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To Croatia from Moscow: how many hours to fly on a direct flight?

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Vacation is getting closer. After a long gossip with friends you have finally decided on a vacation destination. Your choice fell on the home of genius inventor Nikola Tesla – Croatia. Country of perfect nature, crystal clear Adriatic sea, ancient castles and the famous Plitvice lakes. It's time to buy tickets.

Rememberthat their value immediately before the flights will increase significantly.

Duration of flights from the major cities of Russia

Consider the average time of flight and the distance that you have to overcome. For the final point let's take the city of Zagreb.

There are direct flights year-round. In Split and Dubrovnik direct planes fly in the midst of the holiday season.

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Travel time depends on weather conditions, type of aircraft, the air corridor.

  1. from Moscow 3 hours and 1867 km;
  2. St. Petersburg is 4 hours and 1830 km.
  3. Novosibirsk is 7 hours and 4660 km;
  4. Yekaterinburg is 5 hours and 3270 km;
  5. Nizhny Novgorod is 3.5 hours and 2260 km.

As you can see, the flight time is.

When planning a flight, don't forget the time difference. In the Croatian cities is 2 hours less than in Moscow.

Direct flights or with a stopover?

If you want to quickly get to the destination, take a look at direct flights. All year every day they are performed by Aeroflot from Moscow Sheremetyevo. Final destination – Zagreb.

In the midst of the holiday season, joining other airlines, and direct flights can already fly to Dubrovnik, Pula and split. Also in summer, many direct Charter flights. They are made according to the order of tour operators. But be prepared that the ticket will have to take at the last moment, but the flight may delay or reschedule for another day.

You 'll save moneyby choosing a flight with a connection. Such flights in the direction of offer a European airline.

Docking is carried out in one of the European cities. Prepare for the fact that the transfer time is 6 hours, and even more.

Watch the video on the city in which is located the airport "Dubrovnik":

However, this is a great chance to diversify the journey. Few people will refuse to stay in such beautiful citiesas:

  • Istanbul;
  • Vienna;
  • Riga;
  • Barcelona;
  • Munich;
  • Warsaw;
  • Frankfurt-on-main.

The aircraft, which airlines fly there?

The entire year from Moscow Sheremetyevo flight to Zagreb performs the airline "Aeroflot". And with the beginning of the summer season on a permanent basis appear and additional flights to Croatia from Moscow. They are the following airlines:

  • the airline "Aeroflot" in the summer additional flights from Sheremetyevo to Split;
  • airline S7 Airlines sends ships from Moscow Domodedovo to Dubrovnik, Pula and Split;
  • airline "Yamal" produces departures from Domodedovo to Pula;
  • the airline "Ural Airlines" also sends the aircraft from Domodedovo to Pula.

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European airlines, offering flights from Moscow to Croatia:

  • in Zagreb and Dubrovnik sends the connecting flights, the airline Austrian Airlines;
  • also in Dubrovnik carry out flights airlines:
    • Vueling;
    • TurkishAirlines;
    • Lufthansa;
    • AirBaltic.

The price of tickets from European airlines usually lower.

The trip is scheduled for the holiday season? Book hotels months in three or four prior to departure. "Delicious" versions sold like hot cakes. As cheap tickets.

We suggest you use a free servicethat allows you to track good discounts on tickets and purchase them online:

This concludes our review. It's time to start collecting bags. And in a good way! For new discoveries, worthy of the strength of the impression of Christopher Columbus!

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