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The sights of Sardinia with description: what to see on the island?

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Sardinia is considered the pearl of Italy. While tourists from around the world eager to get to Italy, Italians prefer to relax among the attractions of Sardinia. This island is incredibly distinctive, has its own language and unique traditions. No wonder that Sardinia called the "Mediterranean Paradise".

How to find Sardinia on a map?

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Find Sardinia on the world map will not be easy. Enough to pay attention to the European part.


It is the second largest island in the Mediterranean, located to the West of the Apennine Peninsula.

It is conveniently located between Sicily and Corsica belongs to Italy.

The easiest island to get the plane.

Which area is best to choose to stay?

The topography of Sardinia heterogeneous, so everyone can find something to their taste. Different parts of the island have their own characteristics and determine the nature of leisure.

  • North coast. The North-Eastern part of the island famous for its limestone caves and cliffs. It was here on the shore can you find pink granite rock. Golf lovers should opt for this place as it was on the North is the renowned Golf club Pevero.
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  • The East coast. The East coast of Sardinia is quite steep. Here is the volcanic massif of the Gennargentu, is one of the oldest in Europe. Only in this area among the cliffs and numerous coves can be found all the wild beaches.

    The Eastern shore is perfect for those who love silence and solitude. Caves on the coast are isolated from each other and the rest of the land.

  • South coast. To the South is the island's capital, Cagliari, and with it the ancient port and the beautiful sandy beach. This part of the island is famous for the fact that it is inhabited by a large number of birds. Only in the South, you can meet a real pink Flamingo.
  • West coast. In the West of the island are the most famous beaches. They attract tourists because the water temperature is much higher there than in other parts of the island. It is on the Western beaches you can enjoy the white sand, and visit the city of Tharros was founded by Phoenicians.

The city of Islands - pictures with description

Tourist facilities in Sardinia do not count - this architectural masterpieces are completely different eras, and the incredible beauty of nature.


sobor v Kalyari

Cagliari is the capital of the island and the largest port city.

When you visit the capital first of all should go to the Area of the Palazzo.

Around the square assembled the main attractions:

  • Royal Palace;
  • the Cathedral of Santa Maria;
  • archaeological Museum;
  • town hall.

St. Mary's Cathedral is a masterpiece of architecture, which houses the Romanesque-Gothic style, with Baroque elements and style leaning masters.

Cagliari will certainly need to visit the Bastion of Saint Remy. It has the best panoramic view of the city.

kalyarskij bastion

For leisurely walks in Cagliari will approach the Botanical garden and the promenade. The promenade is dotted with souvenir shops and small cafes where you can enjoy delicious food and a great view.


Palau is located in the North-East of the island and from it you can get to the emerald coast Costa Smeralda.

But also in Palau, there is something to pay attention to. Here are the most amazing cliffs. One of them is Bear Rock. This wonder of nature from a distance like a huge bear, which towers over the island. It offers an unforgettable view of the entire coast.

In addition to Palau is the port where the yacht tourists can visit the archipelago of La Maddalena and see the marine national Park. This city is perfect for lovers of Windsurfing and sailing. Professionals can take part in the annual competition, while the newcomers to learn in one of the many schools on the coast.


Olbia can be found in the North of Sardinia in the province of Olbia-Tempio. The historical part of the city takes tourists in medieval Rome. There is St. Paul's Church, where they still preserved the most extraordinary specimens of ancient woodwork.

cerkov v Olbii

The Romans it belonged to the biggest in Sardinia aqueduct. Its length was 7 km and the tank consisted of 6 holes for air.

Near Olbia there is the tomb of giants of su Monte de S ' Abe. It has been preserved from the bronze age and represents the burial gallery which has a length of 10 m. Near the tomb are the ruins of the castle Pedres, built in the XIV century.


Alghero is often called "little Barcelona"because of the architecture of this city has had the greatest influence of the Spaniards. Even the dialect spoken by the locals, called Catalan. The first step in Alghero is worth a look. St. Mary's Cathedral in the Gothic style similar to an ancient castle and an ancient tower on the churches have a great observation deck.

In this part of the island you can find the bizarre limestone cliffs and the famous cave of Neptune.

Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo is one of the most fashionable resort areas in Sardinia. In Porto Cervo is one of the most prestigious yacht clubs. At the same time Golf club this area is also known to lead the world. Outside the city on the white beaches and located most expensive hotel, where the rest celebrities and monarchs.

Stella Maris v Porto-CHervo

The main landmark is the Church of Stella Maris. It stands high on a hill overlooking the best views of the Bay. Thanks to the combination of red tiles and white walls, the Church is like a work of art.


Pula is in the South-West of Sardinia, near the island's capital. The main attraction of this area are the ruins of Nora.

Nora is an ancient Phoenician city, which was built one of the first in Sardinia. There was an ancient temple Eshmun-doctor, famous for its mosaics.


Bosa - romantic town on the North-Western coast of Sardinia. It is the Church of St. Peter, Dating from the eleventh century, and the Malaspina castle. Despite the fact that the castle is not completely preserved in the chapel you can find unique frescoes.

Another attraction of the city is the embankment of the river Temo.

The waterfront is at the very center, and gives everyone the opportunity to experience all the romance of a small town.

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What else to see?

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It's not all that it is possible to visit in Sardinia.

Where to go with kids?

Traveling to Sardinia with children should definitely visit the Maritime Museum of Alghero. It contains an incredible amount of tropical and rare fish and other marine life.

Children and adults will love visiting the island's largest water Park "Diverland". The area of this entertainment complex is 100 thousand square meters On the territory of the Park, besides a huge number of water attractions can be found in:

  1. pools;
  2. the hotel;
  3. the fitness zone;
  4. cafe with live music;
  5. bath with hydromassage;
  6. dance master classes.

The complex is designed for family recreation, therefore, covers the interests of thedifferent age groups. To reach the Park from the capital of Sardinia - Cagliari.

The journey by car

The beaches and the town of Sardinia is so unique and diverse that if possible we should organize a trip around the island by car. This will allow you to make stops anywhere and choose their favorite area.

Travel around the island by car it is best to start with the capital. Here comes most tourists, and there is a great opportunity to rent a car. Given the small size of the island, should live in the capital, and from there make daily trips.

poezdka na avto

Not far from Cagliari is located the beach of Poetto. It is located at a distance of 8 km from the city and is famous for its purity.

Another day it is best to go to Pula and explore this city, and on the way back to visit the wonderful beach of Santa Margherita Ligure.

The beach of Santa Margherita Ligure surprises tourists with bright blue water and the pine forest nearby.

A two-hour drive from the capital is the town of Barumini. It attracts lovers of antiquity for its stone buildings and caves included in the UNESCO list.

Traveling through Sardinia by car, you have to be extremely careful. On roads often there are herds of sheep, cows, goats and other animals. It should also be remembered that some roads and entrances to the beaches can be paid, so when planning a route it is necessary to consider this fact.

You can pay attention to the beach of Le saline. It is located near the town of Stintino. The sea there is quite clean, the beach and Parking is free.

What to see in September?

For those who came to Sardinia in September, there is a unique opportunity to attend the festival, which is dedicated to St. Maria delle Grazie. It is held annually in Palau and lasts a whole week.

This week the city turns into a solid art object, where everywhere is heard the traditional music and exhibitions of artists. The festival encompasses diverse part of the cultural life of modern Sardinia.

For September, planned a few interesting events:

  • In September the island hosts the festival "Autumn in Barbagia". In all the cities festive events where you can try the best local dishes, triple wine tasting and enjoy the colorful costumes of the participants;
  • September 29, Alghero celebrates the city Day. Traditionally held large-scale parade, fireworks and fireworks;
  • Youth will be an interesting "Race of the Saracens". On the first Sunday of September, young people dress like Saracens and running around the city, portraying the robbers.

September in Sardinia is considered a time for weddings. The first weekend of September in Selargius, you can see a unique wedding ceremony that blends all the tradition of Italy. This ritual is carried out since 1962, it has involved a large part of the population of the city.

In this video you will see the sights of the island capital Cagliari: