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The sights of Vatican city: what to see and where to relax in the square?

dostoprimechatelnosti Vatikana

The smallest state in the world has great appeal for tourists. This is connected not only with the religious component, but with the historic importance of this place. On the territory of 44 hectares has lots of interesting sights, the examination of which should be concerned in advance.

Information about the country

informaciya o gosudarstve

If you know what time of year to go, what things not to bring and how to get around the long queue, the inspection of the Vatican will bring only pleasant emotions.

Most tourists complain of wasted waiting time and a large crowd in front of almost every entrance.

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Travel niche

In the Vatican don't usually go specifically: most tourists include this place in your itinerary during the inspection of Rome. Thanks to the popularity of Italy for travelers to meet here people from all over the world, but in days of religious holidays, here comes a lot of local.

turisticheskaya sostavlyaushaya

The tourist season here lasts all year round, but the strong influx of visitors is in the summer months. The smallest queue can be found in winter, but there is a risk to be caught in the rain and get wet, whereas the summer in anticipation of the entrance of another Museum you can get heat stroke. The best time to visit - early spring. In March and April, visitors to times less than in high season, and the weather already allows you to see everything without too much discomfort.

As input in many places occurs the inspection of personal belongings on the subject of Smoking, we should not bring knives, scissors, and all that is in the opinion of the security personnel can become a dangerous weapon. There are requirements to clothes: banned overly revealing outfits, but especially the "beach" options, which includes swimwear for women and bare chested men.


Despite the small size of the country, there is a private railway, which, if necessary, operates not only to transport cargo, but also passengers. And with a small railway station periodically pulls the Pope himself, when sent on a journey to the Holy places of Italy.

Also from here there is transport helicopter with its platform, which can deliver passengers to particular negotiations or in the hospital. Since not all of the Vatican opened to tourists, many features are hidden from prying eyes.

Special mention deserves the Swiss guard, which is used here for more than five centuries.

osobennosti SHvejcarskoj gvardii

For a long time these forces were considered as one of the most highly trained in Europe, but because in the early 16th century it was decided to choose them as mercenary forces for the protection of the Vatican.

Many services during this time in the Vatican were eliminated, but the Swiss guard still remained.

Tourists often take pictures of men in fancy striped form, as if they just stepped out of the cartoon about the middle Ages. Despite the modern times, the costume of the guards remained unchanged, and the requirements to the participants for the protection of the Vatican for so many centuries has not changed much.

Photos and description of attractions

opisanie dostoprimechatelnyh mest

The place has an ancient history, its attractions are monuments and protected by UNESCO. Moreover, it is the unique case when the entire state is officially recognized as a world heritage site.


Special attention in the quality of the architectural object deserved of the Apostolic Palacewhich is the permanent residence of the Pope. Look at it from St. Peter's square. Construction began in the 16th century andnow is a whole range of different structures, some of which were built much earlier than the Palace itself.

The papacy is an irregular quadrilateral, with many galleries and passages. On the grounds there are the Vatican museums and the Sistine chapel, and the famous courtyard with a pine cone, which stands out thanks to a niche in the Belvedere in the eponymous Belvedere Palace in its background. As the Vatican was built many centuries, every building is an interesting architectural object with its own history.

If you wish, you can spend a whole day just looking at the facades and not going inside. Not to say that the whole territory is created in the same style, because the building was not at one time, it included the work of different architects and fashion specific century.

vatikanskaya arhitektura

For example, the court of the Pigna, which dates back to 1-2 century ad and referred to above, striking simultaneously with all its pomposity and modesty, when compared to other more majestic buildings of the city-state.

The high white columns pay tribute to the fashion of the ancient world. These columns can be found in the main building of the Vatican - the St. Peter's Basilica and the square in front of him. This architectural detail adds to the monumentality of the local architecture and inspire the admiration of the construction features of the time.

Religious buildings

Among the religious buildings the most popular are:

  • St. Peter's Cathedral is an important place for religious pilgrimage for Catholics. Hence the Pope of Rome broadcasts the Sunday sermon, listen to that on the square outside the Cathedral, thousands of people visit every weekend.

    According to tradition, this Basilica on the relics of St. Peter, and its territory is suitable tomb.

    religioznyj hram

    To go to the temple is completely free, but stood a pretty big line for inspection of personal belongings. But to climb to the colonnade, you will have to pay, and the price depends on how a tourist decides to climb: the stairs or the Elevator.

    To visit the Vatican and not to go to this Cathedral is simply impossible, even if the visitor does not consider themselves to be Catholic. Inside, there are masterpieces in the form of frescoes, paintings and sculptures made by the masters from around the world. Many of them already more than 10 centuries;

  • The Sistine chapel, the former chapel, no longer performs its intended purpose, but is an important place from the historical point of view. She, like the Cathedral of St. Peter, holds many objects of art that are of interest to many tourists.

    There are regular performances of the choir of the Sistine chapel, and this event is certainly worth a look. This structure is complex "the Vatican Museums", the ticket can be pre-purchased online, not to stand separate in the cashier.

stroenie Sikstinskoj kapelly

St. Peter's Square

Among the most interesting places you can highlight St. Peter's square. It is in front of the same Cathedral, is often found in various films, and it was here waiting for the announcement of results of elections of new popes are Catholic.

It has an interesting shape in the form of a circle and the two parties restricted next Collonade. In the center stands a huge Egyptian obeliskinstalled here in the 1st century ad the area was built in the 17th century, and it is best to see it from above, climbing the colonnade of St. Peter's Basilica.

With such a huge height becomes noticeable that this part of the Vatican is very much like a keyhole.

The colonnade consists of 284 columns, and the top has more than 150 sculptures of Catholic saints that look with binoculars or telephoto lens.

glavnaya ploshad Svyatogo Petra

The last time during the reign of Italy Mussolini was held here a large-scale reconstruction. Earlier people walked through the narrow streets, and then abruptly found themselves in the midst of this vast square. But the new President has decided to increase the passage, then the area and took the form of a keyhole. The effect of "scale" still remains, but now the view of the Cathedral of St. Peter will not open unexpectedly, and visible already from afar.

The Vatican Museums

The Vatican museums is a complex, which carries this title and includes a number of Museum halls and galleries. You can buy tickets in advance online or purchased at the entrance will have to wait for the inspection.

During the inspection several areas of the complex makes sense to buy a passthat will allow you to save quite a large sum. We should not forget that the ticket office of the Museum are closed for 2 hours before hethough on a tour of the entire complex is better to allocate at least a couple of days.

Among the most famous museums of the Vatican release:

  1. The Museum of ancient art;
  2. The Sistine chapel;
  3. Apartment Borgia;
  4. Art gallery;
  5. Tapestry gallery;
  6. Ethnological Museum;
  7. Raphael's Rooms;
  8. The Museum Of Relics;
  9. Gregorian Etruscan Museum.

muzejnyj kompleks

As the Roman Catholic Church began to take shape very early, she is very kind to the ancient art. I can't leave the Vatican without visiting the Museum of ancient art and the Museum of the Etruscan Gregorian. They collected a huge collection of different statues, vases and other antiquities.

Separate time should be given and art gallery which has a large collection of religious paintings including artists from around the world. For example, here are the works of Raphael, Da Vinci and Titian.

Speaking about Rafael, it makes sense to visit the hall with its "Stanzani", with frescoes of his work, which is divided into 4 smaller rooms.

Of particular interest is the ethnological Museum, Pope Pius XI, who gathered under one roof exhibits on religious themes from different countries and different religions. Especially valuable are the pagan mask small African and South American tribes.


pamyatnik Apostola Petra

On the territory of Vatican are many different monuments and sculptures. Going here without a tour, please read about what might occur in the way not to accidentally leave it unattended.

The statue of the Apostle Peter is in the nave of St. Peter's Basilica. Believers attribute miraculous powers to her, that she is able to heal the disease. Like it or not - a matter of faith, but a large crowd of tourists suggests that most still believe.

The other 11 apostles is located on the external facade of the building, exactly like the statues of Christ and John the Baptist. Another popular sculpture is "Gregory the Illuminator", who lived in 3-4 century A. D. the Monument is in one of the external niches of the Cathedral, and was installed only 20 years ago.

Sculptural group "Laocoon and his sons" is very popular among tourists. It is in the Museum PIO-Clement dates back to the 3rd century, but in fact is a copy of the same sculpture 1st century On the territory of the Vatican, she is from the beginning of the 16th century.

skulptura Laokoona

Another classic example of ancient sculpture is the "Apollo Belvedere", which was also reconstructed on the basis of the original, Dating from the 4th century BC to Look at Apollo in the garden of Belvedere.

Among the huge variety of sculptures can also be noted:

  • A bronze sculpture of a pinecone;
  • Sculpture in the form of a head of Augustus;
  • Sculpture "Sphere within sphere";
  • The sculpture Pieta.

What else to see and do?

posmotret i posetit vatikanskie sady

For tourists there are made a lot, because obtained through the visitors to revenue is a significant source of income for the Vatican. Although it is understood that lives in that state at the expense of tourists, and due to donations, which are far more items of financial revenues.

Vatican gardens

Of particular value are the famous Vatican gardens. As the place is in the territory of the monarchy is limited and has a dense construction, such a natural object is important.

Every new Pope has brought to the gardens something of themselves. Some people liked a certain style, and he gave directions to certain of the sculptures in one part of the garden. Another was fond of herbs, but because there began to appear nemnogolyudny herbs that require special care. Many of the rulers of his visits brought saplings of various trees.

In General, now the Vatican gardens were very interesting, including in terms of the extensive collection of plants.

These are only accessible with an organized tour, which lasts several hours and can be very tiring in the hot months.

Where to relax?

otdohnut vo dvore Pinii

To rest in the Vatican, it is sufficient to find one of the restaurants. In a cool roomand you can eat and gain strength for further sightseeing. One of the most popular places is the restaurant Papa Rex on via Aurelia.

Although the restaurant places in the Vatican are not very many, but they are very roomy. But since the middle of the season waiting for a free table can take a lot of time, something for a light snack is best to take along from the hotel. But just to sit, will first have to find a bench. There are not very many and they are often fully booked or are in the sun. One of the places with benches located in the courtyard of the Pigna.

In short, going to the Vatican, it is better to allocate to the inspection of 2-3 days to avoid the rush and pay the main attractions in enough time.

If tourists have only 1 day, it makes sense to focus on just a few objects and don't try to cover as much as possible.

Come should before the opening, and as the time of travel to choose early spring. The Vatican is actually very an amazing place that will appeal not only to fans of religion, but to all who are interested in architecture and history.

We recommend you to watch a video about the attractions of the Vatican: