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To obtain a visa to Greece on your own: how to make and fill out a form?

kak poluchit vizu v Greciu?

Greece is one of the most interesting countries in terms of tourism. On its territory there are the wonderful beaches, ancient monuments of history and natural beauty – mountains, lakes and rivers. Tourists visit for shopping and exploring local cuisine.

But travelers who have not visited the Schengen countries, do not always know how to obtain a visa to Greece, so you should carefully study the process design.

Where to get a visa to Greece?

v kakom meste poluchit?

As the Government of Greece signed the Schengen agreement, travelers who choose to go on vacation in this country, will have to advance to arrange your entry visa in the Schengen area.

This is quite an easy process you can make yourself one of the most convenient ways is to fill the application form for example, then upload it online together with the package of relevant documents by contacting official agencies, representative offices or travel agent.

Visa application centres online

One of the most simple and inexpensive methods that guarantee almost 100% of the visa to Greece – an appeal to the Visa application centre. The first step is the online appeal, which implies the need to leave the application on the website.

Managers typically contact the Complainant and explain in detail about preparation of all necessary documents, then write to the meeting and help to fill in a questionnaire for submission to the Consulate.

This method has many advantages:

  • full support during the submission of documents;
  • fast and guaranteed receipt of a visa;
  • assistance in the organization of the fingerprint;
  • low prices for services.

Making in organizations

registraciya v organizaciyah

There are several ways to obtain a visa in Greece – the difference is the convenience of time. The simplest but rather expensive way is to contact a travel company.

It implies a minimum cost collection of all kinds of documents and the period of registration. Usually a Schengen visa through a travel Agency is done for 2-3 days. This is very convenient if the trip is planned on the last rounds.

The easiest way to obtain a visa, apply for visa online. For this you will need to gather all the necessary documents, take photos, fill out a form, and then send them in electronic form to the Consulate General.

This procedure is available at the Visa center, but it is important to know that in this case the applicant will be required to pay an additional fee.

It should be noted that the essential destination of Schengen in any of the European countries – biometrics – scanning of fingerprints and digital photo. If the visa is done for the first time, in this case, the online service will be unavailable and the applicant will have to apply in person.

If the process of fingerprinting was not passed before, the only way of obtaining a visa visit the Embassy or Consulate. In those same institutions are turning and those who need not only tourism but also other types of visas – working, educational, business, and other. For this you will need to fill out a questionnaire, then make an appointment online on the official website and be present personally at submission of documents.

podacha zayavki v vizovom centre

Addresses of General consulates and visa centers:

  1. The Consulate General of Greece in Moscow: Spiridonovka str., 14. Phones: +7 (495) 539-29-40, (495) 539-29-43. Reception of citizens from 10:30 to 13:00;
  2. Embassy of Greece in the capital: Leontievsky lane, 4. Phones: +7 (495) 539-29-43, +7 (495) 539-29-40. Mode of operation: mon-Fri 9:00-17:00;
  3. The visa center of Greece in Moscow, St. Mytnaya, 66. Phones: +7 (499)7033862, +7 (499)7098318;
  4. Gene. Consulate of GreekRepublic in Saint-Petersburg: Prospekt Chernyshevskogo, 17. Phone: +7 (812) 334-35-86;
  5. The Greek visa service centre in Saint-Petersburg: Nevskiy PR-t, 7. Hours: Monday-Friday from 9:00 to 14:00;
  6. The Consulate General in Novorossiysk: World street, 13.

The application process

One of the important points when applying for the visa is a sound approach to the collection of all required documents and filled. If the most responsible approach to this process, the result is guaranteed to be positive.

What documents are needed?

To obtain Schengen to Greece, will need a small list of documents, especially if you need a tourist visa. It is important to understand that to collect and transfer them to any of the organizations should as soon as possible, and not at the last moment.

This can be done at least three months prior to the trip. During this period you can slowly collect all the necessary documents, carefully checking them for errors.

Standard package includes:

  • photos in standard resolution (2 PCs 3,5*4,5 cm);
  • passport with validity not less than six months;
  • photocopies of pages of the internal passport;
  • certificate of employment on company letterhead;
  • medical insurance (30 000 Euro);
  • the questionnaire (each item to be filled in Latin letters).

kakie dokumenty trebuutsya?

The questionnaire for the visa is a simplified version of the questionnaire. It shall contain data about the exact dates of travel, name, surname, family status, data on a residence permit, as well as contact details and position at work.

A must be – information on previously issued visas, including the Schengen area. All data must be completely accurate, otherwise it will be "no".

If for any reason the applicant cannot obtain a certificate from the place of work, then instead you can give the consular section a invitation from a resident of Greece (visa invitation).

In that case, if a visa application takes unemployed citizen, you will have to provide one of the following documents: traveler's check, a Bank statement and sponsorship letter. They should make hotel reservation and tickets.

Children will need a copy of the birth certificate. Also will have to provide the representatives of the Consulate notarized permission from a guardian.

How to fill out a questionnaire?

All the items of the questionnaire filled only in Latin letters, including name, specify only as shown in the passport.

Population rules are as follows:

  1. the right column is for officials;
  2. travel location – city, which will be held most of the time;
  3. the number of days specified with the stock;
  4. the purpose of the visit is tourism, business or guest;
  5. place of residence – the address of the hotel.

The convenience of online filling is that if you wish, you can save a profile or to make changeswhen required. To answer all of the questions have to be very truthful and accurate. If you have any problems, you should check the information from official entities.

pravilnoe zapolnenie ankety

In the case that among the tourists is the child under 16 years of age, the questionnaire is filled, and then represent and serve the parents. If the child is over 16 years of age, to issue a document it needs independently, and to put his signature.

Photo requirements

Photos must meet standard requirements – survey not later than six months before the submission date, the background is light, the face must occupy 70-80% of the total, and it should not be glasses and hats.

The process of registration

To draw a Greek visa, you first need to pass a standard procedure – biometrics. This procedure is free, and it is done at personalthe presence at the visa application centre or the Embassy.

The main goal of this process is to remove the fingerprints of the applicant, then make a digital biometric photo and make these data in a common database of Schengen countries. Because of this, to undergo the procedure will have only 5 years, and the permit to enter any country to repeat it is not necessary.

algoritm oformleniya

The algorithm of actions for obtaining a visa:

  • filling in the questionnaire;
  • the Cathedral of all necessary documents;
  • appointments at the Visa office or Consulate;
  • filing of documents and the passage of biometrics;
  • payment of fees;
  • track status online;
  • a passport with permission.

To pick up a permit to enter independently, or use a courier.

Important details

Greece is especially popular among Russian tourists, so many are trying to enter the territory of this country, getting a Schengen visa. The paperwork in this country is much easier and faster than in other States.

How much for the Russians?

Depending on where will be the visa to Greece, the cost of this process will vary. The cheapest way is to visit the Consulate and submit the documents for visa professionals immigration services. In this case, you will have to pay a visa fee of EUR 35. This amount is payable only in rubles on the spot. It is worth noting that children under 6 years are exempted from this fee.

If you want to open a visa quickly, you can do it at the Visa application centre in one of the many cities of Russia. The cost of the procedure will cost the applicant in the amount of 1380 rubles, but it can vary. Official representatives can be found in Moscow, Kaliningrad, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Novorossiysk, Saint-Petersburg.

With a quick but rather expensive way – visa in travel Agency. A huge advantage is high speed of processing, but the average cost of an entry permit will cost from $ 120.

Making urgent solution

If you required urgent visa, the visa price will increase in two times. At the Consulate, the cost of such a document will cost $ 120.

As you can see, to get permission to enter the country quite easily – is just competently approach to the collection and processing of documents and their filing. In a very short time the representatives of the agencies will make a decision and soon tourists will have a great opportunity to visit Greece.

See in this video, what documents are needed for visa to Greece: