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Greece visa requirements for Russians - do what: Schengen, tourist

nuzhna li viza v Greciu?

Greece is considered one of the most attractive places to travel. In this country there are so many monuments of history and culture, delicious traditional cuisine and some of the best beaches in Europe. Before the trip is to find out whether you need a visa to Greece.

Enter Greece

peresechenie granicy

Planning a trip to Greece, many wanted to know do I need a visato enter the territory of this country.

The answers to such questions is to advance, it's better to be in one of the most popular countries among the Russians.

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Do I need a visa for Russians?

As Greece is a member country of the Schengen area, tourists will have to pre-arrange an entry permit to enter the territory.

Documents can be submitted in standard ways is to contact the Consulate, visa application centres or tourism Agency. Each of them to a greater extent ensures that the request will be approved, because the Greek government is loyal to the tourists from Russia.

What kind of visa is required?

kakoe razreshenie potrebuetsya?

Greece has long been a member of the Schengen area. To get on its territory, the easiest way is the registration of Schengen.

This type of permit is required in large number of cases, for example, if independent tourists planning to go on holiday, visit friends, relatives, or friends. A Schengen visa is required for delegates or business trips.

In case you need to go to Greece for later living with a spouse, study, work or permanent residency, then need the receipt of national visas. If the purpose of visit is transit, then tourists will have to submit a package of documents for this kind of visa.

Getting a Schengen visa through Greece – a fairly easy process, with a lot of advantages. If the passport will be pasted this entry permit, you have the unique opportunity to visit not only this country, but also the other 15 States.

In this case you must first cross the border of the state which issued the visa, and then stay there for large amounts of time.

Types of permits and for what period of time?

skolko dejstvuut raznye vidy?

For each type of visa that allows you to be in Greece, there are a number of requirements. It is important to determine the purpose of the tripin order to apply for and obtain an entry permit, and not to violate the terms of stay. Also, tourists planning to issue an entry permit, you will need certain documents.

Category A

This type of visa is the definition of transit. It will need citizens who will be located on the territory of the state travel to then make a change to another plane.

The residence time implies a period – it should not exceed 24 hours from the moment of landing. Obtaining this type of visa implies the continued presence exclusively in the transit area of the airport, and will have to have boarding passes and tickets on the final flight.

In that case, if Greece is a transit country between Russia and a state where a permit is not required for entry, will have to collect the documents only for a transit visa. If the final destination is a country within the Schengen area, foreignthe document need to affix a visa stamp of this country.

Type C

The most popular and versatile option is the visa to Greece – type C. This kind of permit is issued to those citizens who plan to visit the country for tourism – the beach, sightseeing or gastronomy tour. The maximum validity is 30 days.

For the visa requirements of the standard, as for any Schengen:

  • passport with validity not less than 3 months;
  • a completed application formwhich can be downloaded from the website;
  • two photo 35*45 mm;
  • booking hoteland tickets to both ends;
  • medical insurance worth at least EUR 30,000;
  • photocopies of pages of the internal passport;
  • confirmation of financial solvency (check, account statement).

It is worth noting that in September 2015 was added biometrics.

For the collection of biometric data will require fingerprint fingerprints and photographs of the retina made directly at the visa application centre.

biometricheskie dannye dlya tipa C

Time of registration of this document is fairly quick – two to four calendar days. For a visa will have to pay a visa fee of EUR 35 (2230 RUB.). From this fee are exempt children who are inscribed in the passport of parents as well as students of schools or Universities and close relatives in Greece.

Travel visa C alone is done in the consular section or travel firm. Mission of Greece are located in major citiessuch as Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.

Class D

If you want to stay in Greece for a longer period, then you should consider getting a national visa – type D. On the basis of this document, tourists have the opportunity to stay in the country from 100 to 360 days in a year.

National visa involves two types:

  1. normal – the period of stay shall not exceed 100 days, and to enter the country on a visa can be only once;
  2. multivisa – on the basis of this document can be located on the territory of the country about 360 days, and the number of entrances and exits is not restricted.

This kind of permit is required for those who want to be in Greece almost all the time, it does not have any problems with the immigration authorities. First of all, this need a visa for family reunification, as well as to study or work.

In addition to the standard package of documents required to obtain a national visa for Embassy of Greece, you must prepare a letter of invitation. The cost of procedures for obtaining a national visa will be 120 euros (7650 RUB).

Multivisa for 3 years and 5 years

Tourists wishing to visit Greece several times a long time, unable in this case to get multivisa. This document is issued to those who have the passport already has approved a Schengen visa, and during all visits, there was no violation.

mnogokratnyj SHengen

The validity of such entry permits will be from 1 year to 5 years, and all subtleties and nuances are solved on the spot.

Multiple entry visa for long term shall be issued at the Embassy, Consulate or visa application centers of Greece, but to get it you have valid justification. However, with the approval of tourists have the opportunity to travel to Europe for 3-5 years, traveling to all Schengen countries.

It will have to abide by certain rules, which include:

  • paid tickets;
  • paid 30% hotel;
  • income statement on the letterhead of the company (children sponsorship letter);
  • the presence of the Schengen countries of the European Union.

Under such conditions quite importantto the validity of the passport must always exceed the desired date of long-term visa at least 3 months. This means that if passport validity expires in a year, on a long-term visa may not be considered.

Peculiarities of visa regime

tonkosti bezvizovogo rezhima

Now to get a visa to Greece is easy, especially if it is to fill out the paperwork. However, in some cases, a visa may not be required.

Visa-free Islands

In the summer on somethe Greek Islands are visa relief. From June to late September, tourists have the right to enter without a visa, Rhodes, Lesbos, KOs and Chios, and Samos, but only if they abide in their territory on ferry from Turkey.

If you are planning such a trip must observe the following niceties:

  1. should be ferry tickets;
  2. the presence of hotel booking on one of the Islands;
  3. the tour is purchased solely from the company in Turkey;
  4. the day before the trip to the travel Agency to submit documents and photos on a single entry visa.

Island visa is issued for a period up to 15 days, and its cost is 35 euros (2230 RUB.). It gives the right to stay in the area, but prohibits a visit to the mainland of Greece.

Rules of visiting the country for a child

If tourists choose to visit Greece will be children, then they will be subject to the same rules as for adults. It is important to remember that if the child is under 6 years of age, such a trip for him to be free.

If the child has its own passport, then it is a separate visa. This will require a copy of the birth certificate of the baby and a standard package of documents provided by his parents. The documents should be made and the sponsorship letter, where the responsible persons are parents accompanying him.

If a child travels abroad with just one of the members of his family, the second parent must be submitted to the consular Department export permit. This document should be notarized, and attach copies of all pages of your passport.

If children included in passport of a parent, they also fit into his profile and then to the visa.

When a child fits into the parent's passport, next to the name of the escort is the designation of "1" (or the number of children who are going to get into the Greek territory together with their parents).

To get freedom of movement on the territory of Greece, it is important to carefully follow the visa rules, without violating the requirements of the law and not getting in the black list of the Schengen countries. The implementation of these conditions will allow tourists to visit one of the most attractive countries in the world.

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