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How many seas have washed away the Italy in Rimini and which are separated from Yugoslavia?

kakoe more v Italii?

Italy is a delightful country, in which intertwine history and rich cultural heritage of different epochs and traditions of the people.

Often go to Italy to get acquainted with the amazing architecture of the cities and gorgeous beach resorts are not inferior to it in popularity. To decide which resort to visit, you should know what the sea in Italy.

Italy on world map

strana na mirovoj karte

The country on the world map located on the Eurasian continent, in a rather on the Apennine Peninsula in Europe.


Italy is a Republic in southern Europe, shaped like boots, so-called jackboot, the upper part of which is bordered by the countries of the European continent: Slovenia, Switzerland, France, Austria. The lower part of the "boot" juts out into the Mediterranean sea.

The black sea connects to the Mediterranean, though not directly, but through the Marmara sea, connected by the Bosphorus, the Aegean sea is combined with the Marble through the Dardanelles Strait, the Aegean and already flows into the Mediterranean.

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How many seas washes the country?

Italy is the European country with the longest coastline, about 80000 km. Three sides Italy is washed by the seas.

Seas surrounding Italy, are Mediterranean sea, via the Strait of Gibraltar, connects the Atlantic ocean. Only four of the sea:

  • The Adriatic;
  • Tyrrhenian;
  • Ionian;
  • The Ligurian.

Adriatic pool


East coast of Italy bordering the Adriatic sea, on its shores are the Apennine and the Balkan Peninsula.

What are the characteristics?

On the one hand is the coast of Italy, on the other hand, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Albania, therefore, the Adriatic sea separates Italy from the former Yugoslavia.

The name of the sea was received from the ancient port of Adria, which has been preserved to this day.

Modern Adria is located 25 km from the sea, because of changes in the coastline into the sea by rivers.

  1. The water temperature in the sea varies from 11°C in February to 26°C in August;
  2. The climate is very comfortable, soft, blowing the famous Italian winds: Mistral, Scirocco, Bora;
  3. The depth of the sea is not uniform between 20 m in the North to 1200 m in the South-East;
  4. The salinity from 35 to 38%;
  5. The tide is semi-diurnal, up to 1.2 m;
  6. The sea is clean, UNESCO noted this fact Blue flag.

Holiday on the coast

The Adriatic coast is sandy, the entrance to the water is very shallow, you have to go to achieve the depth, convenient for swimming.

On the Adriatic coast are located many famous resorts. The coastline is a picturesque street with rows of stalls, attracting shoppers from all over the world. Resorts of the Adriatic are noisy, fun, young, with plenty of Nightclubs and restaurants. Coast popular among Russian tourists.

otdyh v Venecii

  • In the North Adriatic sea is the Gulf of Venice, overlooking the legendary and ancient city in Italy - Venice. The resort attracts tourists from all over the world for its streets, canals, old cathedrals,gondoliers and their songs.
  • Lido di Jesolo is a resort, which is popular among tourists long sandy beaches, shallow waters and soft clean sand.
  • Rimini is an ancient city and a modern resort with sandy beach, comfortable hotels for every taste. The city is the centre of Roman Riviera. Located near the state of San Marino. Attracts marketplaces and exquisite architectural monuments.

    Rimini is the birthplace of F. Fellini. The Fellini Museum attracts not only foreign but also local tourists. It is also the city where was the love of Paolo and Francesca, described in "the divine Comedy" by Dante Alighieri.

  • Gargano-Blu - resort, located on the protruding into the sea "spur of the boot" that is attractive to surfers. Not too popular among Russians.

Other popular resorts in the Adriatic, Riccione, Ancona, Pescara, Termoli, Bari.

The Ionian sea

Ionicheskie berega

Located on the South of Italy "boot", as it stands on the Ionian sea. Washes the Balkan and the Apennine Peninsula.


The sea got its name by the name of the ancient tribe of Ionians, who lived on its shores.

  1. Water temperature: up to +15 ° C in February and 26°C in August;
  2. The maximum depth of the sea - 5151 m;
  3. The salt concentration - 38%;
  4. The tides are semi-diurnal, up to 0.4 m In the sea there are surface currents, the speed of which is up to 1 km per hour.

The Ionian sea separates Italy from Greece, where there are a large number of resorts. In the sea are the Greek Islands of Ithaca, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Corfu, and the sea washes the Italian island - Sicily. The major port cities of Italy in the Ionian sea, Catania and Taranto.

The resort town

The picturesque coast, sometimes because of its location among the rocks difficult of access, the line is broken, rugged, quiet bays and coves. The landscape is diverse: the sandy shore, the sand is light yellow, but nearby rocky shores. As this is southern Italy, it's hot, but the wind brings coolness.

Resorts allow to combine beach holiday and sightseeing. And the location of the resorts gives you the possibility of excursions in the Italian and Greek areas rich in gems of human history.

Italy's most famous resorts of the Ionian sea:

  • Taranto is divided into two parts - Old town and New town. In the New city focus infrastructure coastal tourism;
  • Rock-the Imperial is a small town, where there are excellent conditions for a beach holiday.

kurortnyj gorod Roka-Imperiale

Worth mentioning the unique town of Matera, located a short distance from the Ionian coast. It is partly carved into the tuff rocks and observed a quirky mix of underground caves and ordinary houses, where it is possible to go on numerous labyrinths and passages under the ground.

Mostly the resorts of the Ionian sea are characterized by reasonable prices, availability of a beach holiday is from may to November.

Resorts of the Ionian coast of Italy is not very popular among Russian tourists.

The Tyrrhenian pond

Washes a large part of Western Italy, between the Apennine Peninsula and Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica. Its shape resembles a triangle.

Physico-geographical sketch

There is a legend that the sea owes its name to the Lydian king to Tirrena. He saves his people from hunger, brought him to the shores of this sea. The people in honor of the Savior called himself Tirrena, and the sea received the same name.

  1. Temperature: February - +13°C, August - 31°C;
  2. Depth reaches 3800 m;
  3. Salinity is 37.7 per cent.

The sea is calm and clean, no distinct tides.

The coast is mountainous coast, alternating long sandy and rocky beaches and plenty of coves and ancient towns. Rocky shores are attractive for scuba diving lovers.

The opportunity to combine a beach and cognitive rest is the hallmark of Italy, and especially on the coast of the Tyrrhenian sea, where in addition to the many small seaside towns nearby Rome, Naples, Pompeii.

ocherk pribrezhnoj zony

The most visited shore

Amalfi coast - a favorite vacation spot for people who love noisy and fun. At the same time, on the slopes of the coastal mountains is expensive and popular resorts for a respectable family vacation. Amalfi coast road connects are important for touristscities like Naples and Rome.

  • One of the most popular resorts is the town of Amalfi, famous for its old Cathedral of St. Andrew;
  • Romantic fishing village of Positano, which became the center of attraction for tourists, attracting unforgettable views of azure sea from the terraces, located at different heights;
  • Salerno is a large resort which can be reached by train from Rome. It is a "travel cocktail" of clubs, restaurants, castles and cathedrals.

Other famous resorts of the Amalfi coast: Ravello, Sorrento, Maiori, Minori, Cetara.

The Ligurian part of the Mediterranean

Ligurijskoe poberezhe Sredizemnomorya

The Ligurian sea is located in the North-West of Italy. The warm climate of the Ligurian sea is facilitated by the location of the Alps, covering it from cold wind.

The specificity of these places

Given to the sea by the name of the ancient tribe of Ligurians, who lived on the sea coast at the river Rock.

  1. The depth of the sea is 1200 m, but in some places reaches the maximum depth of 2546 m;
  2. Salt is 38%;
  3. Water temperature in February +13°C, in August +25°C;
  4. The tide is semi-diurnal to 0.3 M.

The coast is mainly rocky, with large sandy beaches but the sea is clean and clear.

The Ligurian sea is connected with the French Rivierathat allows you to include a tour of the famous city of France - nice, Cannes, as well as the city-state of Monaco and Monte Carlo.

Coastal areas

Mainly on the coast of the Ligurian sea located small resorts, designed for wealthy people who prefer quiet and respectable rest. Resorts of the Ligurian sea is also attractive for sailing enthusiasts.

The famous resorts:

  • Genoa is the capital of Liguria where you can visit many museums, old cathedrals, beautiful harbour, the medieval gates and fortifications. Also in Genoa will be interested in the Aquarium the children, and lovers of antiquities will meet the house where Columbus was born;
  • San Remo is the largest city in the province of Imperia, which is more than 150 years has been considered one of the best resorts of the Italian coast. Tourists leave only enthusiastic impressions about its attractions, beaches and hotels;
  • Alassio is a resort with sandy beaches. This place is very popular among celebrities on the wall Muretto (part of the fortifications against the attacks of pirates) you can see the autographs left by Ernest Hemingway, Winston Churchill, Louis Armstrong, Sophia Loren and other public personalities.

See also this video review of the Ligurian coast of Italy: