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Map of Italy with towns and resorts in Russian: where in the world

karta Italii s gorodami i kurortami na russkom yazyke

If you want a good rest in Italy, find a comfortable resort town in this country will not be difficulties.

In some areas there is even a mineral springsthat attract tourists. Where is Italy, borders and what can it look, you know, after reading this article.

The world around: where it is located and neighbouring countries bordering state

Italy is in southern Europe near the Mediterranean sea. The country includes the southern slopes of the Alps, the Apennine Peninsula, Sardinia, some Islands of Sicily and a number of smaller territories.

The state total area is more than 300 000 square kilometers.

Italy has the following neighboring countries:

granicy gosudarstva Italiya na karte

What seas surround this country? These include:

  • In the North-West Ligurian;
  • In the West – Tyrrhenian;
  • In the East – Adriatic;
  • In the South Ionian.

In Italy there are three types of climate:

  • Mediterranean;
  • Moderate;
  • Subtropical.

In the South from spring to mid-autumn prevails the temperature at 35 degrees. In the North in winter the thermometer drops to zero degrees, summer is on average 24 degrees. In the Islands in winter, from +8 to +10 degrees, in summer 26 degrees.

Detailed geography of Italy can be explored in this video:

The population of Italy is 60.6 per million.

Italians make up the majority of the population – 92%. Immigrants from European countries are 4% and 2.5% are migrants from Asia, and 1.5% are migrants from the Maghreb.

The national language is Italian. In addition, there is and its dialects.

As the basic monetary unit of the Euro acts.

The largest and most popular tourist spots

The largest city of Italy is:

  • Rome, population of 2.5 million people;
  • Milan, population of 1.3 million people;
  • Napoli, the number of inhabitants – 1 million people;
  • Turin, population of 900 thousand people;
  • Palermo, population of 675 thousand people.

Also in Italy there are many resorts where you love to relax and recuperate tourists.

karta populyarnyh i krupnyh kurortov Italii

The most popular include:

  • Amalfi. Thanks to the unique village of Positano, the resort is always relevant. The settlement is built in the rock.
  • The Val di Fassa. People come here who love to go skiing. In addition, there is a high level of service.
  • Venice. About this resort town knows almost everyone. It is here that the role of a taxi take the famous gondola.
  • Ischia. Go here to cure their disease at mineral springs.
  • Milan. He is considered the main financial center. Here are a variety of attractions and perfectly developed industry.

There is also a dozen other less important resort places.

International airports

Almost every Italian city has its own airport. We consider each of them:

  • The airport of a name Leonardo da Vinci islocated in Fiumicino. It is sent from the aircraft to many countries in the world.
  • The Marco Polo airport in Venice. The flight is a Charter and scheduled flights.
  • The Malpensa in Milan. It is the largest in the city.
  • aeroporty Italii na karte

  • Palermo and Catania in Sicily. These two airports are working with the largest aviation corporations.
  • Airport Federico Fellini in Rimini. A relatively small airport, working with several airlines.
  • Airport name ValerioVillafranca in Verona. Located in the centre of the country, what attracts most tourists.
  • The airport Guglielmo Marconi in Bologna. There are several small airlines.