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How many days is the visa to Greece: to check the time and date of registration

skolko delaetsya viza v Greciu?

Visa to Greece – this is a great opportunity to visit the country, where there are excellent sea resorts and many ancient sites around them. The country visit to experience fun traditions and customs, and tasting local cuisine.

The permit to enter in the first place and wondering how much is the visa to Greece. Let's face it.

Turnaround time

kakoe kolichestvo dnej zanimaet poluchenie?

To visit Greece, to get acquainted with its attractions , or visit its resorts, it is necessary to issue the Schengen area. For permission to enter, you must submit documents to consular section, visa application centre or to apply for a visa through a travel Agency.

It should be noted that depending on the choice of the organization, terms of visa requirements will change.

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How many days is the visa to Greece?

In order to enter Greece, you can issue one of several types of visas. It can be travel is the most popular species, as well as transit, national and multivisa. Depending on the choice of visa production time will vary from 2 to 10 days. It should be noted that this period will be the same for each applicant.

Typically the most popular visa type C is issued within 3 working days, but travellers must bring the documents to the institution in advance – at least two weeks before the trip. In other cases, most often visas are issued individually, and that what will be the period, according to employees of the company.

vremya na oformlenie

Factors influencing the increase in the period of registration:

  • additional questions to the applicant;
  • the provision of additional information.

If the clearance and a visa is through the Visa application centre, filing of documents in the organization is from 9 am to 13 PM from Monday to Friday, and the results – from 15:00 to 17:00.

This method is considered the most simple because you do not have to join the queue. Enough to come to the relevant Department and apply for a visa. In this case, the period of registration will be about 10 days, but often the decision resolution is adopted much faster.

To transfer a visa to Greece in the consular section, you must first call and join the queue. You can sign up in advance for a month or six weeks before you travel. In the organization period of registration takes about 5 to 10 days.

The Consulate is ready to take the respondents from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 PM.

This option is the most budget, so Russians often use it. But it is worth noting that those who have the passport are visa stamps of Turkey and Cyprus, may have problems with recording, especially in the summer.

skolko sutok oformlyaetsya v konsulstve?

If the time before the trip to Greece was quite small, many tourists seek urgent design for a tourism company. This method is considered to be the fastest – with the successful submission of documents, the processing period takes 3 days.

In this case, there is no need to join the queue, for an appointment or fill in the form. Typically, agents help with getting the relevant documents.

How to speed up the process?

There are cases when a visa to Greece is required urgently, and for the period from 5 to 10 working days not satisfied. If you want to make permit much earlier, it is enough to specify this nuance when applying to the consular Department or Embassy of Greece. It is important to know that in this case the cost of registration will cost twice the price.


Tracking readiness

Planning to do to get a visa to Greece, it is important to know that in some cases, tourists have the opportunity to check whether an entry permit. This feature is available for many, which is quite convenient for those who live far from the relevant agencies.

How to check the status?

The Internet has quite a number of resources that can help you at any time to know the visa status. For example, residents of the Northern capital do it at the Uniform center of documents, where a private service provider.

The test is performed on different data:

  1. for the names;
  2. for the claim number;
  3. for foreign passport.

kak otsledit status zayavleniya?

If the entry permit is issued at the Visa application centre, in this case, the notification arrives as SMS to phone.

Finally, the easiest way is to call the company where the documents have been filed. They can report the necessary information. The phone number is usually indicated on the form, which is issued after submission of documents for visa.

Check online

Easy way to check on the availability of visas to visit the organization's website, where the documents have been filed. This can be done on the website of the Embassy, Consulate or CC. Navigate portals is pretty easy – on the main page there is a function "track your passport" or "information about the status of your application". In window will be presented with a form where to enter data.

The reasons for the refusal to issue a visa document

One of the main reasons for refusal of the visa – the neglect of the collection of documents and incorrect or false data listed in the questionnaire. To avoid this, you should carefully check the clearance, or approach the professionals who are able to do it properly and correctly.

The following reasons can cause failure:

  • a small salary;
  • the incomplete package of documents;
  • violation of the legislation of one of the Schengen countries.

Upon receipt of the denial do not worry, because after a while you can file an appeal. This is an opportunity to reconsider the decision, it is important to arm yourself with attention and patience.

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