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Italy: Genoa sights with photos of what to examine in one day?

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Due to the cultural diversity and geographical location, Genoa inspires and gives an unforgettable experience to tourists from different countries of the world. Its architectural ensemble and is the oldest building that has preserved the history of the city, modern buildings, the beauty and greatness not inferior to their predecessors.

Italy: Genoa on the map in Russian language

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The port city of Genoa, chief town of the homonymous province and of Liguria, is located in the North of Italy.

When and how did the city?

The beauty of Genoa has been formed under the influence of many cultures.

Since ancient times, Genoa was the center of Liguria, being conquered by the Roman Empire in the III century BC.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, in which Genoa was a trading center, it was invaded and pillaged by the Germanic tribes. With the X century, Genoa has developed through trade with the major States of Europe.

During the Crusades, Genoa provided the allies with their ships, getting trading privileges and representation in different cities.

During the conquests of Napoleon, on the site of the once great sea power, was founded the Ligurian Republic within France. In 1814 Genoa became part of Sardinia, and then the main city of Liguria in the Italy squad. Today it is the largest port in the Mediterranean.

How to get there?

Direct flights from Moscow or other major Russian cities in Genoa yet. International flights International Airport name of Christopher Columbus are made from European capitals, so Russia will have to get with transfers.

Arriving at Genoa airport, located 6 km from the city, you can use the Shuttle bus. If Luggage and traveling a lot, book a taxi to the destination or rent a car.

Genoa has a well-developed car-rental, enough to pre-plan a route and choose the most suitable offer.

To select the tickets on the plane, please use this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date, the number of passengers.

Also in Genoa is well developed rail transport, which allows to reach by train from almost any city of Italy and from some major resorts in Europe.

Is there a way to get to Genoa for the inveterate romantics - is a cruise liner. At the marine terminal of two terminal intended only for passenger ships. To get to Genoa by sea is possible from almost all major ports of the Mediterranean countries.

Where to stay?

gde ostanovitsya v puteshestvii?

Genoa offers travellers the hotels in different price categories. Hotels such as HotelBristol provided by a professional staff. The most popular hotels in Genoa is:

  • Hotel Melia Genova in the heart of the city. Has many positive reviews among tourists;
  • Hotel Bristol, within walking distance from which is the aquarium of Genoa and the area Piata de Ferrari;
  • Hotel Le Nuvole Residenza d'epoca by the port;
  • Olympia Hotel Genova, budget hotel close to the train station and Piazza de Ferrari;
  • Hotel Vittoria Orlandini. The hotel is situated in a quiet and peaceful area, but the local attractions are close enough.

Every hotel has car Parking and has free Internet access, and the service includes Breakfast buffet and various spa treatments.

Reserve your room now by using the convenienta search form. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.

Genoa sights - photos with description

In Genoa there are many ancient and modern Italian sites, which are perfectly combined with each other.


Pamyatnik Iisusu

  • The Monument To Christopher Columbus. At the train station Piazza Principe, a monument to famous Genovese Christopher Columbus sculptor Lorenzo Bartolini.
  • The monument is notable for the fact that in addition to the discoverer it is placed and milestones of his life.

  • The Monument To Giuseppe Mazzini. A monument at the entrance to the Park Di Negro, dedicated to the Italian writer and the policies of Giuseppe Mazzini. Two figures, located at the base of the monument represent the movement and thinking are the main components of philosophy of the national liberation of the Genoese.
  • Monument Raffaele Rubattino. Piazza adorned with a monument Caricamento Raffaele Rubattino, a famous businessman, a shipowner and one of the founders of the Navy in Genoa.
  • The statue "Christ of the Abyss". A unique statue of "Christ of the abyss" at the bottom of the Mediterranean, set in the waters fruttuoso near Portofino. Sculptor Duilio Marcante created this statue in memory of his departed friend and it is dedicated to all who died at sea.

Religious buildings

Religioznyj sobor

The Cathedral of San Lorenzo. The town's main Church, which is a Department of the Archbishop, was built in the early XII century on the site of the martyrdom of St. Lawrence. The Cathedral is the chapel of Giovanni Battista, where the relics of St. John the Baptist, the patron Saint of the city. Here is kept the sacred dish of the last Supper of Jesus Christ.

Armenian Church of the Holy Apostle Bartholomew. Pilgrims from all over the world flock to this Church. Here is kept the sacred to the entire Christian world relic – the Holy face, according to tradition plat Otpechatki the face of Jesus Christ during his lifetime.

The Church of St. Stephen in Genoa. One of the oldest churches of Genoa, the Church of St. Stephen was built in 972. Here is the original famous paintings of the artist Giulio Romano "the Torment of St. Stephen." Also in the temple is a revered icon of the Holy virgin "Protection".

From the veranda of St. Stephen's Church offers an impressive view of the Central part of the city.

Basilica Of The Assumption Of The Virgin. The temple of the XVII century located in the heart of Genoa. Inside it is made in the Baroque style, richly decorated with gilding, stucco, and various works of famous artists. The altar is made of bronze and marble. Inside the temple there are ancient statues - John the Baptist of XVII century and St. Sebastian of the XVIII century.

The Church of Santa Maria de Castello. The Church is built in the year 900. The Church is distinguished by the inconspicuous facade and luxurious interior. The most remarkable relic in the temple – sculpture, "Christo Moreau" brought by crusaders from Palestine. Inside the temple are magnificent frescoes and paintings by famous artists: Lorenzo Fasolo and Francesco Boccaccino.

St. Donatus Church. In the historic centre of the town stands the Church of St. Donat, which was built about a hundred years. Altarpiece of St Joseph, made in the XVII century, Domenico Piloi and the magnificent triptych depicting the Magi, the crucifixion and Mary Magdalene and today impresses visitors.

Architectural objects

  1. The Genoese lighthouse. The historic lighthouse, 40 meters in height was built in the XIX century, but to this day fulfilling its original function. At different times was used as a prison and a defensive tower. On the territory of the lighthouse, the exposition devoted to its history.
  2. The Fortress Of Sperone. On the mountain Peralta located a three-tiered fortress of Sperone. In each of the levels the rooms are located, who at various times served as a prison, soldier barracks, warehouses. Today in the fortress of St. Mary held a variety of celebrations and parties.
  3. arhitektura kreposti Sperone

  4. Porta Soprano. Another architectural structure that cannot be ignored – Porta Soprano. In the old days they were the main entrance to Genoa, and in the XIX century, the tower served as a prison. By the end of the century gate and the North tower was restored, the South tower was put in order in the mid-twentieth century.
  5. The House Of Columbus. In this small house, the stories of the Genoese, about 20 years lived the great Navigator. The building is not a government Museum, and you can get there only by appointment and on the day of the worldwide celebration of Columbus day on October 12.


The Doge's Palace. One of the most prominent museums of Genoa, also known as the Palazzo Ducale. Here was located a know the ambitious Genoese Republic for four hundred years, and only with the abolition of Venice by Napoleon, the building became available to the public. Now it is a Museum with a permanent exhibition dedicated to the independent Genoa, and successive exhibitions of world famous artists.

Royal Palace. The Palazzo Reale as a response to the French Versailles was built in the late XVII century and repeatedly changed owners. In the XIX century it became the residence of the famous Savoy dynasty. He suffered greatly after the bombing during the Second world war, but was reconstructed. Here you can see the private chambers of the dynasty of Savoy and full of exotic plants "hanging" garden.

Museum of world cultures. The castle, which houses the ethnographic Museum, was formerly the property secured by captain Enrico D'albertis. Among the many merits of this distinguished citizen, who lived in the late XIX - early XX century, it is worth noting his research journey undertaken on the route of Christopher Columbus on a few boats with home-made navigation devices.

Many Maritime adventures of a captain, including three round-the-world, brought him a large number of exotic items private collection. In 2004, Genoa was chosen cultural capital of Europe.

The castle was converted into a Museum of world cultures, a significant part of the exhibition are the finds of the captain.

The Museum complex of Strada Nuova. North of the city on via Garibaldi are located the former estates of wealthy people. The most famous of them, now the museums included in the complex of Strada Nuova, which exhibited the best works of art of the natives of Genoa and other European masters:

  • Palacio Rosso. Palace, the interior of which is decorated with numerous frescoes by De Ferrari and Piola, is the cluster of masterpieces of fine art: portraits made by van Dyck as well as works of Guercino, Durer, Strozzi and Veronese;
  • Palacio Bianco. Here you can see works by artists of Italy and Spain: Murillo, Zurbaran, Rubens;
  • Dorio-Tursi. In this Palace Museum the main attraction – a rich collection of objects from the famous violinist Paganini, including his own famous musical instrument of 1743.

Gardens and parks

Park Villa Pallavichini

  1. The Park Of Villa Pallavicini. The Park is located on the outskirts of Genoa and attracts tourists with a relaxed and secluded atmosphere. The Park is surrounded by a lake, two ponds, artificial waterfalls and arches. In addition, its depth has a small zoo. On site is a working archaeological Museum, a temple, a chapel and even a Chinese pagoda.
  2. Botanical garden. Very unusual Botanical garden was built for the birthday of Christopher Columbus in Genoa. A garden erected in 20-foot glass globe that simulates the greenhouse. It reproduced the conditions of life for a variety of exotic plants and wildlife.
  3. The Park Of Nervi. Nervi, a fishing village on the East of Genoa, part of the city. There is a beautiful Park, consisting of numerous villas adorned with gardens. Here grow exotic plants, trees and rose garden. The territory is decorated with olive and orange groves and to the sea beaches.

Natural and coastal objects

In 1995, in the province of Genoa founded the largest natural reserve "Aveto".

On an area of over 30 square km there are three beautiful valley, framed by the Ligurian Appenine.

This place is great for relaxing in any season: in summer you can enjoy the beech woods and pastures, rich of numerous flora and fauna, and in winter you can come to one of the local ski resorts.

The mountains of Monte Zatta and Monte Penna, the glacial lake of Lago the Lama – here is a partial list of the fascinating view of places near where you can relax from the bustle of the city.

The port in Genoa one of the largest in terms of passenger traffic in Europe. About one million passengers annually visit it on a cruise ship. Stretching along the coast for 20 km has an area of about 1000 hectares on land and at sea, this port on the 5 berths for cruises and ferries 13. The high throughput of the port of Genoa is the largest in Italy and provides this Mediterranean country has a high level of international Maritime trade.

The city is also famous for its beaches. The beauty and quality of service can distinguish at least five coastal areas:

  • Camogli;
  • Sestri Levante;
  • Savona;
  • Ligure;
  • Alassio.

Prirodnye plyazhi

The beaches of Genoa different coating, you can choose both sandyand pebbly. Water rides, concerts, and waterfront cafes to satisfy the most demanding taste.

What else could you do?

Seeing the sights canbe delayed for a few days, but it's worth it.

What to see in 1 day?

If you have limited time or want to dedicate the services of a guide no more than a day in your schedule, travel services are ready to provide a variety of General or specialized tours for a reasonable price in the Paradise place of Europe. The main short excursions are:

  1. Car tour. Six hours comfortable of the rally's most famous sites: the Piazza with its famous fountain, the house of Columbus, the Caravel, the old city gates, Soprano;
  2. The tour also includes stops at the observation deck and lunch in the best café of the city.

  3. The pilgrimage to visit the local relics. In just a few hours of modern pilgrims will be able to visit local shrines, recognized by the whole Christian world: the relics of John the Baptist and St. Lawrence, miraculous image of Christ and many other relics, brought here by the crusaders from the whole of the East;
  4. Grand Tour Genova. It was the biggest tour of the city, including exclusive visits to places inaccessible to the layman. Access to places that are impossible to visit on foot ending with a Cup of coffee in his favorite coffee shop Giuseppe Verdi – what could be better?

Vacation with children

V akvarium s detmi

Travelling with children you will easily find something that will satisfy an adult and a child. For example, in Genoa is the"Children's town" - an open platform for various physical and technical experiments which will surely captivate the child and are absolutely safe. The entrance here is allowed for kids from 3 years.

It is good to visit the Park of Nervi – fresh air and spectacular nature will benefit the child, and in addition, the Park boasts a large Playground with lots of rides and other entertainment. And the natural history Museum can captivate a child these skeletons of prehistoric animals, and various archaeological artifacts.

The famous Genoa aquarium , is the place where the child will not be bored. This aquarium is the largest in Europe and is characterized by an unusual design. It presents various marine animals – from amphibians to sharks. In addition, the center is a Dolphinarium with many exciting programs, as well as the pavilion with the penguins. Look at deep sea creatures up close is a pleasure.


For shoppers Genoa presents a rich selection of shops ranging from flea markets to boutiques from around the world.

Begin shopping you from the streets on 20 September, which is near the Piazza Ferrari, in the centre: there are many boutiques, mass-market, two shopping centers and also cozy antique shops and bookshops.

Along the streets of Rome is full of expensive boutiques, souvenir shops, Studio.

The Doge's Palace every month is fair with the local products. Lovers of exotic and local color will appeal to Eastern and flea markets.

Near Genoa is Europe's biggest outlet, which are about two hundred boutiques with year-round discounts from 40 to 90%.

We recommend you to watch a video about day trips to Genoa: