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Holidays in Greece: sights of the Peloponnese on the map

dostoprimechatelnosti Peloponnesa

Greece will impress even the most sophisticated tourist trip to the Peloponnese. Attractions of Greek antiquity and the Byzantine Empire, numerous archaeological sites, as well as relaxing on the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean coast - purpose travelers in these places.

Peloponnese on the map in Russian language

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The Peloponnese Peninsula is part of the modern Hellenic Republic. It is the Peloponnese is one of the cradles of civilization, where it began its spread around the world.

For those who are not so interested in antiquity, will fit the beautiful beaches and developed hotel Peloponnese.

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The Peloponnese Peninsula is located in southern Greece. From the point of view of physical geography of the Peloponnese — the southern part of the Balkan Peninsula, separated from him by the Corinthian canal.

On site are 2 of the Peloponnese periphery (administrative unit of Greece), the Western Greece and the Peloponnese. Earlier, Greece was divided into administrative units, noma, which was recently abolished. For ease of orientation division at noma is still used in everyday life. Ex - noma of the Peloponnese:

  • Arcadia;
  • Messinia;
  • Laconia;
  • Korinthia;
  • Elijah;
  • Achaea;
  • Argolis.

The largest cities of the Peninsula are: Patras, Kalamata, Corinth, Tripoli, Argos.

How to get from Moscow?

kak doletet iz stolicy Rossii?

The easiest way to get to Peloponnese from Moscow to fly a regular flight to Athensand then travel by car length 120-260 miles, depending on the selected destinations on the Peninsula.

In the holiday season Charter flights from Russia are taking 2 small airport

  1. Araxos in the North-West Peninsula;
  2. Kalamata in the South.

Buy a plane ticket can be made online using this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

Of airports of the Peninsula to the right of the hotel can be reached by taxi or bus.


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The Peloponnese is literally saturated with numerous attractions located in the ancient cities of which everyone knows at school. Visiting the magnificent ruins of Olympia, where the Olympic games were born, austere Sparta or the ancient cultural centres of Corinth and Mycenae, not only personally to revise school textbooks, but to touch eternity.

Architectural structures

The Peloponnese Peninsula is one of the cradles of Ancient Greece, preserved numerous monuments of ancient times.

  • The ruins of ancient Olympia located in the northwestern part of the Peninsula. One of the largest sanctuaries of Ancient Greece, dedicated to Zeus, was the place where was carried out for the Millennium Olympic games.

    Here are the ruins of the temple of Hera and temple of Zeus, which was once one of the wonders of the world — the statue of Zeus. A Grand statue of ivory, gold and precious stones of the authorship of the sculptor Phidias, adorned the temple of Zeus for 800 years, from 430 BC to 376 BC, and then was brought to Constantinople, where he died in the fire.

    The ruins of ancient Olympia has also preserved the ruins of the workshop of Pheidias, the Gymnasium, Filipion, built during the reign of the Macedonian kings Philip and Alexander the Great, the Olympic stadium, which hosted the competitions of the ancient athletes, Roman baths and many other monuments of the ancient world. In the temple of Hera in our timeheld a solemn ceremony of lighting the Olympic flame, which then travels to the modern Olympic games.

  • The ancient city of Epidavros in our time has become a small fishing village, in Ancient Greece, was a major city and place of worship of the God of medicine, Asclepius.

    The main attraction of Epidaurus are well preserved ruins of the Grand theatre, the stands which could accommodate up to 14 thousand people. Theatre is one of the masterpieces of ancient architecture, thanks to its magnificent acoustics, the ringing of falling coins on the stage was audible in the back row of the theatre at a distance of 60 metres.

  • Also at Epidaurus is the sanctuary of Asklepios — the asklepieion. Both sites listed as world heritage by UNESCO.

  • The ruins of the ancient city of Corinth is located on the North of the Peninsula 5 km from the modern city of Corinth, founded in the mid-nineteenth century after the devastating earthquake that destroyed the ancient city.

    ostatki arhitekturnyh stroenij

    Ancient Corinth is one of the main policies of Ancient Greece, its most important cultural, political and economic center. The main attractions of the ancient city is the temple of Apollo, the ruins of Pyrene — the main water source of the city, the sanctuary of Asklepios and the ancient theatre.

    Acrocorinth (Acropolis of Corinth), located on a cliff and stands over the ruins of the ancient city. Acrocorinth was significantly fortified by the Byzantines and then the walls were rebuilt by the Venetians, who possessed in the middle Ages the Peloponnese. On top of the rock in ancient times was the temple of Aphrodite, later converted into a Christian Church in the Ottoman time served as a mosque.

  • The ruins of Sparta, one of the most famous Greek policies, have survived to the present day in the same city, located in the South of the Peninsula. Here you can find only the remains of the former greatness of one of the most powerful States of Ancient Greece. Among them the statue of the legendary king Leonidas, the ruins of the Acropolis and the ancient theatre and ruins of the temple of Athena.
  • The ruins of Mycenae, the capital of the Mycenaean civilization, located in the North-East of the Peninsula. The policy, according to mythology founded by Perseus, was the chief city of the Peloponnese in the bronze age. There are the ruins of the Grand Palace and the Mycenaean tombs in which were buried by the local kings.
  • The temple of Apollo in the Bass is one of the best preserved monuments of the ancient world, listed as world heritage by UNESCO. The temple is located on top of mount Kotilion on the territory of the modern city of Messenia.
  • The temple of Apollo was built in V century BC by the author of the Parthenon, architects Iktinos.

    sooruzhenie hrama Apollona

  • Nestor's Palace is located 20 kilometers from the town of Pylos and is a monument of Mycenaean bronze age civilization that existed on the territory of Ancient Greece from the sixteenth century BC, long before classical Greece.

    The mythical king Nestor is mentioned in the labors of Hercules, as well as in the pages of "the Odyssey" and "Iliad" as one of the most powerful kings of the Achaeans and a member of the legendary Trojan war. Nestor's Palace was a grandiose two-storey Palace with an enormous throne room. The Palace was destroyed in the XII century BC. the Disaster of the bronze age during the Dorian invasion, to the present day survived only the ruins.

Besides the monuments of antiquity, on the Peninsula there are many attractions created in the Byzantine period and later times.

  1. The monastery of Mega Spileon was founded in the IV century BC by the brothers Theodore and Simeon. Located 10 kilometers from the city of Kalavryta on the steep slopes of mount Helmos. During its existence the monastery was the spiritual center of the Byzantine Empire and after the conquest of Greece by the Ottoman Empire became one of the centers of the struggle for independence.

    Several times during the Greek uprising and War for independence Mega Spileon was besieged by Turkish troops, but it never was taken because of its location and dedication of the defenders of the monastery. The main Shrine of the monastery is the icon of the virgin of the authorship of the Evangelist Luke.

  2. The abandoned medieval town of Mystras near Sparta was founded in the XIII century by the Franks, who controlled then the Achaean Principality. In mistras numerous monuments of the middle Ages, among them several churches, the Metropolitan of Mystras Palace of Despots, monasteries Brenthion, Pantanassa and Perivlepto, Palace complexes Palaeologus and more. The only active monastery in the town is the monastery of Pantanassa.
  3. Due to the fact that in the first half of the XIX century the city was abandoned, excursion to Mystras recalls a trip to a Ghost town.

  4. The fortress town of Monemvasia is located on a rocky island near the coast of the Peloponnese. The city was founded during the Byzantine Empire, survived many sights, created at the time. Among them stands out the Church of the HolySofia as well as many other Orthodox churches.

Natural objects

prirodnyj kanal

The main natural attractions of the Peloponnese has been created without human intervention. It is and picturesque Corinth canalconnecting the Aegean and Ionian sea and turned the Peloponnese into a separate "island".

The channel was created in the late nineteenth century as a result of joint activities of the French and Greek engineers. Located close to the city of Corinth in the North of the Peninsula. See on passing through the canal ships with an impressive height you can, take the car on the road connecting Corinth and Loutraki and stopping at the Old bridge.

The canal connects the Aegean sea with the Gulf of Corinth Ionian sea, where you will find some of the best beaches in the Peloponnese.

Rock Taygeta located near Sparta, which according to legend, the Spartans threw sickly babies, unworthy of life. Modern archaeologists refute this version, however, confirm that the rocks were used for executions of criminals.

Diru caves are located in the South of Peloponnese on the Mani Peninsula in Laconia. The cave complex consists of three caves to tourists opened the largest of them — in fact, the cave of Diros.

A large part of the cave is an underground lake, which visitors can ride on boats. The area of the cave is hundreds of thousands of m2, but visitors are only available route length of about one kilometre. To reach the cave, you first need to drive to Areopolis, then get to the town of Pyrgi Dirou.

The rest of the Peninsula

The Peloponnese is not only a Museum under the open sky, full of ancient sights, but also a great place to stay because of the wonderful climate, abundance of sun and heat, beautiful beaches and a developed service.

Where and when is the best time to relax?

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On the Peninsula is the classic Mediterranean climate. Stay in may and June, when not so hot, more suitable for lovers of excursions and historical sites, but the sea water is still quite cold.

From mid-June starts the bathing season. The greatest number of beach tourists is in July and August, and in September begins the "velvet" season when the temperature falls and becomes comfortable to relax on the beaches and trips to the cities of the Peloponnese.

The beaches on the Peninsula is mainly sandy or sandy-pebble. The bulk of tourists stops at the North of the Peninsula, in the prefectures of Corinthia and Achaea. Here are the main hotel chains hotels, the best beaches in the Peloponnese, and the proximity of Athens allows you to go on a trip to the Greek capital. The best places to stay here are the Corinth, Loutraki and Xylokastro resort.

The South of the Peninsula, especially Mr. Messinia, is popular due to Kalamata airport, which is located in the capital of the nome. The beaches of the South Peninsula are deserted, so will suit people looking for privacy. There are resorts of Stoupa, Zaga and the actual Kalamata.

The best resort is considered Messinia, Costa Navarino, which is famous for its sandy beaches and the beautiful Bay of Voidokilia.

In nome ARGOLIDA in the Eastern part of the Peninsula best places to stay are the resorts of Nafplion, Porto Heli and the village Plepi beach which was awarded Blue flag for cleanliness and high standards of quality.

Where to stay?

Hotels in the Peloponnese is much less than in other resort areas of Greece, and the chance to meet compatriots tends to zero. World famous hotel chains here, but open a lot of hotels popular Greek networks.

For fans of star hotels "all inclusive" should look to the hotels Kanarion, Violeta and Aegean View in Loutraki. In Nafplio the hotel offers "all inclusive" is a hotel Tolo, and in Costa Navarino — Navarino Resort Villas by Xenia. In Porto Heli you should look at the hotel AKS Porto Heli 4*.

For a holiday with children on the Peninsula will suit best hotels: The Romanos Resort and the Westin Resort in Costa Navarino, Marianna guest house and hotel Perivoli in Nafplio, as well as Likinia Hotel in Monemvasia Laconia in nome.

See a fascinating video about the attractions of the Peloponnese: