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Greece: where, how many hours to fly from Moscow, time difference

gde nahoditsya Greciya?

Thanks to its excellent climate, abundance of seaside resorts, delicious cuisine, variety of entertainment and attractions, Greece is already quite long become a favorite resort of many tourists. But before the first trip is to look at a map and figure out where Greece is located.

The location of Greece on the world Atlas

mestopolozhenie strany na atlase mira

Being one of the most ancient countries, Greece is often changed boundaries. In history there have been periods when the state expanded its territory to the neighboring continents or lost in the wars of the borders.

Even despite the fact that in our days the boundaries of Greece is small, this country has greatly influenced the cultural and linguistic heritage of neighbouring States.

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On which continent is?

If you look at the map of the world, Greece can be found in the southern part of the Balkan Peninsula. Geographically, the country is at the crossroads of three continents – Africa, Europe and Asia, but it has no borders with the countries of the European Union. The protruding part of the land belongs to Eurasia, and it is located in the South-Western part.

Greece is not only the mainland but also many Islands in the several seas. The entire country has about 2 000 Islands, the largest are Crete, Corfu and Rhodes. Several large archipelagos, included in its composition, are popular resorts and particularly popular with tourists.

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Conventionally, the territory is divided into three parts:

  • Mainland area, which includes the districts of Epirus, Thessaly, Thrace and Macedonia, as well as several Islands of the Ionian sea;
  • The Peloponnese Peninsula is a small area of land that has a land connection with mainland;
  • Islands, which lie in the Aegean and Cretan.

In total, the total area of Greece is 131 994 Q2, but even with such small size, this country has something to show to tourists.

With which countries it borders?

Coming to Greece are the countries with common borders, is Bulgaria, Macedonia, Turkey and Albania. Some of the travelers say that the inhabitants of these countries have external similarity. This is due to the fact that all previously lived in the same area, therefore, have common ethnic roots.


klimaticheskie usloviya

The whole territory of Greece lies in a subtropical climate, so the summers are hot and dry and winters are cool and damp. In summer, the temperature in the country reached 32 degrees and the humidity is 55%. Beach tourism is available already in may and lasts until the end of October.

It is worth noting that despite the high temperatures, summer heat in Greece, carried much easier, especially on the Islands. With a refreshing sea breeze making the stay a pleasant one. Strongest heat could be felt on the mainland, because there is no wind and the heat.


Tourists who choose Greece as a holiday resort, you have the option to choose a sea on which to relax. Coast of the country washed by the Mediterranean, Ionian and Aegean sea, each of which has its own characteristics.

  1. The most popular is the Mediterranean coast, because the sea water is always warm – the temperature in the summeris +26°C, and tides are insignificant.
  2. The beaches in the resorts of sand and shingle with a fairly developed tourist infrastructure. The most famous of them are located in Rhodes.

  3. No less popular coast of the Ionian sea – resorts of the Islands of Corfu, Ithaca, Zakynthos, Lefkada and Kefalonia as well as many other Islands. In summer, the sea temperature here warms up to +25 degrees, and the tourist season continues until Oct.
  4. In the Aegean sea tourists choose the island of Crete, because the water on the coast is very clean and clear, and the coast is marked "Blue flag". In summer the sea is not as warm – the temperature is only about +23°C, but this is completely kompensiruet an abundance of the most different entertainments.

State map

The entire territory of Greece is a real Paradise for tourism and convenient travel between the mainland and the Islands makes a holiday in this country is ideal for every tourist.

Administrative division

shema gosudarstva

According to the government, Greece is divided into 13 regions, which include the region of Attica, Central Greece and Central Macedonia, Crete, East Macedonia and Thrace, Epirus, Ionian Islands, North Aegean Islands and Peloponnese, South Aegean Islands, region of Thessalia, Western Greece and Western Macedonia.

Major cities

The largest and most famous city in Greece – Athens – the capital, named after the goddess of war, victory and wisdom. It is a large settlement, which became the cultural, historical and business center of the country.

In the territory of Athens, a highly developed infrastructure – the city has an airport, a metro and paved highways, as well as for tourists there are numerous hotels and entertainment.

Second in popularity and population – Thessaloniki is a city located in the North of the country. It is considered the unofficial capital of Greece and one of the oldest resorts. It is a major port on its territory developed several types of industrial and tourist interest are the ancient sights of the city.

The biggest and famous cities in Greece are also considered:

  • Patras is the fourth largest settlement, is the industrial center, a port and a treasure trove of historical attractions
  • Piraeus is one of the major port cities which transports passengers from the Islands of Rhodes, Crete and Samos;
  • Rhodes is the administrative centre of the island was known in ancient times, and today it will start from the ships to the Turkish resorts of Marmaris and Bodrum.

Not inferior to the popularity of Heraklion is the largest city, is the capital of the island of Crete. Since ancient times it served as an important port, an important cultural and industrial center of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Nowadays, Heraklion is a bustling modern centre, consisting of historical and tourist part.

Islands with names

ostrovnaya chast s nazvaniyami

Several large Islands in Greece are a popular destination for recreation. They attract tourists the possibility to diversify your vacation relaxing on the coast, exploring the many attractions of the region or having fun in water sports.

The most famous and largest island of Greece – Crete – the fifth largest in the Mediterranean sea. It is from three airports, two of which are international, as well as a large number of archaeological sites.

The coastline of Crete is 1046 kilometers, and its uniqueness lies in the fact that in different corners of the land may be different weather.

The second largest island in Greece – Euboea – an area of land located in the Aegean sea. From the mainland, just 38 kilometres, and together they are connected by two bridges. This island impresses tourists with its beautiful nature, thermal springs and mountains, with peaks which offer breathtaking views.

The third largest island in Greece – Lesbos – famous tourist destination, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

Here the tourists will enjoy the mild climate of the Aegean sea, beaches and exciting excursions to historical places.

To the largest and most popular Islands include:

  1. Rhodes is one of the most visited resorts in Greece has impressive size, quality beaches, soft and cloudless weather, excellent choice of entertainment and historic towns with narrow streets;
  2. Corfu – for the possession of this place in ancient times fought different people and for good reason. The island has an excellent climate, its nature allows you to enjoy fresh vegetables and fruit, and the underwater world is so rich and varied that divers from all over the world come here in search of amazing paintings;
  3. Santorini is loved by many newlyweds and romantic island of love attracts tourists with fabulous views, opportunityweddings and hotels where you can forget about everything.

Also very notable is considered the smaller Islands – KOs, Halkidiki, Samos, Naxos, Zakynthos and Mykonos.

ostrov Santorini

How to get there?

Resorts of Greece make this country very attractive for tourists. At any time of the year to get to her is not difficult.


Since tourism is the main source of income of Greece, the inhabitants of the country seriously approached the transport. Major international airports are on the mainland and on larger Islands. The country 15 terminals, which are tourists from all over the world.

The largest air gates:

  • Athens;
  • Heraklion;
  • Thessaloniki;
  • Corfu;
  • Rhodes;
  • Kavala.

Private international terminals not only on the island of Rhodes and Crete. You can find them on KOs, Lesvos, Corfu, Samos and Zakynthos.

Also the tourists have a great opportunity to get Charter flights to any island country.

Time zone

The whole Greek territory is within one time zone, and time difference with Moscow and St. Petersburg is -1 hour. However, because Russia was cancelled in the morning, and in Greece, this tradition has remained, the difference in winter is -2 hours.

The difference is in other big cities of Greece:

  1. Ekaterinburg +3 hours;
  2. Novosibirsk +4 hours;
  3. Krasnoyarsk +5 hours;
  4. Irkutsk +6 hours;
  5. Vladivostok is +8 hours.

Accordingly, in the winter, this difference is to add 1 hour.

How long is the flight from Moscow?

skolko vremeni dlitsya polet iz Moskvy?

When planning a flight from Moscow to Greece, at the height of tourist season one can find about 10 direct flights a day. Distance between countries is 2500 kilometers. A direct flight will take 3-4 hours.

Regular flights carry out company:

  • Aeroflot;
  • Aegean Airlines;
  • Vim-Avia.

In summer, Charter flights allow direct access to the major Islands and resorts in the country, and the rest of the travelers choose a path with a stopover in Heraklion, Athens and Thessaloniki.

This way it's a lot cheaper, and in addition, during docking you can walk around these cities to explore their attractions.

Is it possible to fly from St. Petersburg?

Direction Saint Petersburg - Greece is also popular, especially during the summer season. The flight from the Northern capital to the Greek resorts is unlikely to be tedious – the flight will last 4-6 hours with transfers.

From Pulkovo to major resorts go jet companies S7, Air Baltic, Aegean Airlines and Olympic Airways and Aeroflot. They do the transplant in such cities as Moscow, Chisinau, Paris, Minsk, Belgrade, Istanbul and Larnaca.

In the summer it is much easier to get to your resort via a Charter flight – the aircraft is sent directly, and the travel time is minimal.

A plane ticket you can purchase using this form of search. Enter the departure city and arrival city, date and number of passengers.

How to get there by train?

The resorts of Greece can be reached by train, but this way will take at least 2-3 days. This method is not always convenient for those who are pressed for time. However, these tours are popular with tourists who want to see not only Greece, but other European countries.

Trains start from the Belarus station of Moscow and follow to Brest. More tourists on the bus are transported across the border, and then by rail through Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to Athens.

We encourage you to watch a video about the exact location of Greece on the world map: