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Map of the world and Europe in Russian: where is Croatia and resorts?

Horvatiya na karte mira

Croatia on the map of the world appeared after the collapse of Yugoslavia. Its clean beaches and the low prices attract the attention of tourists from different corners of the planet. The country is part of 700 Islands of which only 50 are inhabited.

The coast of Croatia on a detailed map of the world and Europe in Russian

Horvatskoe poberezhe na mirovom atlase

Look for Croatia on the world map need next to the Adriatic sea. In the North the country borders with Slovenia, Hungary and Serbia are Eastern neighbours of Croatia, in the South-East of the country is Bosnia and Herzegovina, South neighbor Montenegro.

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Coming to Croatia travelers call it "the Country of thousands of lakes and Islands" or "Little Switzerland". The state capital, Zagreb. The Adriatic coast is separated from the inner areas of several mountain ranges. This is one of the three geomorphological regions of the country. In two other zones:

  • Panonska;
  • The Dinaric.

On the territory of Croatia flows the second longest river in Europe - Danube.

The largest lake - Vransko. Its area is of 30.7 sq. km.

The geographical coordinates of the country:

  1. latitude: 45°13'32" N. lat.;
  2. longitude: 13°35'42" W. D.

Which airport to fly?

kakie est aeroporty?

In Croatia 9 international civil airports, including:

  • Bol;
  • Dubrovnik;
  • Ples;
  • Zadar;
  • Lošinj;
  • Osijek;
  • Pool;
  • Rijeka;
  • Split.

In the state there are also two military and 11 sports airport.

The main international airport of Croatia - the"Dubrovnik". It receives flights from all over the world. Closest to airport village is Cilipi. It is from the air port 15 km Daily to the airport arrives several flights from the capital of the country. In the Zagreb international airport "Pleso". Every day it serves 4,000 passengers.

How to get out of Russia?

sposoby dobratsya iz RF

To get to Croatia from Russia by bus, car, train and plane. The fastest and most convenient method of travel is flight.

Direct flights are performed by Aeroflot, the flight time is 2 hours and 40 minutes.

In winter, from Moscow performed 4 flights per week to Zagreb. In the summer the number of flights is increased considerably - the aircraft will operate every day in "Fused", "Dubrovnik", "Pool" and "Zadar".

To buy a plane ticket, you can use this search form. Specify the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

On the train to Croatia can be reached via Budapest. With the Kiev railway station is poisoned train No. 15, to which clings the train "Moscow-Budapest". From the capital of Hungary in Zagreb can be reached by direct Express. Car route goes through Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia.

Because the Dubrovnik airport is 35 km from the border with Montenegro, it is possible to combine a holiday in the two countries. The nearest resort of Montenegro is 50 km from the airport of Dubrovnik is Herceg Novi. To get from Montenegro to Croatia and back by car for Jadranskoj motorway and by plane, train and bus.

Information on the country

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Its independence Croatia has gained in 1991. From 2009 the country is a NATO member, and in 2013 it joined the EU.


On the territory of modern Croatia in the sixth-seventh century began the development of the settlement of the Slavs. For a long period of time, the country was ruled by the Franks. In the IX century it had two of the Principality of Dalmatian Croatia and Posavske the Principality.

Already in the XI, Croatia has become one of the most powerful States in the Balkans. In 1918 it became part of the common with the Serbs and Slovenes of the state. From 1945 until its independence Croatia was part of Yugoslavia.

General information

The country covers an area of 56.6 thousand sq. km, It is a parliamentary Republic with a population of just over 4 million people. Tourists interested in ski resorts and beaches.

The largest city in the country - Zagreb. It is a compact settlement with well-preserved medieval buildings.

The most famous resorts of the country located on the Istrian Peninsula. It is famous for its picturesque views of the Adriatic sea. The predominant religion in the country - Catholicism. Catholics in the country is about 76.5%. Orthodox country in more than 11%. The official language is Croatian. The time difference with Moscow is -2 hours.


The climate of Croatia is optimally suited for a summer holiday of Russians. The air temperature in the hottest months of the year, July and August, around 30°S. the Sea during this period warms up to 25-27°C. in Winter the temperature is kept within +6-10°C.


turisticheskaya privlekatelnost

The beaches of Croatia have Blue flags. They are covered with large pebbles or concrete platforms.

Cities and resorts

Each resort has its own characteristics. Fans of romance choose for your holiday in Rovinj, Pula or Krk island. The youth tends to get in Medulin. For elderly Lovran is best suited for treatment in Opatija.

  1. Zagreb. The capital of Croatia with population more than 700 thousand people. The city is visited by large number of tourists. It includes main attractions of the country, museums, parks and theatres.
  2. Dubrovnik. One of the most famous and popular resorts in the country. Search on the map of Croatia have in the South-East. It is located on the Adriatic coast. The city is remembered by tourists for its beaches, but red terracotta roofs and an abundance of greenery. The beaches in Dubrovnik the sand and shingle. Suitable for a holiday in the resort of 260 Sunny days a year.
  3. Brela. The resort is family orientated. Landmark of Brela is the Makarska Riviera. The beaches are covered with small pebbles, having a white color. Shore has a gently sloping entrance to the sea, which is very convenient for children.
  4. Opatija. The resort is located in the North-East of the Istrian Peninsula in the Bay of Kvarner Bay. In Opatija, a subtropical climate prevails.
  5. Opatija is the main health resort of the country, which heal various diseases due to local air and huge variety of procedures.

  6. Zadar. The resort is located on the eponymous Peninsula. The city is filled with buildings of various eras. Draw attention to yourself this resort diving. Zadar beaches are covered with pebbles and sand.
  7. kurort Zadar

  8. Medulin. The city is located in the South of the Istrian Peninsula. Beach area of the resort stretches for 42 km Along the coast are a large number of Islands. The resort is popular among lovers of active recreation and sport.
  9. Pool. The main attraction of the resort - amphitheatre of the Roman era. The port city is the southernmost point of the Istrian Peninsula.
  10. Much of the coast resort Pool is covered with pebbles, the sand are hard to find.

  11. Split. The city is the capital of Dalmatia. This province is known for the fact that it was grown breed Dalmatians. In the split sandy beaches and many attractions.
  12. The Island Of Brac. One of the best resorts on the Adriatic sea. The area of the island is only 350 sq. km covered with pine and olive trees. The resort pebble beaches and beautiful coves. Many years of brac is the major resort center of the country and is its hallmark.

Attractions and entertainment

The main entertainment of tourists in Croatia: diving, beaches, downhill skiing and sightseeing, including:

  • Dubrovnik - a city-Museum under the open sky. The main attractions (gate of Pila, a street square Stradun and St. Saviour Church, the Sponza Palace, the Minčeta tower) belong to the XVII century.
  • Ostrow Mljet, where there isNational Park. Its attractions are 2 unique great salt lake.
  • Diocletian's Palace in split belonging to the Roman era.
  • Korcula island which is known as the birthplace of Marco Polo.
  • Rovinj is a city famed for its historic buildings, the town hall and the Gothic cathedrals.
  • Plitvice lakes, located in Central Croatia, surrounded by old beech forests.

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