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Guide to the attractions of Sicily: Taormina, village Outlet

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Sicily is one of the brightest and most popular of the Italian Islands in the Mediterranean sea. It is preferred by tourists who like to combine beach tourism and exciting sightseeing tours to the attractions of this region of Italy.

Guide to Sicily - attractions

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Sicily has a fairly large territory, and in each of the many towns remained traces of the peoplesliving on its territory: Romans, Byzantines, Greeks and Normans.

No less beautiful natural attractions of Sicily, characterized by amazing beauty.

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Thanks to its unique charm, the resort town of Taormina has long attracted the attention of creative people – artists and writers. A small settlement, located on the terrace of mount Etna, and in our days continues to amaze tourists fantastic beauty – well-preserved medieval architecture and the ancient Greek-Roman monuments.

Not just so Taormina became the main cultural center of Sicily. This city formed around the Greek theatre, built in the II century BC it held entertainments: Opera and concerts. For the construction of this large-scale facility residents had to align the territory of the mountain, carrying approximately 100 thousand meters of limestone.

This ancient monument is well preserved and available to visit, and acquaintance with him enables us to understand how large could be the construction. The dimensions of the building are impressive: its diameter is 109 meters, and the stands can hold up to 10 thousand spectators. With its walls overlooking the Ionian sea and the surrounding nature.

Grecheskij teatr v Taormine

To monuments of history remaining after the Romans, also include Roman Odeon – theater, with more modest dimensions. Its capacity was only 200 people, and used it often for meetings of the city Council.

In Taormina perfectly preserved religious monuments:

  • Cathedral – the construction of the XV century, dedicated to Saint Nicholas;
  • Church. Augustine – the building of the XV century, which became a symbol of deliverance from the plague;
  • Church. Catherine of Alexandria – the temple of XII century, decorated with statues;
  • Church. George – the temple of the XX century, located on the edge of the mountain terraces;
  • The Church of the Mother of God – the temple of the XVII century, created in the rocks.

The streets of Taormina adorn palaces and castles – luxury facilities, owned at different times various rulers of the region. Among them, first and foremost, it is worth noting the Palace Corvaja Palazzo built in X-XI centuries by the Arabs.

It is noteworthy that a historic building is decorated in several styles that blend perfectly with each other: Arab, Norman and Romanesque.

In the XIV century in Taormina appeared a Palace of the Duke Stefano is a structure in the Romanesque style with Gothic elements. This combination gives the building a solemn and romantic look, even despite the fact that the building was damaged during the war years, he was able to bring back the original look.

Pearl Taormina – Palace Simpole – small building of the fifteenth century, which served as the residence of the first kind, Corvaja, but once passed into the possession of the family Simpole. The only notable part of the structure – the many steps that serve as the Foundation.


The capital of Sicily itself is a Museum under the open sky. To get acquainted with all the attractions will take at least a week. There are about 300 ancient churches and temples, some old palaces and squares with magnificent medieval architecture.

Great success use the Palermo – Pretoria and Sea – areas, which are located around the medieval buildings. Once it was arranged the Royal wedding, jousting and theatrical performances, and nowadays, the square remains an ideal place for a fun atmospherecity.

Sightseeing Palermo should continue with a visit to the Old town – places where start several Hiking trails. This historic district is present in large quantities the diverse architecture of the former owners of the island: the ancient Greek and Byzantine, Roman and Arabic, Sicilian and Catalan.

Palermo - ploshad Pretoriya

Among the ancient architecture of Palermo is worth noting:

  1. The Royal Norman Palace , a unique monument erected by the Arabs in the IX century;
  2. Cathedral. Maria Assunta – the Church where the coffins of kings and their jewels;
  3. Church. Francis of Assisi – the repository of works of art of Sicily;
  4. Church of San Cataldo – building of the XII century, more resembling a mosque;
  5. The choir Tippet – building, decorated in several styles;
  6. Martorana – the Church of the XII century, in which love married couple.

We should also mention such a scary placelike the Capuchin catacombs , the ancient underground cemetery, the resting place of all the nobility of Palermo from 16 to 19 centuries. Due to the fact that in the catacombs remained a special climate and humidity, the body has long remained incorrupt.

To our days in the "Museum" is preserved approximately 8 thousand "exhibits", which are the remains located in different poses.

To become better acquainted with the culture of Palermo, you should look in places such as the puppet Museum and the Museum of fine arts – special historical objects, which is not only a repository of historical artifacts, but also a valuable architectural monument.


gorod Korleone

The small Sicilian town of Corleone many tourists is synonymous with the mafia, and the F. F. Coppola movie "the Godfather". It hence was borrowed the title, which became the name of the leader. But the city is known not only due to this fact, a vast number of attractions – the medieval ruins and remains of ancient settlements.

Among the attractions of Corleone is worth noting more than 100 ancient religious buildings: monasteries, churches and temples built in the XIII-XV centuries of intense study worthy of the Savior monastery of the XIII century and Church of the blessed virgin Mary and the Church. Augustine. We can say that the city grew on the peak of popularity of Catholicism, for this reason, almost every holiday is associated with religion.

In Corleone there are several museums, for example:

  • The mob Museum is a bright spot, reminiscent of the mafia clans of the island;
  • City Museum – collection of geological finds from different periods.

Also, the city is remarkable in the secular architecture of different times, such as the Saracen tower La Torre Saracenafrom the top of which offers a picturesque view of the Ionian sea and the Castello Sottanogiven at the monastery.


One of the largest and oldest cities of Sicily is interesting because it is built at the foot of mount Etna from the material, the former cooled lava. Catania in 1669, was almost completely destroyed by the volcanic eruption, but the historical center has been recovered. Since part of the architectural buildings, Baroque buildings – is covered in lava dust, they look even more interesting.

That Catania is an ancient city belonged to the Romans, speak of its monuments: the Acropolis, a forum and an amphitheater, aqueduct, nine baths, the Odeon, the several basilicas and the catacombs.

In addition, the city has many ancient temples and palaces:

  1. The Cathedral and its façade, decorated with marble and statues;
  2. Collegiate Basilica – temple, built in the Baroque style;
  3. Fortress Ursino former forport, which became the Museum of the city;
  4. Teatro Bellini – gorgeous building, both outside and inside.

We should also mention the Elephant fountain – the building, which has become the symbol of Catania. The figure of the animal, made of volcanic rock, symbolizes the protection of the city from a possible eruption of mount Etna.


Sirakuzy - pamyatnik Arhimedu

Like most touristic places in Sicily, Syracuse is located at the foot of mount Etna. The town is a picturesque area dotted with ancient buildings and natural monuments, many of which resemble that he was part of Greece.

Most old objects are:

  • Cave "Ear of Dionysius" , the ruins of the ancient quarries;
  • QuarryCapuchin – gallery with fancy halls and columns;
  • Catacombs Of St. Callixtus. John – a dark dungeon with lots of moves;
  • The Greek theatre is the business card of the city;
  • Roman amphitheatre – the third largest amphitheatre of Italy;
  • The ruins of the temple of Apollo – one of the first major buildings of the island.

Once in Syracuse, is worth visiting Piazza Archimede, there to meet a graceful monument of Artemis surrounded by nymphs.

No less popular Cathedral square, which is the old Cathedral, amazing grace and solemnity. It seems very unusual monument to Archimedes. Its aluminum figure sunk into the ground in front of the Cathedral.

Among the ancient religious architecture it is worth noting the Church of the Madonna delle lacrime sanctuary and the Cappella del Sepolcro di Santa Lucia. These old churches built in ancient times, its furnishings are more like museums.

Excursions to other cities

Of particular interest are the small tourist town of Sicily. In Messina you can find the oldest Cathedral that has become the pride of the island. Duma the temple in the Norman style with the astronomical clock on the bell tower looks very elegant.

In the province of Agrigento is a unique Park Valley of the Temples is an ancient place, where ancient temples: Zeus, Hercules, Hera and other Greek gods. In total, the area includes 7 samples of ancient Greek art.

A massive building with columns 30 metres high and the sculpture is perfectly preserved, albeit in fragmentary form.

Several objects of history preserved in Tindari – the city founded in the IV century BC it is possible to find the ancient theatre, carved traditionally in the rock and the sanctuary of the Madonna di Tindari Church, which can be seen from any point of the city.

The nature of the island

prirodnyj vulkan na ostrove

Sicily gives visitors a chance to get acquainted with the magnificent nature of the island. In addition to the best Italian beaches, covered with Golden sand, there are mountains and caves, volcanoes and lakes.

Mount Etna

The legendary volcano, which has become the highest in Europe, for scientists, is a modern mystery, and for tourists – a favorite place for tourism. He is at rest, and during walking on the foot, it is possible to see how the tragic can be the consequences of this natural object.

Equally interesting may be the climb of Etna, but it is worth doing, accompanied by an experienced instructor. The fact that on the slopes is about 300-600 craters, but their activity is unpredictable.

The lake of death

The island is the most dangerous body of water on Earth – lake of death. Notably, the filled Sicilian lake is lead and sulfur. The name of the lake received its membership, and close to make it off the threatened danger to health. The concentration of these substances is so great that any living organism caught in the lake will dissolve in minutes.

What else to see?

Because of the influence of different cultures in Sicily has preserved many monuments of history. Walk the streets to notice that every old building has its own story.

1 day

If familiarity with the Sicily one day, then, first and foremost, you should look at the island's capital, Palermo, where you can see numerous architectural and natural objects.

Fans of culture and history can visit the museums and also visit the temples became not only religious monuments, but also repositories of valuable relics.

Much better to go with the kids?

Holidays with children in Sicily is not limited to beach activities. On the island you can visit Etnaland and entertainment complex at the foot of mount Etna, which is a water Park, a zoo and a colorful show lasers. In addition, in Sicily there are many interesting objects, as well as thermal springs, where you can improve the health of yourself and the kids.


Shopping in Italy is not only Milan, but Sicily, with its famous Outlet village (Sicilia Outlet Village) – trendy place where you can buy goods of famous designer brands. The area is a trading village located in the heart of the island. In stores you can find products of 100 retail brands, including Armani, Baldinini and Calvin Klein. For visitors there is a car Park, play area and café.

Sicily is different from mainland Italy by the abundance of unique places and special atmosphere, imbibed the history of different centuries and peoples, so the island is worth to visit it.

We recommend you to watch very entertaininga film about Sicily: