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Italy: international airports in Sardinia - Alghero

aeroport Sardinii

The island of Sardinia its area is in the Mediterranean sea is second only to Sicily. On the map its shape resembles the sole of the Shoe of impressive size. Just 150 nautical miles separates Sardinia from the Tuscan coast of Italy and 200 miles from the coast of Tunisia.

The island's shores are washed by the Tyrrhenian sea. Not only by water, but by air you can reach Sardinia. Airports play in the lives of the island a very important role.

The airports of Sardinia on the map

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On the island built several airports that serve international and domestic flights.

In addition to the public airports in Sardinia there are a large number of private airfields. Each of them is designed to accommodate a particular type of aircraft.

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International terminals

To get to the island by plane from Russia is possible only with a connection. During the summer season from Moscow to Sardinia run Charter flights. At other times of the year on the island can be reached with a transfer in Rome or Milan. Convenient to transplant in Rome. From here to Sardinia on Board the aircraft of the airline Alitalia can be reached in 40 minutes.

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International flights to the island take 3 of the airport. Among them:

  • International airport Costa Smeralda. The geographic coordinates of the air port: GPS 40°53'55"N 9°31'3"E. Located on the North of the island in the city of Olbia and is the basis of the airline Meridiana. Annually serves about 4.5 million passengers;
  • The international airport Alghero – Fertilia. Located in the North of Sardinia. The altitude of the runway above sea level is 2 meters, length - 3000 m. Geographical coordinates: Latitude: Longitude 40.632133000000: 8.290772000000;
  • International airport of Cagliari – Elmas. Located in southern Sardinia, 4 km from the city. GPS: 39°15'5.29"N 9°3'15.42"E.

Domestic airport

For receiving and sending domestic flights, the airport operates, which is named Arbatax, is located in the town of Tortoli. The coordinates of the air port GPS: Latitude 39.918761, Longitude: 9.682981. This is the smallest airport of the island, built by local entrepreneurs in the 60-ies.

In 2010, the air Harbor has gone through major reconstruction, which resulted in the expanded terminal.

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Major flights arrive in Tortoli from Rome, Verona and Milan. The airport infrastructure is poorly developed. To get to the airport only by taxi or by car. The annual flow of passengers is 50 thousand people.

Charter flights to Sardinia accepts and the military airport named after Giovanni Farina in Decimomannu.

Infrastructure air Harbor

Airports Sardinia have a different level of service. Poor infrastructure is Fertilia airport.

Costa Smeralda

The old building was built in 1974 on a former military base. The airport was created as a personal landing pad Sheikh Aga Khan IV. The new terminal started in 2004. It is the second largest air Harbor of Sardinia. Its area is area is 42 thousand square meters.

The distance between the city and the airport is only 3.6 km. In waiting for your flight mothers with children can make use of the specially created for them the waiting room. At the airport you can exchange currency and withdraw money from the card. For tourists operates duty-free.

terminal Kosta-Smeralda

In stores you can buy food, different things on the road and Souvenirs. The passengers are always open doors of cafes and a small restaurant. Are at the airport and medical center. Include in air port services isrent-a-car.

To reach the city center from the airport of harbour by bus or taxi. Seasonal flights to Costa Smeralda are performed from Domodedovo.


It is the largest air Harbor of Sardinia. The airport is famous for its high quality of service. It was built in 1937. Over the years of its operation it underwent several renovations, but never expanded. Has one passenger terminal, annually serving 4 million passengers.

Waiting for flights at the airport offers a vip room and free Wi-Fi. There is also:

  1. exchange offices currencies.
  2. medical center;
  3. chapel.

In small pavilions sold Souvenirs.

You can dine in a cafe or restaurant for self service.

To get to the city from the airport is by Shuttle service, by taxi and train, which runs from 5:00 to 21:00. The journey time from the airport to the city railway takes no more than 20 minutes. The train station is in close proximity to the airport. The journey time from the airport to the city by bus is 10 minutes.

Elmas v Kalyari

Seasonal direct flights to the airport are operated from Domodedovo airline Meridiana Fly.


Small, but very compact and comfortable airport is located between Sassari and Alghero. Its name he received on behalf of the neighbouring villages. The place of construction of the air Harbor has been selected a former military base. Airport without cafes and restaurants annually serve 1.5 million passengers.

To eat at the airport, you can fastfudom sold here through the machines. Some of the services available to passengers, only currency exchange and a children's area. To get from the airport to the city by taxi.

Plane tickets purchase by using this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, date and number of passengers.

Travel tips

  • Plane tickets at the departure to Sardinia must be booked in advance.
  • To buy tickets for public transport in Italy, in newspaper and tobacco kiosks.
  • Upon arrival in the country smokers should pay serious attention to the designated Smoking area. Seen by the cops Smoking a cigarette in a public place will cost the smoker at 200 Euro fine.

See in this video, what a spectacular view will greet you upon landing at the airport of Olbia: