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Greece: the best beaches of Santorini with black, white and red sand

plyazhi Santorini

The Greek island of Santorini, which also bears the names of Fira, Santorini or Thira is a unique resort with plenty of attractions and beaches.

There are many other places in Greece where tourists are eager for the opportunity to swim in the warm Aegean sea and leave with a beautiful tan, but the beaches of Santorini attract those who prefer exotic and unique places to stay.

What the sea washes Santorini?

kakoj vodoem omyvaet ostrov?

Santorini is washed by the Aegean sea, located in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean sea, and the island itself is part of the Cyclades archipelago. The people first settled here about five thousand years ago, but in those days, the outlines of the island were different from modern species.

About 1 500 BC, there was an eruption of the eponymous volcano, causing the contours of the Islands changed markedly.

To reach the island in several ways, but direct flights from Russia here not. There are a few options available:

  • flights to Athens, to Santorini where you can get the same by air to the island's capital – Fira;
  • after a flight to Athens to go to the island on ferries from the Athenian port of Rafina or Piraeus;
  • the flight to the island of Crete with the subsequent departure to Santorini by sea;
  • the flight to Rhodes and then to Santorini by plane.

Coast black sand - photo

poberezhe Kolombo

Santorini is famous for its unique beaches. Their peculiarity is that the sand on them different colors. Most on the island, the black beaches, but it's not really sand, and crushed volcanic rock, formed after a volcanic eruption.

Such beaches on the island about twenty, but only a few of them found among the tourists and locals in popularity.


The beach is in the Bay of Colombo, which is located just 10 kilometres from Fira, the island's capital. This is a rather quiet and long beach, which is more ideal for lovers of secluded relaxation. Entertainment in Colombo to find, but everything needed for a comfortable stay (beach chairs, umbrellas and a few bars) here.


chernyj bereg Perissy

In contrast to the quiet Colombo Perissa entertainment center. The beach is at the foot of the mountain of Mesa Vouno, 15 kilometers from the capital. On the beach is very large, dark gray sand, and right at the entrance to the water is possible to find huge stone slabs that formed as a result of runoff into water boiling lava.

In addition to a large number of Nightclubs, restaurants and cafes in Perissa attracts tourists windless weather: even during storms are relatively quiet, as the winds, this area covers Mesa Vouno.


South beach, Perissa, only three miles. It is for some reason held the wedding ceremony – a tradition long-established local residents and foreign tourists also often come to Perivolos to conduct the marriage.

On the beach there is all necessary for rest:

  1. places of public catering;
  2. rental of sunbeds and umbrellas;
  3. sport facilities water sports;
  4. play football and volleyball.


This beach is considered the cleanest on the island, for which he received the mark of European "Blue Flag".

The sand here doesn't look so dark as pebbles mixed with lighter colors.

Here you can find everything you need to practice beach and water sports, and for children, an area with rides and entertainers.


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Unlike other "black" beaches on the coastline here is quite wide, but the travelers are less.

Throughout the coastline you can see the steep cliffs, which under the action of the winds over thousands of years got some interesting "jewelry" in the form of a fancy ornament.

The lack of a large number of people is largely due to the fact that these rocks close to the shoreline is impossible to build hotels, and the beach you can find some middle level hotels.


The beach is for family holiday, not only because of the large number of attractions and impressive Playground, but also because the beach itself is quite safe and shallow.

One of the downsides of this beach is its openness, which makes the rest uncomfortable with the rising wind. Also some inconvenience deliver the aircraft going on takeoff and landing at a nearby airfield.

Best colored beaches

In Santorini there are two beaches with sand of other colors – red and white. This is also a popular place of recreation, which have their own characteristics.

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krasnaya zona na karte

The red beach is officially called Akrotiri in honor of the eponymous town nearby, however, the city itself remained only ancient ruins.

This is a relatively small beach which is not popular in the beginning of the tourist season.

Just at this period due to the movement of air masses rise up huge waves, and swim on Akrotiri at this time prefer to only extreme.

But in the high season, the beach is completely filled, and not so much the swimmers, how many photographers of all stripes who want to do exotic photo. Overall, this beach is rather a landmarkthan a place of relaxation, besides the rocks that are behind him, often hit stones, and Akrotiri is fully closed.


White beach – the only one on Santorini, where it is impossible to get to by bus or on foot. It is completely surrounded by high cliffs and go here only boat from the port of Akrotiri. This is the most secluded place on the island, but not all romantics want to visit this place, as conditions for recreation on white beach – minimum:

  • a few sun loungers;
  • umbrellas;
  • one cafe.

It should also be noted inconvenient entrance to the sea: this large, sharp stones that are occasionally interspersed with stone tiles, and so a few tens of meters. The only reason to visit this place is a great picturesque landscapes and the opportunity to admire the Aegean sea in privacy.

Santorini is a very friendly resort of Greece, famous not only beaches, but also beautiful ancient monuments. But for those traveling to the island just to swim and sunbathe, you should familiarize yourself with the weather on the island for months, as there are periods when to approach to the sea is simply impossible, and the vacation will be spent in vain.

Watch a video about the red beach in Santorini: