must-see photo and description

Crete is a the largest Greek island, it can be clearly seen on the map of Greece. This place annually attracts thousands of tourists: the well-developed infrastructure, many attractions, warm climate, insanely beautiful nature. All this can not please the eye.

The island of Crete and its regions


The popularity of Crete also due to its geographical position. This place is bordered by four seas:

  1. The Cretan in the North;
  2. Libyan in the South;
  3. The Ionian - to the West;
  4. Cyprus (Carpathian mountains) to the East.

The island is located in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean sea, its structure is heterogeneous.

Crete consists of 4 areas:

  • Heraklion. Is the capital of Crete. It is in Heraklion in Crete for the first time began to appear in hotels. Therefore the tourist business here has reached unprecedented heights. Heraklion will appeal to all lovers of architectural delights, since it has many historical monuments, museums. However, this place is suitable for lovers of active nightlife. Heraklion is a bustling and crowded city that does not sleep even at night.

  • Chania. Perfect for lovers of a more relaxing holiday. This area is literally immersed in greenery. Chania is in the Western part of the island and fairly distant from the centre. That is why it is not as heavily populated by tourists, such as Crete. However, here, as well as in other areas of Crete, a well-developed infrastructure. Chania has beautiful beaches, abundance of cypress trees. Chania is cozy streets, the beautiful nature on the island, quiet and relaxing stay.
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  • Rethymno. Enjoys great popularity not only among travelers, but also among local residents. Locals call this part of the city "Cretan Venice". The location is ideal for walking, because everywhere there are buildings designed and built in the Venetian style. Here you will be able to experience the atmosphere of relaxation and to visit the middle Ages.

    Rethymno is known for its beaches. The local beaches stretch along the coastline in the distance. Therefore, absolutely everyone can find a place in the sun.

  • Lasithi. This area will not leave indifferent any traveler. This place is perfect for lovers. The city, surrounded by greenery, the colors, adjusts to the romantic mood. Here, indeed, the unique nature. In Lasithi you will be able to experience the local flavor, the true spirit of Greece. In addition, in this area is the famous and most beautiful Bay in Crete, Mirabello. To go to Crete and not to visit this world - renowned Bay would be a crime!

The sights of Islands - photos and description

Like the Greece, Crete has rich history and a very memorable nature. Evidence of this are the many memorable places and beautiful scenery.


  • Falassarna is an ancient Greek port city. About the remains of the former power of this city is evidenced by the dilapidated remains of fortresses. This is a real Paradise for people interested in archaeology. There are constantly being excavated, scientists find new and new artifacts. There is also a Museum, visiting which, you can see the found archaeological rarity.
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  • Another historical monument is of Olous. This ancient city, once rich and powerful. Here, indeed, there is something to see. But what he differsfrom, say, Falasarna? Same the remains of the city, if not one "but". This cityis under water. "Landmark-invisible", so called this place before was invented the aqualung.

    Now tourists can dive with scuba diving deep sea and explore a sunken ancient Olous.

    There is one place where the fortress wall of the city is very high and reaches to the water surface. Travellers love to be photographed like they walk on water. It is a favorite tourist spot for photo sessions.

  • One of the architectural attractions of Crete is the labyrinth of the Minotaur. Connected with the place of amazing Greek legend. Once in this labyrinth lived the Minotaur, whom the king kept in order to instill fear in local residents, and in order to collect their tribute. This went on for as long as the brave Theseus not freed people from the terrible monster, and not freed the lovely Ariadne.
  • Even more beautiful local legends you will be able to know if you visit the Museum of Agios Nikolaos. This Museum is dedicated to archeology. The Museum has 4 large rooms, which is enough to fully feel the spirit of Greece and learn some interesting facts about the history of Crete.

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All the attractions of Crete can be visited with a guided tour. Many guides speak in Russian, so the problems with understanding will not arise.


The natural attraction of the island, Dinjiska cave, is a fascinating spectacle. Dinjiska cave greets visitors with stalactites, stalagmites of strange shapes, underground lake, the mysterious bridges. This place permeates the mystical atmosphere.

It is known that after the Second World War the inhabitants of Crete were thrown into the lake of Voulismeni German technology as a symbol of liberation.

In addition to the above attractions, every self-respecting tourist should visit lake Voulismeni. This is a very deep freshwater lake, which has a substantially circular shape. It is a place shrouded in many legends. One of them, there generally is no bottom. According to another legend, this lake was bathed itself Athena - Goddess of war strategy.

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No tourist will not leave indifferent Elafonisi beach. No beach of Crete, with its crystal-clear turquoise water cannot fail to impress the traveler. But the one who was in Crete and has not been to Elafonisi, locals say that he saw nothing. A distinctive feature of this beach is pink sand. From this landscape is breathtaking.

One of the most popular activities on the island is the Watercity water Park. Waterside can present you with 34 water games to choose from, lots of water slides, water races and plenty of activities that will help to relax and soul, and body. Up to this water Park you can reach by carbecause it is a 10-minute drive from Heraklion. To go for practically nothing, and it's worth it!

What else to see in Crete?

You can visit the Palace of Knossos. This place is shrouded in various legends, and here annually receives many tourists. To get here you can both by carand by bus. The starting point is the stop in Heraklion, near the kiosk "Palace of Knossos".

But to the beach of Elafonisi, which is mentioned above, you can easily get its course, as the Bay there not long, and the depth of the water no higher than knee-length.

If you rent a car, travel will be more comfortable and faster. So, by car you can visit the labyrinth of the Minotaur and many other attractions, as they are relatively close to the capital of Crete – Heraklion.

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If you're travelling with a child, you just can't pass by the lake of Kournas. This is a rare beauty of the lake with scenic nature. But the children, of course, will be more interesting: in this lake there are turtles. And Kournas are allowed to swim. Kids should definitely go to Watercity Waterpark.

By visiting these remarkable places, you will definitely wantto visit Crete again!

I advise you to watch a video about the attractions of Crete: