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What to see in Italy - the sights of Verona on the map with photos

dostoprimechatelnosti Verony

Verona , the legendary city located in the most romantic region of Italy – in Venice. Daily it is visited by thousands of tourists, attracted by ancient architecture and other luxurious attractions.

Resort Verona on the map in Russian language

Verona na karte Italii

The city, glorified by Shakespeare, is conveniently located halfway from Venice to Milan, and through it the river Adige, originating in the Alps.

The main sightseeing areas

Verona is one of the most beautiful and oldest cities of Europe, where in every area there are ancient sites, which may be about two thousand years.

The history of the city is closely connected not only with the famous pair of lovers, but also with the Roman gladiators, medieval knights, talented poets, artists and architects from different times.

Only in Verona 8 administrative districts, including 23 districts. The historical center are considered to be four quarters. They will be of interest to travelers.

These blocks include:

  • Città Antica – the Old town, which has a lot of ancient buildings, remaining here since the days of the Roman Empire;
  • Cittadella is a picturesque neighbourhood on the right Bank of the Adige, where, in addition to key tourist sites, there are several inexpensive hotels;
  • Veronetta historic district, which conceals the ancient temples, Dating from the IX century;
  • San Zeno – Central district, developed around the homonymous Basilica, something reminiscent of the Old town.

Very interesting sightseeing tour of Borgo Trento – old quarter with its beautiful streets in liberty style (Italian art Nouveau). This area is located near the historic centre of Verona.

How to get there?

kak dobratsya do goroda?

Verona has its own airport Villafranca (VRN), which are regular direct flights from Moscow from the company "S7".

Flight time from Moscow to Verona takes about 3 hours and 45 minutes and the distance is 2181 km.

In the same direction are regular flights from St. Petersburg, but they all follow instead.

Verona can be reached in a different way, for example, low-cost airlines from Moscow to the Italian cities like Naples, Rome, Bari or Palermo. From the domestic airports of these cities there are direct flights to Villafranca.

Finally, another convenient and interesting way to fly from Moscow to Venice, and from here (from the airport Treviso or Marco Polo) to reach the center of Verona by bus or train. The trip will take about 40-55 minutes.

By purchasing airline tickets, use this convenient search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, date of departure and the number of passengers.

The sights of Verona and the surrounding area - photos with description

Despite a long history, numbering about two thousand years, Verona has managed in great form to keep most of their attractions, especially the traces of the Roman Empire and the middle Ages, and the monuments dedicated to Romeo and Juliet.


Pamyatnaya grobnica

In Verona there are several amazing landmarks, each of which has its ownlegend.

One of these monuments – Juliet's tomb – the sarcophagus of Verona marble, where she found eternal peace.

Actually who rests in this place is unknown, but all fans of Shakespeare and romantic this history believe that here is Juliette's body.

The marble tomb is in the crypt of the abolished Capuchin monastery. The object of worship of the romantics leads a leafy alley, and it is surrounded by barely surviving buildings of the ancient monastery founded by the order of the Minorite. According to legend, there was a secret wedding lovers and here they were buried.

Pamyatnik Dzhulette

Another romantic monument to Juliet, set in the courtyard of the house where the girl lived. It involves several traditions. According to legend, touching the breast of the monument will provide true love, a note with a wish left in the wall, it will surely come.

In Verona there are monuments dedicated to great people:

  1. A monument to Garibaldi , a famous political and military leaders;
  2. Monument to Victor Emmanuel II , the first king of a unified Italy;
  3. Monument to Catullus is a Latin poet of the late Roman Empire;
  4. The monument to Cavour – the statesman and diplomat of Piedmont.

Another historical monument is located in the heart of Verona in Piazza della Signoria surrounded by the impressive architectural ensemble. The monument is dedicated to the great Dante Alighieri – poet, exiled from his native Florence in 1301 After this incident, his life was closely connected with Verona, because he was invited here by the family Rock. The poet lived in the city for 13 years, and the last Chapter of "the divine Comedy", he devoted Cangrande della Scala.

Temples, churches, cathedrals

Kafedralnyj sobor

  • A masterpiece of religious architecture of Verona – Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore is a Church built in the VII century. The architects decided to design a Church that could hit its splendor the residents and guests of the city. The result was a building with a Grand façade of Golden tuff stone and Verona marble. A little later, the Basilica was complemented by decorative elements: reliefs, statues and images.
  • The "highlight" of the Basilica, the transparent sarcophagus with the remains of St. Zeno. In the evenings, the tomb is illuminated by lights, but creates a very sinister look.

  • The main Church of Verona Cathedral is a massive structure, designed in the Romanesque style. Its construction began in the XII century and consecrated in 1187. In the XV century, the temple was finished, after which it received its new look in the Gothic style. The most valuable, historically, in the Cathedral is its interior and the interior, especially the paintings of Giovanni Falconetto and altarpiece work by Titian.
  • Careful attention should be paid to the Church of Santa Maria Antica is a Roman – Catholic Church in the Romanesque style. With its austere appearance, this place is one of the most visited places among couples that decided to exchange vows of love in the city of romance.

Architectural structure

arhitekturnyj amfiteatr

  1. The main architectural pride of the city – the Roman amphitheatre arena de Verona, built two thousand years ago. When it passed, the gladiators, and now hosts a spectacular theatrical production. For its size, this ancient design is not much inferior to the Coliseum.
  2. Tour of Verona is impossible without visiting the home of Romeo and Juliet's house – beautiful houses of the XIII century, which belonged to the people, which served as the prototype of the warring families.
  3. The greatest interest is the very old the balcony, under which Romeo confessed his love to Juliet. To admire them every day here come hundreds of lovers.

  4. Quite interesting is the Gothic castle of Castelvecchio, built here in VIII century as a defensive structure for the local rulers. Its red walls, crowned with battlements, one to one reminiscent of the walls of the Moscow Kremlin. In a long lifetime, the castle has been protecting structure, a prison, an Arsenal and even a school, now turned into a Museum.
  5. Very striking architectural attraction of Verona is the Lamberti tower is the old medieval structure with a bell, towering high above the other houses of the city. Building height of 83 meters can be seen even from the most remote points of Verona, and its top is an observation platform which offers a magnificent view of the city and the Alps.

Beautiful architectural structures are assembled in the main square of Verona is the Piazza delle Erbe. In this place in ancient times, were built the most beautiful palaces of the city. Looks particularly attractive Palazzo Maffei and Torre del Gardello – built in the XIV century, as well as building Mazanti, which served as the residence of the local rulers of the family Della Scala.


alt="city Museum"/>

A great addition to the walk around Verona visiting the city's main Museum, which is located in the castle of Castelvecchio. Among the extensive exhibits of the Museum has an impressive collection of art of the middle Ages: sculptures and paintings of the Veronese masters.

Interesting archaeological collection in the ancient monastery of SV. Gerolamo, where is located the Archaeological Museum with various artifacts collected in Verona or near the city.

Many of the exhibits were given to the Museum as gifts, some found right on the streets, and other items "donated" the river.

Large private collection of art was bequeathed to the city by Achille forti – botanist, organized in Verona the Gallery of modern art, which is approximately 1.4 thousands of art exhibits the early nineteenth century.

Gardens and parks

sad Dzhusti

On the Eastern outskirts of Verona, a luxurious Palace and Park complex – lush garden Giustibuilt in the late XVI century. It is an addition to a historic Villa located in the centre of the garden.

For many centuries, the Park was filled with sculptures, cypresses and a maze of sculptured bushes cut.

According to legend, as befits a city of romance, the lovers who find each other in this maze will live together happily ever after.


ozero Garda

Verona is rich in beautiful natural places, among which it is worth noting lake Garda is the largest lake of Italysituated to the North of the country. The pond is located in three regions. Its area is about 370 sq. km, length is 51.9 km and width of 16 km the shores of lake adorn the different hamlets, and some of them have a rich history.

What else to see?

In a small Verona so many monuments of history, that is not enough and weeks in order to explore them.

One day

To get more done in one day, it is enough to arrange a walk through the main squares of Verona:

  • Cozy Erbe square with its buildings in the Baroque style and the fountain of Madonna Verona;
  • ploshad Erbe za odin den

  • Relaxed Brawhere you can escape from the hot Italian sun;
  • Seigneurie and its ancient monuments such as the Palazzo Tribunale, battle tower, Palazzo Scaligero, the Government Palace and the Loggia of the Council.

Incredibly beautiful ancient bridges of Veronaover the Adige river. They are also important attractions of the city. Along the promenade, which you can descend from the Piazza delle Erbe, are the arched bridges surviving in almost its original form:

  1. Ponte Pietra – the first stone bridge of Verona;
  2. Ponte, Postumio – identical arched bridge;
  3. Ponte Scaligero – the structure that connects the left Bank with the castle of Castelvecchio.

Gorgeous vintage bridge with panoramic view of Verona is really a lot, so every tourist has a great opportunity to walk around them, discovering something new in the history of the city.

The rest of the time you can spend on a walk through the streets of Port Borsari is a place of pilgrimage for fans of ancient history. You can see a lot ancient columns, fragments of Roman buildings and the former city gates.

With a child

s rebenkom v Gardalend

Near lake Garda is the thematic fun Park Gardaland. This place is perfect for family holidays with children, something Recalling the familiar Disneyland. Very large areas are state of the art rides for children, a café and even its own hotel.

The dense vegetation of the Park perfectly protects tourists from the scorching sun.

If this place is not enough, you can always go to a nearby Aquarium or a nearby amusement Park Movieland, reconstructed on the basis of the plots of famous films.


Near Verona is a leisure Park, which can be reached fairly quickly on the free Shuttle.

Near lake Garda is a beautiful sigurta Park, Italy recognized him as the most picturesque in the country. Its founder was patrician Nicolo Gerolamo Contarini, built in the province of Verona Villa.

Now the entrance to the Villa is not available, but a luxurious Park around it, perfect for walking. To many this place reminds me of the garden of Eden, thanks to the tens of thousands of tulips that bloom here almost simultaneously. During the season, the tulips are replaced by irises, roses, asters, dahlias and lilies.

Verona is great for travel because it has everything for an exciting and informative href="http://tour.liketourist.com/strana/otdyh-v-italii/">vacation.

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