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Ionian sea on the world map and Greece: where is the Mediterranean?

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Going on vacation to Greece or Italy, many travelers choose resorts located on the coast of the Ionian sea. Thanks to the endless sea, Islands and picturesque houses, situated on the slopes of the mountains, this coast is particularly attractive.

Ionian sea on the world map

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The unique location, favorable climate and excellent conditions for recreation – so many tourists present to the Ionian sea.


The Ionian sea is the Central region of the Mediterranean basin and is located between the two European peninsulas – the Balkan and Peniscola. In the North through the narrow Strait of Otranto it has borders with the Adriatic seaand the Strait of Messina, with the Tyrrhenian.

On the South side of the area bordered by Crete and Sicily, smoothly flowing into the Mediterranean.

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What country is between?

On the world map can be seen as the Ionian sea is located between the "boot" of Italy and Greece, but also bathes the part of Albania (Vlora Prefecture), Sicily and Crete. Waters captures the Eastern part of the Apennine Peninsula (Apulia, Calabria, Basilicata) and the Western part of the Balkan Peninsula.

The history of the name

According to one version, the sea is named after the settlement of Ionia, which was washed by the waters of the Ionian basin.

And on the other, more mythical versions, it is named after the priestess IO, who served the wife of Zeus - Hera. IO and Zeus loved each other, and to hide his beloved from wife revniviy, the Thunderer turned IO into a white cow. But Gera was a distinguished wit and opened all the cards. She asked Zeus to bring her a gift of this cow, as she is very attracted to her. God had nothing to do, how to fulfill the request.

After the guard cow, describes one hundred eye of Argus, killed by Hermes, Hera was seriously angry and sent a curse on IO: thousands gadfly, from which the priestess couldn't hide anywhere.


Opisanie morskogo poberezhya

The Ionian sea is the deepest (in some places, 5,121 km) among those in the Mediterranean sea. While on the coast are quite shallow, which is very convenient for tourists who are planning a family vacation with children. The sea area is 169 sq. km, and its shape is reminiscent of the basin with muddy bottom.

The sea coast are quite diverse. Everywhere there are shallow , sandy, and pebbly, and rocky beachesthat are great for those who enjoy scuba diving. Water is ideal to teach young children to swim, because it is quite dense and salty among all those seas that wash over the Greek coast.


For the Ionian sea typical Mediterranean climate with soft winter and warm summer.

Here is always a good temperature so the coast is covered with lush greenery and nature is always pleased with its splendor.

The average temperature of the sea varies on record at 14 degrees in February, and 25 degrees in August, and in some areas warms up to +30°C.

When to go to relax?

The holiday season starts late, because in the winter the sea water is cooled to 14 degrees. Only in June the area warms up to an acceptable and comfortable temperature, and in this state it remains until Oct. The average temperature in the swimming season – about 25-26 degrees.

Coast of Greece - photos

The Ionian sea mainly washes Greece, including the Central part of the country, Crete, Epirus,Western Greece, Peloponneseand Ionian Islands. Many of them are the best resorts in the region.

Popular resorts

Waters of the Ionian seas surround the mainland of Greece and the most popular tourist Islands in the Western Balkans, which include the legendary of Corfu and Kefalonia, luxury Lefkada, Ithaca and Zakynthos.

On many coasts of the mainland are the famous resorts of Loutraki, Perachora, Nemea, Xilokastron, , Vreation and Sykea, and they all share the Corinthian Gulf. Each resort is a well-developed tourist town with private beaches and warm waters.

In the West mainland are the resorts:

  • The astakos – coast in the same Bay;
  • Palairos resort opposite the island of Lefkada;
  • Ammoudia – coast, surrounded by national parks.

populyarnye kurorty na beregah Grecii

Very popular among tourists are the places located on the coast of the Peloponnese. Tourist town in the area – a true Paradise tale for tourists. The local beaches are described as some of the best in Europe.

Among them are especially popular:

  1. Archangelos, in the South of the Peninsula;
  2. Kalamata and Costa Navarino in Messinia;
  3. Kyllini and Katakolo in the Northern part of the Peloponnese.

Numerous of the island is the luxurious resort area. In the first place there are beautiful coast forever green Corfu, which is available to stay in seclusion on one of the beaches Agios, Georgios, Dassia, Benitses, Glyfada and Paleokastritsa.

The resorts in Corfu are plenty of greenery, allowing even the hottest day not worry about possible overheating. The whole island is filled with olive trees, cypresses, pines, oak groves and citrus trees. All this creates a unique aura, and in the air aroma of freshness.

The next popular Zakynthos island and its endless sandy beaches, among which the most vast is the coast of Laganas. Not less demand on the island of Kythira is a great choice for those who prefer the unique nature and picturesque secluded corners. On its coast are the popular resorts of Chora, Agia Pelagia, Milopotamos.

Finally, Lefkada is one of the best Islands in Greece, where in addition to the white beaches and clear water is quite famous for the beautiful mountain ridge, covered with dense forest. Coast of the island is indented with small coves and bays, and the sea surface was chosen by the yachtsmen.

Among all the Islands of the Ionian sea there are ferries that allows tourists to move from place to place, getting acquainted with the sights of the Greek coast.

The pros and cons of vacation

plusy i minusy dlya otdyhaushih

Holiday on the Ionian coast has many advantages, among which the tourists in the first place, are a variety of beaches, lapped by turquoise waves, and the beautiful Greek climate and nature. The fact that for residents of Russia the climate is great for relaxing, proven for quite some time.

In addition to the luxurious conditions for relaxation, on the Ionian coast there are numerous iconic attractions.

This region is valued at all times, so he was constantly trying to capture and gain a foothold by building fortifications.

This is especially noticeable on Corfu, where the oldest ancient architecture allows to make a fascinating and informative tour.

Vacation on the Ionian sea has other advantages:

  • A high level of service in hotels;
  • Wonderful service;
  • Delicious local cuisine;
  • Constantly fresh fruit and vegetables;
  • Low prices on vacation.

Moreover, Greece enjoys excellent shopping with a large selection of rare and very popular products at low cost. Such products include particularly fur.

By cons holiday on the Ionian coast include the presence of seismically active zones, and the constant risk of earthquakes. Many tourists do not like having local shops a short working day (till 17:00). Otherwise, the Greek resorts are perfect for family tourism.

The Ionian sea and its many resort areas are ideal for summer holidays on the beautiful coast. There are all conditions for a successful stay, includinguniversal cleanliness, interesting culture and history and the presence of well-developed infrastructure.

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