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Where is the island of Ireland on the world map and Europe in Russian?

Irlandiya na karte mira

Ireland is considered to be one of the most picturesque countries in the world. Its buried in the malachite green Islands beckon travelers from around the world. The Moors and peat bogs, crystal-clear lakes and dramatic coastline – the beauty of these places knows no equal. Friendly residents are always welcome.

Ireland, Atlas of the world and Europe

strana na mirovom atlase

Ireland occupies a large part of the island, which it shares with the other no less colorful government.


The Republic of Ireland or Eire is an island country, spread their territory in the vast waters of the Atlantic ocean.

The main island, where the country is located, has the same name – Ireland.

It adjoins a number of smaller islets. Ireland is washed by the waters of several reservoirs of the world: the Irish and Celtic seas, the Straits and North St. George, from the North and West by the waves of the Atlantic.

Who is on the border?

The state borders only with the United Kingdom, namely Northern Ireland, a country within the United Kingdom of great Britain. On the other sides it is washed by the seas.


Temperate Maritime climate creates favorable conditions for living in the area. Winter here is pretty mild, the temperature never falls below 10°C. the Summer is cool and fresh, not exhausting heat. The average temperature of the warm season lasts between 20°C.

How to get out of Russia?

Direct flights from Russia to Ireland no. It is most convenient to fly via the UK. Daily from England sent to Ireland a lot of planes. Between Albion and Ayr a well-established water transport.

From other countries of Europe also possible to fly to Ireland, but the number of flights is limited. The need for a transit visa depends on the time of your stay in the country during mating flights and the General conditions of the visa regime of a particular state.

Buy a plane ticket to the closest to Ireland points you can use this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, date and number of passengers.

Detailed state map with cities in the Russian language

podrobnaya shema gorodov na russkom yazyke

The Republic of Ireland is divided into 4 provinces:

  • Ulster;
  • Leinster;
  • Munster;
  • Connaught.

The province in turn are divided into counties, just in the state there are 26 counties.


Dublin – the Irish capital and main port of the country. This town has considerable historical heritage of Ireland, which is Dublin's largest tourist destination. The most famous Fort of the capital – Dublin castle. This old castle served as a protective fortress and a residence of kings.

Another popular place called Trinity College. Educational center was founded in the late XVI century and have published a lot of important people on a global scale. The city has many museums and historic houses. But the heart of Dublin – its emerald parks. The massive Phoenix Park and Herbert Park.

Large settlements

  1. Cork is the main center of the province of Munster. Its main attraction – the beautiful castles and cathedrals. Especially to impress locks Desmond and Blackrock. The old Cathedral of SV. Finbarre's Cathedral, and the Cathedral of the blessed virgin Mary and St. Anna is in the Gothic style and the imagination exquisite, soaring features.
  2. The city of Limerick cozysettled on the banks of the river Shannon. The city will attract fans of a vivid night life and music. Its historic center includes the hunt Museum, king John's Castle, the Catholic Cathedral. John The Baptist.
  3. To dive into the life of people, you can visit the old dairy market.

    Krupnyj Limerik

  4. But if the soul longs for the natural beauty and cultural entertainment your way lies in Galway. The city hosts a Grand festival of astronomy, literature, cinema and music. In the vicinity of Galway on the green hills and the plains is a huge number of castles: Hackett, Dunguaire, Ballamor, Ashford, Oranmore, and many others.

Tourism in the country

Most often they come here travelers who have already heard about the local traditions, and who are eager to see all the beauty of the country with my own eyes.

What to do?

Any country famous for its people's "highlight". In Ireland, there are several:

  • Pubs to visit in Ireland and not the delicious ale will be an unfortunate omission;
  • Irish institutions are ready to treat visiting guests with delicious dishes, accent the dishes made of meat;
  • Bagpipes – the main folk instrument of the country, making music of Ireland is so cheerful. Be sure to listen to this music and don't forget to make "penny" numerous street musicians;
  • Souvenir stalls and shops are ready to offer you best-selling goods: the Shamrock is a symbol of good luck and prosperity, and, of course, alcohol – Irish whiskey and the world famous Baileys liqueur.

What to see?

In Ireland go for touch. The ancient fortress in the middle of lush green valleys – what could be better? In this country, a lot of them. Tourists are recommended to plan a trip to see the most magnificent buildings of a bygone era. The museums of the country are ready to fill up your "Irish knowledge" and to surprise Celtic paraphernalia. A particularly interesting program at the National Museum of Ireland.

And yet, the soul of Ireland lies in its amazing nature. Be sure to wander through the vast wastelands, and valleys, take a trip to the coast and visit the country's nature reserves, for example, Glenveagh national Park.

Holiday in Ireland is sure to leave an indelible mark in your memory. Nice trip!

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